List of 90+ Cancer Cures

I have a list of 90 Cancer cures, most of which are sourced with links to scientific articles, that consists of:

7 oils,
12 herbs,
3 vitamins,
6 minerals,
8 foods,
5 food combinations,
8 healthful things,
7 therapies,
9 diets,
5 healing institutes,
11 people,
3 medical centers,
5 protocols,
2 more lists of natural cancer cures.
6 debunked cancer cures

I believe these things that have been scientifically studied individually, would tend to work better synergistically, that is to say, taken together, or doing many of them all at once.

Due to the age of censorship, blacklisting, and increased control by the medical mafia, I can no longer take the risk to publish this list for free.

This list is available for $39.
Send the money to me via paypal, any credit card will work:

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  1. With the cancer rates being what they are, we all know someone with cancer and the only way to truly eliminate it, is through holistic methods. EVERYONE should have a copy of this list. I have researched natural healing remedies/cures for cancer for 10 years and this list compiles everything I have come across from many years of research, all in one easily accessible article. This list is priceless and needs to be saved and all information downloaded… Jason as you correctly forecast, there will come a day where this information is 100% censored. I urge everyone to share this link and get as many people as possible to purchase and download this valuable resource while we still have the opportunity to do so.

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