An Honest Evaluation of the Trump Presidency

I have been continually surprised and impressed and yet also disappointed with what Trump has done.

I was most happy with how Trump changed the 501c3 rule to allow non profit Churches to express political opinions without losing their tax exempt status. Giving free speech to Churches, and taking them out from under the oppression of the IRS was masterful. Oddly, it went nearly unnoticed by both Trump’s supposed beneficiaries, the Churches, and Trump was hardly condemned by his enemies, the deep state. And so it went largely unnoticed. This was super impressive for a few reasons. Very few pastors had ever really complained about it. I knew of only two, myself, and one other.

At first, I was very leery when Trump was elected. As he ran for office, the worst thing I noticed was that Trump endorsed torture. This utterly horrified me. I can’t think of anything more evil than torture. The Constitution forbids it in two ways, first the right to keep silence, and the outlawing of cruel and unusual punishments. The right to keep silent, and not incriminate yourself, is specifically designed to prevent law enforcement from engaging in torture of prisoners, and to prevent them from torturing people, because confessions obtained under torture are notoriously unreliable, because people will say anything to get the torture to stop. Even the corrupt CIA came out with a report denouncing torture as a method of obtaining information, because they learned, from first hand experience, that all they obtained was useless information the led them on wild and unproductive goose chases. Even evil people don’t want to have their time wasted. And yet, oddly and surprisingly, the Trump administration nearly instantaneously appeared to have changed their mind on the use of torture, because to my knowledge, they never endorsed it during Trump’s presidency, nor ever used it. Not to my knowledge. I even went to the Bible to find passages that condemned torture, and oddly, I found that in Biblical usage, torture is not used to gain information, but to proclaim it, such as proclaiming victory and punishment over the vanquished, who often had body parts chopped off, such as tongues, fingers, or ears.

In the first year of the Trump presidency, as the media attacked him and relentlessly called him stupid, I really hated that. Later, I learned how wise that was. After all, if his enemies are underestimating him, that’s even better.

When Trump made going after pedophilia a high priority of his administration, I didn’t quite understand why. Of all the issues? Not that I support pedos. Let me be very clear: “Death to pedos!” I just had no idea that it was a big national level problem. The theory has been floated that corrupt Satanists who operate behind the scenes specifically put pedos into power, for the purpose of being able to blackmail them, and control them. Indeed, there is a rather large list of pedos in government having been arrested. Hard topic to stomach. The trouble with government is that it is made up of people. People can easily be both bribed, or threatened. It’s almost as if we need Angels or Jesus to enforce laws, because a few good people at the top are too easily bribed or threatened.

On the other hand, I try to look into this issue on a real world level. IE, how many pedo arrests and how many prosecutions were there in the Obama era vs. the Trump era? It is remarkably few for both, somewhere around 200 to 500 convictions per year. So it is a small issue, and it has not been significantly fixed. Set aside the rhetoric. What are the facts? And why can’t I find them on government websites?

“During the Obama administration, child sex trafficking prosecution rose from 97 in 2010 to 360 in 2015, according to the McCain Institute.”

According to the Human Trafficking Institute’s 2019 federal report which was released in May 2020, 73 new federal criminal cases involving the sex trafficking of children only were prosecuted last year, compared to compared to 87 in 2018, and 124 in 2017, Trump’s first year in office.”

Now for the big criticism. It appears that Trump never really gained power over the Department of Justice, and that he appointed one career swamp creature after another to run the department, ending up with William Barr, who prosecuted nearly nobody of importance in any of the potentially big cases, and Barr was utterly blind to election fraud that we all saw documented on video after video, and we saw late night ballot additions after the time expired, violations of numerous laws, Dems keeping Republicans from watching vote counts, hundred million dollar vote counting machines, etc. I maintain all votes can be manually entered into a 15 year old computer running a basic excel spreadsheet or open source spreadsheet. Adding up precinct numbers, and publishing them on a county webpage, and then adding up all the county totals on another spreadsheet, and published on the State web page, does not a require a multi hundred million dollar allocation that reeks of bribery and kickbacks. And nobody who bought these dominion voting machines has ever been prosecuted.

Many of the big and important arrests that we were promised on the campaign trail never happened.

Normally, CNN is the absolute worst source in the world. But here, they compiled a video of 11 times when Trump said Hillary should be in jail.

We just keep hearing how Trump fulfilled his campaign promises. Well. Not that one. I mean, not those 11. I remember reading how Trump tweeted about 15 other people who should be in jail. And they were never arrested. I understand that Trump must feel frustrated about that. But the buck stops with him. He appointed the swamp creatures that ran the Department of Justice, not us. The lack of action by the DoJ is entirely Trump’s fault, because he’s the boss. I think Trump got deceived about his lack of ability to run the DoJ. Wasn’t Eric Holder Obama’s right hand man basically? Isn’t the entire point of being president, the fact that you are able to set DoJ policy on which crimes to prioritize? The Executive runs the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch IS law enforcement, that’s what the Executive does, by definition. I think it’s a liberal lie that the President can’t tell the DoJ to prosecute. The “Take Care” clause of the constitution means that the President has to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. If DoJ persons are not executing the laws, it’s on Trump to fix it. He didn’t “take care” to make sure that they were being faithful to execute the laws against the many high level criminals who repeatedly broke them.

Trump’s Presidency was marked by media lies and hoaxes. They seemed to just come one after another. The Russia Gate Hoax. The Impeachment Hoax. The COVID Hoax. The election Fraud. Then, the antifa infiltration/invasion of the capital hoax to blame Trump and his supporters. And finally, Impeachment hoax number 2.

Speaking of deceptions, I think Trump fell for two big ones. Trump fell for the COVID deception and for the vaccine deception. Or, if not, he appeared to. I especially disliked Trump repeatedly boasting about having saved hundreds of thousands of lives by closing international travel from China early. I also disliked that neither Trump, nor the DoJ, ever prosecuted any sitting governor who grossly violated the Constitution with lockdowns and business closures, nor prosecuted anyone in media. Yet?

Two of these problems overlap. The Department of Justice is supposed to act as a prosecuting attorney. But they act as the defense attorneys for the vaccine industry. Total corruption, and that’s probably even illegal, or unconstitutional. It’s corruption of justice, it’s backwards. Can you even force a prosecuting attorney to act as a defense attorney at the State level?

Getting back to COVID. The COVID test kits do not work, and suffer from false positives from 80% to 95% rates. The other way this is routinely stated is that “most show no symptoms”. So far, nobody has ever been able to answer the question, “How can you differentiate between a false positive and an asymptomatic carrier. Both have no symptoms and both test positive. Yes, I understand a false positive would, in theory not have the disease, while an asymptomatic carrier would. However, there is no way to distinguish between the two, or measure which is which, given that there is no test to test the test. There is no such thing as a “confirmed case” if the test kits do not work. So, if the test kits don’t work, then the “asymptomatic carrier” is only a theory. Mask laws violate the law in so many ways, it’s crazy… All media reports of “confirmed cases” are therefore fraudulent statements that should be prosecuted as a crime of fraud. Even the test kits themselves say “not to be used for diagnostic purposes”, and the CDC and FDA admits as much.

The COVID fraud. Repeatedly, we were told by a Q, or some such person, that Trump would be using the cover of COVID to make mass arrests. Nobody needs a big psyop lie that destroys tens of millions of innocent small businesses in order to arrest a few people high in government, that never even happened. Even worse than impoverishing tens of millions of Republican business owners was that the COVID fraud enriched all the large tech multi billionaires. Local stores closed, so many people ordered from amazon.

Making your base poor, and your enemies rich, is a very poor outcome. In fact, isn’t real world results far more important than rhetoric? Words are words, results are a million times more important. I don’t even think a business hating Democrat could have done more damage to the economy than Trump let happen. The entire point of a government is to protect us from barbarians. The barbarians won! Did Trump ever even lift his pinky to stand up to Democrats who shut down businesses with police and let buildings get torched by antifa? What an incredible two pronged attack! Yes, national guard was sent in. But where are the prosecutions? Dem DA’s let antifa off the hook, and Trump never prosecuted governors, nor police enforcing unconstitutional proclamations.

And what about these mass arrests that never happened, the 195,000 sealed indictments, and now you should addd all who were in on the COVID fraud while you are at it.

How to make “mass arrests”: I understand that there might just be too many evil people in so many high places for Trump’s team to arrest everyone. But Trump’s team does not have to. This is the United States. We allow bounty hunters. Unleash free enterprise! Unseal the sealed indictments, and put bounties on them. This is so simple to accomplish. Another way is to encourage Sheriffs to simply deputize the citizenry if they need more manpower to make arrests.

Finally, despite my disappointments, it’s only because I wish Trump was “an even better Trump” or “even more Trumpish”. His frustrations are my frustrations.

I am encouraged to see the military not cooperating with Biden.

But this is very weird. Why am I cheering on a possible military coup? This never goes well, historically speaking. I know this. When a society has fallen, and lost its morals and capacity to reason, this is when it resorts to force to fix things. And it never goes well.

This is interesting. Perhaps fitting. Trump could not gain power over the DoJ, and Biden is not gaining power over the military. Reminds me of Daniel’s statue, the feet of clay, and steel, they won’t bind together. Daniel 2:31-45, especially: “Daniel 2:43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.”

I am encouraged to see corruption all over European nations being exposed.

It’s a shame it has not yet happened here. We should be the leaders, not the laggards.

Empower the people! Indeed.

Finally, if the “end game” is to return to the gold standard, then for God’s sakes, Trump should have said to buy gold. Get the party started already.

But I did like how Trump got the Dems, who all supported the wall in the pre Trump era, to hate the wall at the beginning of his Presidency, and then got them begging for a wall around the capital now. That was fun to watch.

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  1. Trump could not get an Eric-Holder-type AG because he was not allowed to ever get his appointments of his top picks to be confirmed in the senate nor was he ever allowed recess appointments- it is that simple.

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