Questions about COVID-19

What are the best estimates on the rate of false positives for the best COVID-19 RT-PCR tests?

How can you tell the difference between a false positive and an asymptomatic carrier, if both test positive from a COVID-19 PCR test?

Are viruses even alive?

Why does a virus have to be killed through dehydration to be viewed with an electron microscope?

When was the COVID-19 virus isolated? Was it ever isolated?

What are the many assumptions behind the COVID-19 tests?

Do the COVID-19 tests actually test for a virus, or for a tiny DNA sequence?

How many DNA sequences does a COVID-19 test kit test for?

Is it proven or assumed that DNA sequences are on a virus associated with COVID-19?

Can a dead virus actually take action to invade a cell if it has no moving parts?

How and in what medium are viruses grown?

Is 10% of the human genome viral?

Do the test kits contain human cells in which to grow viruses?

Would any human DNA within a test kit naturally contain viral DNA?

Do the test kits themselves contain the COVID-19 virus at rates similar to rates at which the tests give a “positive” result?

What is a chelator and what is its function?

Why are chelators antiviral?

Does a virus consist of a bit of spiral protein wrapped in a tiny bubble?

Why does the word virus mean poison?

Do chelators remove poisons?

Do viruses remove poisons?

Do chelators bind to poisons?

Do viruses bind to poisons?

Does the body have to make a virus if it is getting plenty of chelating supplements?

Is that the reason why chelators are antiviral?

Why would the media be censoring information on cures for a pandemic?

Wouldn’t censoring cures for a pandemic be a crime against humanity, and equivalent to mass murder?

What are some good natural chelators?

Why are many chelators either vitamins or minerals?

Why does a “cleansing reaction” such as a “herxheimer” reaction mimic being sick?

Is the process of getting sick similar to cleansing with chelators?

Why do some healthy people never get sick?

Do germs cause disease?

Why do 2% of the USA population have MRSA bacteria in their noses?

Why doesn’t 2% of the population have noses that are eaten away by flesh eating MRSA bacteria?

How much is 2% of the USA population, and how many people actually get MRSA infections, and of those who get MRSA infections, how often does it present in the nose?

Do germs cause disease if even the most dangerous and most deadly germ of all, the MRSA flesh eating bacteria, does not “cause” disease at rates of greater than 1 in 10,000 cases?

Is the survival rate of 99.99% for COVID-19 among young people who “test positive” an indication of the false positive rate of COVID-19 tests?

Is disease caused by poisoning or a build up of toxins?

What poisons are they putting in the water?

What poisons are they spraying in the skies?

What poisons are they putting in our food?

What poisons are they putting in our medicines?

Is disease caused by nutritional deficiencies, if we need certain nutrients to detoxify from certain poisons?

Vitamin C has long been known to be a chelator, a detoxifier, and antiviral, and used for “the common cold”. Why censor information about Vitamin C?

Zinc has long been known to be an immune system booster. Why censor information about a substance that helps the body absorb zinc?

Does citrus help the body absorb zinc?

Is HCQ made from quinine, and is quinine made from citrus?

Does the COVID-19 test say on it, “not to be used for diagnostic purposes”?

Can there be any such thing or concept as a “confirmed case” if the COVID-19 tests are notoriously unreliable?

Is it fraud to track “confirmed cases” if there is no such concept because COVID-19 tests do not work?

Has the overall death rate in America increased for 2020 as compared to 2019?

What is the death rate for people put on ventilators for 2019?

Can you cough if you are put into a coma and then put on a ventilator?

Why did the CDC say only 6% people who “died with” COVID-19 had no co-morbidities, and why was this information both fact check blocked and censored on social media?

How can any doctor claim that anyone “died from COVID-19” if there is no reliable way to test for COVID-19?

Does the fact that you know someone for who it was claimed “died from COVID-19” mean that the test is reliable or does it mean doctors lie?

What are the monetary incentives for giving a COVID-19 diagnosis?

Does a claim of a diagnosis prove causation?

Why did the CDC stop counting flu and pneumonia cases?

If a new disease is indistinguishable from an old disease, is it really a new disease, or is it just a new name?


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