Democrat Epic Fail: They Advocate Slavery

The Bible, in Leviticus, treats Debt and Slavery the same. All debts get cancelled (like bankruptcy) and all slaves get set free every 7th year, and every 50th year.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is that they act like they ended slavery, and that the Republicans were for it.

No. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Southern Democrats fought for slavery.

Democrats act like they learned their lesson. Nope. Robert Bird, Southern Democrat, KKK leader, was a mentor to Hillary Clinton.

Democrats seem to be fond of this thing they call virtue signaling. I call it “sin signaling”.

When Democrats advocate for high taxes, they are sin signaling their attempt to enslave the productive class.

When Democrats advocate a minimum wage, rather than lower taxes on poor people, they are sin signaling that they want to reduce employment, and enslave business owners.

When Democrats advocate and pass gasoline taxes, they sin signal that they dont care that gas taxes hit poor people the hardest, and they show that Democrat Politicians are economically ignorant elites.

When Democrats issue “demands” of any kind, they are sin signaling that they are acting like tyrants and slave owners.

When Democrats engage in cancel culture, they are sin signaling that they have no problem actually illegally discriminating against people of religion, or people who speak truth, or people who expose their hypocritical lies.

When Democrats support abortion, that was designed to lower the black population, they are sin signaling that they hate black people.

When Democrats pass legislation to mandate vaccines, despite evidence that they give Autism to black people at rates up to 340% higher than white kids, they are sin signaling that they hate black people.

When Democrats stage fake and hype and promote Police killings of a single black man, despite the clear national evidence that black people are not discriminated against by police, but say nothing about how black people, while 11% of the population, are responsible for just over half the murders, they sin signal that they only wish to control and lie to and manipulate black people to obtain their votes.

When Democrat Politicians openly embrace communism, they are sin signaling that they wish to enslave everyone.

When Democrats stage mass shootings, that result in a mere 150 deaths annually nationally, far less than die in swimming pools at 3000, or nearly from any other cause, they are sin signaling that they wish to do things that they should be shot for, such as enslave us all.

When Democrat run cities with the strictest gun control laws consistently have high rates of gun shootings and deaths, they are sin signaling that the entire city is corrupt, inept, trampling on peoples rights, ignoring multiple supreme court rulings, and likely is suffering from routine election fraud.

When Democrat sponsored legislation gives women financial incentives to divorce, through alimony and child support that enslave men, that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, they are sin signaling that they still practice slavery–but against men.

When Democrats have increased the incarceration rate of Americans to 1% of the population, the highest rates on earth, through millions of laws creating countless crimes where there is no identifiable victim, they are sin signaling their lust to enslave and cage people.

When Democrats demand that you use their preferred pronouns, they are sin signaling their desire to enslave your mind and tongue.

When Democrats demand that male trannies be allowed to participate in female sports, they are sin signaling their hatred for females, and sports.

When Democrats demand that we all use electric cars that require many rare earth metals that had to be mined, and are recharged from coal burning electricty power plants, they are sin signaling their inept understanding of economics. If green energy were economic, there would be no need for government mandates.

There is no such thing as virtue signaling. Its all sin signaling.


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  2. Greetings Mr. Hommel,
    I send you my compliments for this posting as I just discovered it. I will share it with others. Many blessings to you for speaking truth in a world that longs for more lies.

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