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Rates: $2000/month for an ad at the top of the page of A link will go to a page written by you or me, (like this page), with links back to your company from that page. A link to that “write up” will go out in email once a month. 6 month minimum.

While this may seem expensive, companies pay from $5000 to $10,000 for a tiny booth at a mining convention to get maybe 50 to 100 leads, if they are lucky.

My emails go out to 45,000 (as of June, 2019) targeted investors who are interested in silver, gold, silver mining stocks, gold mining stocks, silver exploration stocks, and gold exploration stocks. I spent nearly $500,000 in advertising fees to build up this email list over the years.

The “open email” rate ranges is usually 5% opens. Clicked links get about 200 to 1500 views. Comments and feedback on my articles show below each article. Stock Price movements can be stunning.

I have been writing about silver and gold since 1999. I had a web presence at from 2001 to 2003. Then, at from 2003 to 2018. Now, here at starting in 2019.

In the entire time I’ve been online, and been a market mover, I’ve never offered any advertising space of any kind, until now, 2019.

Will the ad work? If the stock is overvalued, probably not. If it’s undervalued, probably yes. Nobody can guarantee that ads will work. But if the ad does not work, and if your stock does not go up, that is also valuable information. Maybe it’s time to sell the stock, do a stock offering, swap stock for an acquisition or merger, etc.

I also have a private list of investors looking for private placement opportunities.

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Or phone: (530) 559-2974