How to make a 1mg/drop Liquid Copper Sulfate supplement

How to make your own copper sulfate supplement liquid solution, with 1mg of contained copper per drop, with all the math:

How to make it: Pour distilled water into two x 2 oz dropper containers, a total of 4 oz. of water. Pour the water into a pot to boil it.

Pour the boiled water into a glass jar. Add 3/4 of a teaspoon, and 1/16th of a teaspoon of fine copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals. Stir. Pour the pale blue liquid into two x 2 oz. dropper containers. Label it.

A ten pound bag of fine copper sulfate crystals costs $30. You can find 99.9% pure crystals at amazon or other locations. The cost of a teaspoon of that bag, across two bottles, works out to 2.4 cents per bottle. It’s enough copper to last two months at just under 20 mg of copper a day. I figure the 10 lb. bag of copper will last me about 100 years.

NOTE! Do not take magnesium with a copper sulfate supplement at the same time.

The math for the recipe is below:

copper sulfate pentahydrate density = 2.286 g/cm3 Source

4.92892 cubic centimeters per teaspoon. source: google

4.93 cubic centimeters per teaspoon x 2.286 grams of copper sulfate pentahydrate per cubic centimeter = 11.3 grams per teaspoon = 11,300 mg per teaspoon of the blue copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals.

There are 591.5 drops of water per ounce. Then x 2 for a standard 2 oz. dropper bottle = 1182.

11,300 mg per teaspoon of crystals / 1182 drops per bottle = 9.56 bottles of 2 oz. bottles of the solution

That creates a 1 mg of copper sulfate pentahydrate per drop.

I want 1 mg of “contained copper” per drop.

In its blue, hydrous form, it is 25.47% copper, 38.47% sulfate (12.82% sulfur) and 36.06% water by mass. Source, wikipedia, above.

So, we have to make it about 4 times stronger. 25% x 4 = 100%.

9.5 bottles / 4 = 2.12 bottles.

To eliminate the last .12, and to get more exact, let’s use 3/4 of a teaspoon, plus 1/16th of a teaspoon. for 81% of a teaspoon.

Checking the math again: 81.25% x 11,300 mg per tsp = 9181.25 mg x .2547 percent copper = 2338.46 mg contained copper.

There are 1182 drops per 2 oz. bottle x 2 bottles = 2364 drops in 2 x 2 oz. bottles.

2338 mg / 2364 drops = 0.989 mg per drop

Close enough to perfect.

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