The Bad Fruit of the False Apostle Paul

Why does the left seem to think they can get their way by saying the seemingly magic statement, “I’m offended!”? This ridiculous teaching comes directly from the false Apostle Paul. Romans 14:15 But if thy brother be grieved with thy meat, now walkest thou not charitably. Destroy not him with thy meat, for whom Christ […]

What are straight-up facts people won’t swallow?

Most people really don’t care about you hardly at all. They have their own problems. The person with an IQ (intelligence quotient) of 100 is average, and quite stupid, and half of all people are dumber than that. Evolution is a lie. Politicians are far more corrupt than you think. The media constantly lies. Doctors […]

The Apostle Paul is a Fraud, and Honesty Matters

More and more people seem to recognize this, but at present, it might only be about 1%. I know of no Christian organization that supports this claim. I first investigated this issue at around November 2015. After about 3 days, I realized that I had been wrong, wrong for 17 years, to assume that […]

My Feedback on Facebook’s “Community Standards” Part III Facebook’s code is in italics. My comments on it are not. 11. Hate Speech We do not allow hate speech on Facebook because it creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion and in some cases may promote real-world violence. The ultimate form of intimidation and exclusion is “we do not allow” type censorship! What […]

About 15% of Christians Believe the Rapture is Pre Tribulation?

Who believes The Pre Tribulation Rapture? I think about 15% of Christians believe it.   Summary: Assemblies of God @ 65 million x est. 90% = 58.5 million Calvary Chapel @ 25 million x est. 90% = 22.5 million Pentecostalism @ 280 million x est. 75% = 210 million Baptist churches @ 75-105 (90) million x est. 60% […]

The Pre-Rapture Gold Gathering

(Yes, a Bible Study!) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, August 17th, 2009 A common religious view is that Jesus will return and take out his people before “all of the bad stuff” will happen in a future time of tribulation.  Therefore, many sincere Christians think that the U.S. dollar (FRN) will continue to exist […]

Fekete Answers Me & the Debate Continues

(Fekete vs. Hommel continued) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, June 18th, 2008 The debate started when Antal Fekete noted that people like Ted Butler and I have warned that there are many entities selling, or shorting, silver who probably don’t have it.  Dr. Fekete then wrote:  “Putting Loincloth on the Naked Bogeyman” (A Primer on the Silver Basis) on June 11th.I […]

Fekete Questions Me, & Why Banning Usury Won’t Work

(Fekete vs. Hommel on Basis vs. Usury) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, June 14th, 2008 Antal Fekete was kind enough to respond to my last email, “Silver Shorts are so Naked, they’ve “Gone Wild“, which was actually a response to his article, which was a response to my claims and Ted Butler’s claims and others […]

Silver Shorts are so Naked, they’ve “Gone Wild”

(A Primer on Usury.) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, June 12th, 2008 Many people expect me to comment on this essay that has gotten wide internet publication: “Putting Loincloth on the Naked Bogeyman” (A Primer on the Silver Basis)By: Antal E. Fekete You should read his essay first. Today’s email is my reply. First, thank […]

The Stumblingblock of their Iniquity

Refuting Arguments of People who see Silver as Evil Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, April 9, 2008 Some Christians just don’t know any better and have not yet done the study (which means they are spiritually immature), while others have been lied to (which means they are deceived).  But thankfully, those who continually seek truth ought […]

Be sure to avoid being surety!

(Peace and Security come from God!) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, March 18, 2008 King Solomon, who wrote proverbs, was granted Godly wisdom, and has the solution to the bankruptcy problems of modern finance.  He says to stop taking on the risks of others, to avoid becoming “surety for your friend”, and if you […]

Silver: There’s Never Enough!

(There’s Always Enough) Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, January 15, 2008 Mr. Dines of the Dines letter which I recommend and subscribe to, has provided me a good occasion to write today’s letter.  Mr. Dines writes of Thomas Malthus: “This British economist was ostensibly the first to link human growth to the limits of our planet.”  […]

Global Economics from a Biblical Worldview, by Doug

Silver Stock Report by Doug Tjaden, September 8, 2007 The comfort with which most Americans have lived their lives is likely to end within this decade–due to global events that are now manifesting themselves. History shows that there are definite cycles that our economy experiences. Certain classes of investments are held in high esteem, while […]