The Paradoxes of Detoxing

On The Copper Revolution Protocol, we detox vastly differently than other forms of detoxing. Most common forms of detoxing are through deprivation, such as fasting, juice fasting, eliminating certain classes of supposedly allergic foods, or eliminating entire good classes such as removing dairy, removing breads and carbs, removing vegetables or removing meat, or eating only meat.

In contrast, we detox through providing missing nutrients that are master detoxers that eliminate toxins and heavy metals.

In our experience, when we take one thing that is known to detox a certain substance, people can develop symptoms of toxicity of that substance as it is first stirred up before it finally leaves the body, and there are numerous examples, which I will briefly cover next before I get to a new insight.

Taking MSM sulfur detoxes mercury, but tends to cause more redistribution than elimination. This creates a symptom of mental anguish or anxiety or in extreme cases even mental difficulties. Thus, mercury toxic people have real difficulty tolerating sulfur until they detox more mercury with copper, zinc and selenium first, and when they start sulfur they get another round of mercury detox, which hopefully is more tolerable.

Copper, boron, and iodine all detox fluoride, and when people ramp up taking copper, or boron, or iodine too quickly, one of the potential problems that hits about 1 person in 100 is fluoride clogging or disrupting the kidneys. The symptoms are kidney pain, or lower back pain, difficulty urinating, and/or swelling and edema as the body slows down fluid elimination. This is a paradoxical reaction because copper, boron and iodine are all known to help improve kidney function. It is an understandable reaction though since fluoride harms every tissue in the body, and because fluoride is detoxed through the kidneys. The solution here is to avoid the problem in the first place by slowly increasing copper, boron, and iodine, and if the problem hits, to clear the kidneys with a baking soda kidney cleanse (1/8th to 1 teaspooon of baking soda or better yet, potassium bicarbonate in 2 glasses of water, which should work within about an hour or two).

Another common reaction when taking copper is iron detox (lowering of high iron symptoms) and iron mobilization which is also called increased iron metabolism. I believe MSM Sulfur also mobilizes iron because iron sulfate is water soluble. This can increase ferritin counts and increase red blood cell counts as iron begins working again. The body wisely recycles iron though, so copper does not cause iron deficiency.

Another reaction is that copper detoxes Vitamin A. Copper and Vitamin A move inversely in the liver, so each kicks the other out of the liver. With reduced capacity to store Vitamin A, and increased mobilization of Vitamin A, symptoms of Vitamin A excess, such as rashes can show up when starting copper. This is paradoxical because copper is a cure for rashes, bleeding, skin problems, and ulcers, which are all similar to rashes. But it is understandable because rashes are a known problem of excessive Vitamin A. Copper and Zinc both help to detox Vitamin A, especially zinc, because zinc is known to help make retinol binding protein, which appears to trap Vitamin A and either mobilize it or isolate it so it can be excreted.

Copper, zinc and selenium are all known to help make metallothioneins, a family of enzymes that detox mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. Once again, even more paradoxically, these appear to be a very effective form of detoxing, because people don’t complain of mercury redistribution problems with copper, zinc, and selenium, and this appears to be one of the more effective, and fastest forms of mercury detoxing. Selenium, in fact, is known to bind directly to mercury for additional power to detox mercury. Further proving the effectiveness here of selenium on mercury is that mercury is blamed for creating oxidative damage, and selenium is known for being an antioxidant.

I’m sure there are many other examples, which I may insert here later, but that’s enough for now.

As we know, there are many bad substances that deplete copper. I strongly suspect that as they remove copper, the same process happens. They mobilize copper and this increases the availability of copper to be used by the body, especially if the body is holding on to copper tightly in cases of copper deficiency.

If my idea is correct, a temporary mobilization of copper can create a temporary healing effect as copper is mobilized by the bad substances that excessively remove copper from the body.

If I’m right, this can explain why things like iron infusions work temporarily, but work less and less well each successive time. I would imagine that the wisdom of the body would be that even in mild copper deficiency, the danger of high iron is so potentially damaging, that the body will mobilize some of the copper it has left do deal with the sudden emergency conditions of a high iron infusion. In this case, the mobilization of some copper would help the body use that copper to make new red blood cells. And this explains why those iron infusions work less well each time over time, because each time they are depleting copper even more each time.

This can also explain why people might get temporary results from taking Vitamin A. Vitamin A would mobilize copper, providing temporary healing benefits that would not be sustainable over time as copper is depleted further and further.

This can also explain why people might get temporary healing results from B6 or B9 as they mobilize copper initially, but cannot provide continual healing benefits over time.

I also addressed this idea in my recent article on detoxing sodium. When we take things that increase ATP, the sodium/potassium pump works better, and we detox sodium more, which can create a situation where more sodium is excreted from the cells all at once, creating symptoms of sodium excess, such as racing heart symptoms.

Please give me your feedback on this idea, and give me more examples if you have any, especially from your personal experiences. Thank you.