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Lubbock, TX 79407
(530) 559-2974 (cell)

Date of Birth, April, 1970

1996: B.A. (4 year undergraduate degree) in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

From 2003 to 2014, I published my own online financial newsletter at silverstockreport.com. I covered 80 silver stocks and mining companies, and frauds in the banking system, starting when no institutional coverage existed in the sector.

I had a maximum net worth of $15 million dollars by 2006, when silver prices were just under $15/oz. Today, starting over.

My online newsletter went out to a maximum of 90,000 email addresses. I have discontinued the email newsletter.

In 2009-2014, I started JH MINT in Grass Valley, CA to mint silver coins, and I owned three coin shops: one at the front of JH MINT, the other being Rocklin Coin Shop.

I opened a third coin shop in 2011-2014, JH MINT in Auburn, CA.

By the Spring of 2014, the IRS finally denied my my 2009 tax return loss of $800,000. Instead, they falsely and fraudulently filed their own return on my behalf falsely claiming I earned $4 million that year. I took them to tax court, which took place in the spring of 2016. They admitted their audit was not proper, and could not be relied upon. I am still awaiting a ruling on my case, where I’m suing the IRS for $15 million in damages to all of my businesses and assets, and emotional distress and for punative damages for their fraud and false claim and slander. I continue to wait for a favorable ruling.


Here is my 40 page post court brief, in 2 parts, filed in October, 2016. I still await a ruling.

I have been invited as a speaker to many mining conferences in Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and to Phoenix, AZ.

My essays have been translated into several other languages, not at my request, but at my permission.

I have been quoted and re-published all over the web in too many places to remember and list.

I have been mentioned by other writers in at least 3 books, and lampooned on TV.

In the fall of 2010, I attempted a citizen’s arrest of 3 of my managers working at Rocklin Coin Shop, for theft of around half a million dollars worth of silver and gold and cash. I was cited for carrying a gun, but they were also wearing guns. I was then cited for a fake kidnapping charge for the 2 minutes I had detained the men, and before the police showed up, to which I gladly turned them over. I lost my jury trial in the fall of 2012, and I had to do 3 months of “jail”, which I served in home detention wearing a global positioning ankle bracelet.

Around 2010, I minted a silver coin which changed Jack Van Impe’s views on Bible Prophecy. Jack is well known as the man who has memorized more Bible scriptures than anyone else alive.

In July 2009, I offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove that Obama was eligible to be President under the “natural born” clause of the Constitution. A few applied under the grounds that the Constitution did not apply, but that was not my offer. Nobody could win, because to be “natural born” means both parents are US citizens, and Obama’s admitted father was not a U.S. Citizen, and we really don’t have any evidence of Obama’s father, due to his forged birth certificate released. My offer made it into Jerome Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” My offer was also ridiculed on a late night talk show on TV.

In 2009, I exposed that the BIS recorded that silver derivatives among reporting western banking entities had increased by $200 billion in less than 6 months when the silver market was hammered down from $20 to $9/oz., which, at the time, was over 20 years worth of world annual mine supply. This, along with the Perth Mint expose, exposes that allocated over the counter accounts held with the largest banks cannot possibly contain any silver in quantities close to what they claim to hold for clients.

In 2008, I met with Perth Mint officials from Australia about their 60+ complaints that I had received about them for failure to deliver silver and gold to their allocated and unallocated bullion vault customers who wanted some physical, sold through kitco and Peter Schiff, and others. At the time, they had about $100 million worth of bullion stored for people, but they had repeatedly run out of bullion for redemptions. I had written a series of 9 articles asking hard questions, exposing them. At the meeting, they said they had sovereign immunity, that nobody could prosecute them. I simply advised them to obtain at least a few million worth of silver and gold for the sake of being able to meet redeptions, as fractional reserve banking requires at least some in reserve to continue to operate.

In and around 2008, my “messaging” got the head of JP Morgan to publically confess a two sided contradictory statement, that they are not manipulating silver prices, but only “hedging client long positions”. That’s the same thing as admitting being short, which is the manipulation we were accusing them of doing.

In 2007, I inspired Ron Paul to run for president. I asked him when he was going to run. He replied, I don’t think I can win. I said, you just said that you went into politics to spread the message of Libertarianism. If you run, and lose, you will do that better than ever, and in that sense, you can’t lose.

In 2004, I filed what I believe was the first complaint to the U.S. department of Justice alledging fraud, collusion, and monopoly power price rigging in the silver market. They took the complaint seriously, investigated, and eventually levied fines on the big companies. This might still be ongoing; both the fines, investigations, and price rigging.

In 2003, I inspired the head of the CFTC to step down for “family reasons” three weeks after I wrote him a letter, reminding him “that political winds can change” and that he “was responsible for stopping the fraud in the silver market” and that the people of France simply executed those people responsible back in the French Revolution.

Between 1998 – 2002, I mostly worked on a free Bible Prophecy website, showcasing logical scriptural supportive arguments for a certain version of Bible Prophecy, and I was helping my father with his investments, and he was teaching me about investing.

Between 2014 and today, I’ve mostly been keeping my head down, because of IRS persecution. During this time, I have focused on my personal health, with weightlifting, stretching, and studying vitamins and minerals, herbs and foods.

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