We do not recommend any off-the-shelf multi vitamin or multi-mineral products. Instead, we recommend buying each vitamin and mineral separately.

We do not sell any vitamin or mineral. This is important. It shows we obey the law about not making health claims while selling supplements, and we do not have any conflicts of interest.

Consulting can get you up to speed very fast!

In a typical consult, I will send you 5 to 10 articles that are the most important for you that address your specific concerns and health history, and often doing additional research on your health concerns.

Sometimes people have individual health concerns that might require more of certain vitamins and minerals. Such personalization can make a big difference.

Please contact me through Facebook messenger, here:

Or call or text: 530 559 2974

A consult is $599. Please send through paypal. You don’t need a paypal account because any credit card will work.

Then, send me your health history and concerns in an email to: Then, I review that, and I send you the most important information that addresses your concerns. We use that as a template for talking points for, a single 2-3 hour phone consult, where you can also pick my brain with any questions you may have.

This works out to about $150/hour. This is a standard price for most health consults.

No refunds. I do not guarantee fast or effortless results. There are often setbacks, detox reactions, and other mineral deficiencies that may show up, and we aim to address those in a manner to help reduce discomfort and make things easier.