Yes, We Do Consults

Our full protocol covers about 20 Vitamins and Minerals. Do not start taking everything at once, start with the quick start guide, linked here:

We avoid another 20 Vitamins and minerals, for cause; because if you do things wrong or take them in the wrong amounts, they cause health problems. We do not recommend any off the shelf multi vitamin or multi mineral products. We recommend buying each vitamin and mineral separately. We do not sell any vitamin or mineral.

Most of our best information is in our three books listed at the top of the home page here at

Consulting can get you up to speed very fast!

Sometimes people have individual health concerns that might require more of certain vitamins and minerals, and these minor adjustments can make a big difference.

–Jason Hommel, I am the author of “The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals”, and admin for the group.
Four, one-hour, weekly consults, for $750.

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Those who get the most out of a consult are prepared. They read the quick start guide, and associated links. They buy the minerals. Write down your health history, your diagnoses, and all your symptoms. Write down everything you are taking. Write down your questions in advance. Be prepared to take notes, or record the conversation.