Clyde Harrison’s Speech: Tomorrow Will Come

Governments and Central Banks are Completely Incapable of Keeping Tomorrow from Coming by Clyde Harrison, April 2006 This page can be read online Introduction:  I’ve met Clyde numerous times as a fellow panelist at the Chicago natural resources show.  Clyde sent me his latest draft of his speech, which he continually revises, as he […]

Silver ETF Approved!

Silver set to explode in price by Jason Hommel, April 27 2006 SEC clears Barclays iShares Silver Trust >Launch of Barclays’ Silver ETF ImminentHundred-Year Long Trend of Low Silver Prices is Ending The SEC has Cleared the Barclays Silver ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). The ETF will allow investors to buy silver as easily as they buy […]

Silver Prices Must Rise: Silver ETF partially approved

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, March 21, 2006 Silver Prices must rise because of the silver shortage!(This is my first email since March 2).  The last Silver Stock Report covering over 80 silver companies was produced in July, 2005, and can be found here: The Silver ETF is partially Approved! NY silver sprints to […]

Silver Coin Proposal

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, March 2, 2006 Silver Coin Proposal Congratulations to all silver investors!   The following is the cover letter that I’m sending to the 50 governors’ offices. Jason Hommel                                                                                                                March 3, 2006xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx, CA xxxxx(530) Governor’s OfficeAttention Scheduling Department.Governor XXXXXX XXXXXXXXState Capitol BuildingCity,  State, ZIP CODE Attention Scheduling Department. […]

Usury Enslaves

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, Jan 19, 2004     Luke 6:35    But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without    expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great…     Even in ancient scriptures, there is allusion to the fault of lending for the purpose of receiving back […]

The U.S. Trade Advantage with China

Silver Stock Report by Jason Hommel, Dec 17, 2003     There are misconceptions about our trade relations with China. Misguided U.S. patriots complain about the cheap Chinese labor taking away domestic jobs and U.S. politicians blame the cheap Chinese currency, and complain about the unfair trade advantage that China has.     Those are one-sided views. […]