Copper Fixes Dehydration / Adrenal Fatigue

In my copper-deficient days, I had to drink water in the gym between every set. It was crazy. I knew I had to drink more than others, but I didn’t know what else to do. For me, that was just normal.

My new normal: Today, I went to the gym at 3:30pm after drinking at least 2 bottles of water. I did not bring any water. I knew I would not need it. I drank no water while lifting. I was done by 4:22.

Afterward, I had dinner and did not drink any water, no drink. I headed home at 6. I drank my first water by about 7:30 when I finally got thirsty, 4 hours later.

Adrenal fatigue is nearly identical to dehydration. Does copper fix adrenal fatigue? What do you think?

The adrenals make up to 50 different hormones, not just adrenaline, but also DHEA, which is converted into all the other hormones, including testosterone.

Copper helps make DHEA and adrenaline. Copper also helps make T3 and T4, the thyroid hormones.

Adrenal fatigue is often just “fatigue”. Copper helps the mitochondria convert oxygen into ATP for energy.

Part of dehydration is low collagen. Collagen helps the body retain water, hence less facial wrinkles. Copper is the main missing ingredient that most people lack when it comes to making collagen.

Part of dehydration is low electrolytes like salt, potassium and magnesium. I’m not even taking any salt, potassium or magnesium anymore. Copper helps the body retain the electrolytes.

Copper is the missing electrolyte.


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