Overpriced Nascent Iodine

Long before I wrote this article: https://revealingfraud.com/2022/09/health/popular-and-official-views-on-iodine-and-lugols/

I realized that Nascent costs far more than Lugol’s iodine. Exactly how much more is the focus of this article.

Dr. Group sells Nascent iodine. Other popular health gurus sell his same product through affiliate links.

This is his pitch: “A true nascent form or atomic form instead of the diatomic form which makes it more easily accessible and absorbed into the body.” Source: https://explore.globalhealing.com/free-iodine-webinar/

I will take him at his word. Furthermore, I will even grant him the possibility that 100% of his Nascent iodine is 100% fully absorbed, for the purposes of doing the economic calculations to see if his product is worth the extra money.

Obviously, nothing can be more than 100% absorbed, so that’s the theoretical maximum. This is theoretical perfection.

Lugol’s iodine, in contrast, is said to be about 50% absorbed, on average, in iodine deficient people. Then, after 3 months on iodine at 50 mg, it is only 10% absorbed and 90% excreted, as shown on urine challenge tests. This shows that a person reaches “iodine saturation” after about 3 months. At only 12 mg iodine, it usually takes 1 year to reach this similar level of “iodine saturation”, where only 10% is absorbed.

It takes 50 mg x 90 days, or 4500 mg iodine, to reach “saturation”. At which point, it would no longer matter how well absorbed your particular iodine form is absorbed, because the body just can’t absorb any more any further.

The point is that at best, Nascent can only be twice as well absorbed as Lugol’s, 100% vs. 50%. So his product should cost less than twice as much, if there is to be any economic benefit of this supposed increased absorption.

So let’s examine the products:

Here is a link to Dr. Group’s Nascent product:

The price: $26.96 if you subscribe, or $29.95 one time only.

Supplement Facts sheet:
Serving size: 3 drops
Servings per container: 200 (600 drops per 1 oz. container)
Iodine per serving: 1,950 mcg
It is a 1 FL oz bottle, one fluid ounce.

200 servings x 1.95 mg per serving = 390 mg of iodine for $29.95

7.68 cents per milligram of iodine. *

In contrast, I typed in “lugol’s iodine” at amazon.com. The best value out of the top 3 choices was a two pack of 2% Lugol’s, JCrow’s brand, for $19.70

The iodine dropulator says 2% Lugol’s is 2.5 mg of iodine per drop.

A 2 oz. bottle contains about 1200 drops.
There are two bottles.

2 x 1200 x 2.5 mg iodine = 6000 mg iodine for $19.70

0.328 cents per milligram of iodine. *

Dr. Group’s iodine is, at best only twice as well absorbed at a maximum, but costs 23.4 times more expensive. At best, Dr. Group’s iodine is more than 10 times more expensive.

The real trouble with Nascent, is that at the suggested dose of 1.95 mg, it is far too little to reach the suggested 50 mg dose needed to reach saturation.

Furthermore, Dr. Group presents no evidence to prove that his nascent iodine is more well absorbed. It’s just an unbacked claim.

We get our iodine cost down to about $2.50 per bottle of 5% iodine, because we make it ourselves.

We now have a video showing you exactly how to make it, in our article here: