Successful ways to increase Liberty and fight Tyranny.

February 24, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Successful ways to increase Liberty and fight Tyranny.

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by Jason Hommel, February 24th, 2013

Let’s review some of the most successful peaceful strategies for promoting freedom and Libertarianism recently.

1. I’m listing Ron Paul first for a reason, as I think he has been the most successful Libertarian who has more successfully advanced the cause of Liberty than anyone else in the past 100 years. He ran for Congress to promote the ideas of Liberty from the national stage. He was far more successful in promoting the ideas of Liberty simply by running for President twice, and failing. Running for office works to promote the ideas of Liberty, even if you fail.

My brother, Terbo Ted, got 2% of the vote when he ran for Congress, which looks like a horrible failure, but during the campaign, he and I noticed that he would carry about half the room when he spoke about the Constitution in response to questions, and the other candidates saw that, and very quickly, they began leaning more towards referencing the Constitution in their responses as well.

Rand Paul, Ron’s son, is now a senator. And many other Libertarian Candidates have ridden the coattails of Ron Paul’s popularity, and secured offices as well.

2. Get involved in local politics. The wins go to those who show up. It’s much easier to show up in local politics than it is to show up on the battlefield with a gun. Show up. This has been successful as Ron Paul Libertarian candidates have been elected to positions of authority in the Republican party. There are many electable positions open; town councils, PTA boards, State Legislator, County commissioners, and on and on. I’ve heard from outspoken Libertarians what they would do first if they were President of the United States. Worst Libertarian answer in my opinion? “Resign, as I don’t want to rule anyone”. Um, no. Don’t resign yourself, fire everyone else! Most many federal agencies just need to be disbanded and sent home!

3. Jury Nullification. Informing the public that when serving on a jury, that they have the right to judge the law, as well as the facts of the case, (despite that the Judge may say otherwise) and render a “not guilty” verdict if the law is deemed unjust or unconstitutional acts as a veto on tyrannical laws, and if there are enough “not guilty” verdicts, it renders bad laws powerless. I don’t think this has seen too much success yet, but I know it seriously bothers corrupt people in charge, and they are now beginning to try to exclude jurors who admit to believing in “jury nullification”.

4. Grand Juries. The Grand Jury has the power, like the district attorney, to bring charges, called an indictment, against anyone, including corrupt politicians. The Grand Jury is made up “of the people”. Read “The Hidden 4th Branch: A Corrupt Government’s Worst Nightmare” all about the power of the Grand Jury.

Blagojevich, former Governor of Illinois, is now serving a 14 year sentence.

Blagojevich was indicted by a federal grand jury in April 2009.

Imagine if enough people who served on Grand Juries knew that they could bring fraud charges against Obama for identity fraud. And then, issued charges of “conspiracy” against any Federal Judge who fraudulently dismissed the charges or case!

The trouble with corruption and threats against Federal Judges is that unless there is an equal threat against them from Grand Juries who can send them to jail, then they will just roll over when corrupt Federal agents bribe them or threaten them.

5. Running for the offices of District Attorney, or Sheriff. The Libertarian movement has been successful in teaching Sheriffs that they are the highest law enforcement officer of the land of their counties, ahead of any Federal Officers, who must act only by way of permission of the Sheriff. This has been reflected in the numerous Sheriffs in recent months who have opposed any further restrictions on the Second Amendment, and who have threatened to arrest any Federal agents or officers who try to enforce any unconstitutional laws on the matter.

6. Ballot Initiatives. Carla Howell is one of the most successful libertarians in the nation, by failing (but nearly succeeding) to get “eliminate the sales tax” ballot initiatives passed in Massachusetts. Cost? Under $100,000, and it almost eliminated an entire State’s sales tax! Wow! Do you realize how close we are to a more libertarian society, if only Libertarians knew what to do?

7. Run for Governor!

Gary Johnson ran for Governor of New Mexico, and won the office, by spending a shockingly low amount of money, only a half of a million dollars of his own money, back in 1995, and raised less than $50,000 from supporters.

Gary Johnson was the Libertarian candidate for President in 2012.

While governor, Gary vetoed more bills than all other governors combined.

And let’s not forget former governor, Jesse Ventura, now a staunch Libertarian.

8. Newsletters. The power of blogging, making youtube videos, facebook, and sending out emails cannot be underestimated. The internet is really teaching many people to become Libertarian. 😎

Hint: Friend me on Facebook:

I spent about $500,000 in google advertising under the keywords “silver” and “gold” to obtain the 68,000 emails that are on this mailing list. But that was organic growth as I spent money from my followers who wanted a “look at my portfolio” several years ago to gain a larger audience.

9. Formal Libertarian education.

Libertarians often start somewhere, or come from somewhere, such as the Von Misses Institute. If you have a teen considering colleges, suggest this one. It’s one of the only ones I would consider for my own sons these days. Anyone can enroll for online classes.

One silver advocate started his own online academy.

10. Introducing legislation that will likely fail, yet sends a powerful message. I love this one from last week, it really got me thinking about writing this article!


Think about this: Some people want to make it a felony to own a gun. Perhaps they are the ones guilty of breaking the law, the law of the second amendment.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before more Libertarians are elected to the office of District Attorney, and then they can file charges against corrupt politicians directly, for things like treason. Trouble is, if the jury does not go along with it if the jury is too liberal, and Libertarian DA’s can’t get a conviction, well, that’s the same thing that prevents tyranny from advancing now isn’t it?

11. Buy silver, promote silver!

The power of the Federal Government is quite literally limited by their power to print money. If they don’t have that power, then they cannot pay for their minions to do anything. If they can’t pay their minions to oppress us, then oppression will fall and fail. Imagine if the government ran out of money, and could not fund the TSA, and they all stopped showing up for work. Legislation to repeal the TSA could be irrelevant and unnecessary.

Buying silver is potentially the most powerful action of peaceful political change in my opinion, but it just has not yet been as successful as some of the other strategies, not yet.

Some of these tie together. Ron Paul once owned a bullion dealership that sponsored is also sponsored by a bullion dealership. Promoters of Gold in their personal investment newsletters are also often promoters of the ideas of Liberty.

12. Email me. I actually read most of my own mail, which surprises people. I actually try to respond to most of them. My capacity to respond individually breaks down when about 200-300 people respond to one email though.

Have I missed any other very successful way to promote the ideas of liberty? Please let me know, and I’ll consider including it in one of my next newsletters.

13. Future successful strategies might be entirely through the Biblical model. Repent! Turn back to God. Pray for deliverance. God may well send a deliverer, as happened many times in the book of Judges, and work miracles, specifically to Glorify God and so that man cannot take the glory.

Give to Churches, or freedom oriented ministries or freedom advocates. It is absolutely amazing how much can be accomplished for so little when you are advancing the cause of liberty for all, instead of advancing your own self interest.