1000 Word Executive Summary of The Copper Revolution Protocol

The protocol contains near-optimal, yet moderate doses, of the following 22 vitamins and minerals:

30 mg Copper Sulfate, 50 mg Zinc Gluconate, 1000 mg Vitamin C as ascorbic acid, 500 mg Vitamin B1, 500 mg Vitamin B2, 500 mg Vitamin B3, 500 mg Vitamin B5, 8 mg Vitamin B7, 5000 mcg Vitamin B12, 50 mg Boron, 300 mg Potassium Iodide, 37 mg Lugol’s Iodine, 1 mg Molybdenum, 500 mcg Chromium Picolinate, 3000 mg MSM Sulfur, Colloidal Gold, Blueberry Concentrate, 400 mg Magnesium Glycinate, 1/2 scoop Creatine Phosphate, 2000 mg Potassium Chloride, 200 mcg Selenium, 8 mg Manganese, and 1/2 gallon Distilled Water.

We teach people to slowly scale up to these dosages because otherwise, people suffer from nausea, vomiting, and confusing detox symptoms, which we also provide solutions for in our protocol guide and other guides. For example, boron helps provide relief for joint pains, starting the B Vitamins and magnesium helps provide energy, baking soda and green smoothies can clear out clogged kidneys, and lemonade helps thin the bile for better bile secretion. Some people need to quit being carnivore, and some need to quit being vegan and eat a more balanced diet.

The preferred diet is heavy in beef, milk, eggs, apples, cheese, breads, green smoothies, and a wide range of normal foods, while avoiding excess salt, hydrogenated fats, and excessive Vitamin A foods.

This protocol provides many of the necessary vitamins and minerals for health and avoids about 30 other popular supplements that cause health problems. A few of the ones that cause health problems include calcium, iron, Vitamins A, D, B6 and B9, and sodium chloride.

Most of the good nutrients fix common deficiencies, detoxify hundreds of common toxins, and provide essential nutrition. Each is easily and rapidly excreted, and are non-toxic at very high levels.

The protocol is essentially the opposite of medical advice to take toxic, poisonous and dangerous prescription medicines, instead focusing on removing toxins, rather than taking them.

Each decision to include or not include a vitamin or mineral is, of course, controversial and debated, which makes these decisions both time-consuming to study, and difficult to decide. Each decision is backed by a thorough investigation of the scientific evidence, and a detailed examination of the optimal doses for optimal health while considering both the synergistic effects and antagonistic effects of each supplement upon the others aiming for a balanced approach.

Jason estimates that 99.9% of Americans are deficient in copper, about 99.7% are deficient in iodine, and about 99% of people are deficient in boron, the top three most important minerals on the protocol. Many of the others are co-nutrients to these top three or are similarly “stand-alone,” “near cure-alls” by themselves that achieve a tremendous synergy when taken together.

Many of the good nutrients have been found in the scientific literature to cure from 100 to 200 different chronic ailments. Many of the bad nutrients, in excess, also have been found to cause about 50-100 ailments and diseases.

Copper, iodine, boron, zinc, and manganese are all powerful nutrients for the brain and also improve sports performance.

Most impressively, iodine at a mere 12 mg has been found to raise the intelligence level in babies born to pregnant mothers by up to 30-40 IQ points higher than the parents. Iodine sufficiency has also recently (2022) been found to increase the IQ points of schoolchildren by 15 points higher than those suffering from iodine deficiency. Iodine has been scientifically found to cure at least 180 different health conditions.

Copper may well improve mental performance more strongly than iodine, as it heals nerves in from 20-200 different ways, as copper and zinc together make many different detoxing enzymes such as the family of metallothioneins, superoxide dismutase (SOD), ceruloplasmin, glutathione, and many more. SOD alone detoxes hundreds of plastics and pharmaceutical, and environmental toxins.

Collagen plays a critical role in healing, yet it is not on the protocol. Collagen is in meat, and is broken down into amino acids. The key is that the body needs to be able to make collagen, and to do that, the body needs copper, zinc, Vitamin C, and manganese. The bones are 35% collagen. The muscles are 30% collagen. Collagen prevents wrinkles in aging. Collagen provides structure for cell membranes. Collagen helps retain water which prevents dehydration.

The groundbreaking work of discovering that copper is not toxic except at extremely high doses of 20,000 mg (which proves that copper is safe) is perhaps the biggest missing puzzle piece of all. Both the mainstream medical establishment and most of the alternative health world including naturopaths consider copper to be toxic at low levels. Jason has devoted 20 chapters of his book to refuting the concepts and research behind the thinking that copper is toxic. Most importantly, there are no valid biomarkers to assess copper status. Copper at a mere 10 mg is quickly and easily excreted by the body. Olivares has found copper at 20 mg to be safe and harmless to the liver. There are numerous studies indicating that copper deficiency harms the liver, and that copper is essential for vital for liver. Jason has identified nearly 200 key uses that the body has for copper in healing every cell and tissue in the body.

The protocol is a significant improvement upon the original iodine protocols developed by Abraham (Rest in Peace), Brownstein (retired), and Flechas (retired).

Testimonials show people healing from up to 10 chronic and incurable illnesses and saving thousands per month on health protocols. The cost of the protocol is about $30 to $60 per month.

Jason and Jennifer Hommel do not sell any supplements which removes conflicts of interest, and have each healed from various chronic and so-called incurable illnesses.

Jason Hommel is the author of “The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals”, is the admin of a Facebook group by the same name with 41,800 members, and he continues to provide updates through blog posts at revealingfraud.com.