Ways to Detox Mercury


Ways to Detox Mercury (chelation is one way) through foods and supplements, several approved by Doctors, that are not on the Andy Cutler Protocol:1. Iodine –approved by Dr. Abraham
2. Boron
3. Greens
4. Citrus Peel –approved by Dr. Isaac Elia
5. Strawberries (and peanut butter, hemp protein, citrus, cilantro and chlorella)I specifically asked Andy’s facebook group about these things. I wrote: “So, what about boron and iodine? What about greens? What about citrus peel? What about baking soda? What about strawberries, as discovered by naturalnews? I see no mention of any of these other things.”Andy pasted the part after the Iodine and Boron and said they don’t detox any mercury:”What about greens? What about citrus peel? What about baking soda? What about strawberries, as discovered by naturalnews? I see no mention of any of these other things.”Andy Cutler replied: They don’t detox any mercury.I took that as either that he was lying, or ignorant of the following sources, which I shared with him, and then was blocked from his group.References:1. Iodinehttp://www.optimox.com/iodine-study-8“The results obtained following iodine supplementation revealed that in some subjects, the urine levels of mercury, lead and cadmium increased by several fold after just one day of supplementation.”Note: Andy dismisses iodine, calling people who take it, “mentally ill” and iodine as “toxic”:
https://groups.yahoo.com/…/fre…/conversations/topics/103911…And does not get into any specifics, and does not reference the work of the iodine doctors at optimox.com and elsewhere, which is substantial.2. BoronThe effects of some boron compounds against heavy metal toxicity in human blood.
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20663653“the tested boron compounds (5-20 ppm) significantly reduced the genotoxic effects induced by low doses of heavy metals. ( mercury chloride) Our results revealed that the protective roles of boron compounds occurred with the effectiveness on their anti-oxidant capacity. In conclusion, these compounds could be useful in the development of functional food and raw materials of medicine.”More on boron:
The Borax Conspiracy
How the Arthritis Cure has been stopped
Walter Last
–with 24 references.3. GreensCHLOROPHYLL: THE GREAT DETOXER
http://www.wellandgood.com/g…/chlorophyll-the-great-detoxer/“And from a 2010 study published in the Journal of Toxicological Sciences, which showed that mice given chlorophyll for mercury exposure excreted about twice the amount of mercury as mice not given it. The thinking goes that it can bind to heavy metals in humans, as well.”Note: Andy Cutler warns against Cilantro and Chlorella:
http://cutlersuccessstories.weebly.com/what-not-to-do.html…4. Citrus PeelMercury Detox With Chlorella and Pectin
http://www.stayingsharpasasenior.com/mercury-detox-with-chl…How does chlorella work? As you take chlorella, your levels of it build up in your intestines. Mercury that gets mobilized inside your body gets brought to the intestines, where it binds to the chlorella and is eliminated in the stool. It will take about 3 to 6 months of consuming 3 g per day of chlorella for the levels of this nutrient to be built up enough for detoxification to start. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Meanwhile, your body is receiving many other benefits from chlorella, which is highly nutritious and is a source of vitamin A and vitamin C, and chlorophyll and other phytonutrients.An important thing to know about chlorella is that taking large doses of vitamin C (such as in a concentrated form in a vitamin pill, rather than what is naturally present in food) can weaken the ability of chlorella to bind mercury. If you take vitamin C and chlorella at the same time, there is a risk that the chlorella will let go of the mercury, releasing it back into your system. Do not consume chlorella and vitamin C within three hours of each other. I take my chlorella supplements early in the morning, and I avoid taking any supplements containing large doses of vitamin C until three hours later. The small amount of vitamin C present in the chlorella it self, or other vegetables, is not a concern.Pectin also binds with mercury in the body, and this mercury is eliminated through the urine.
A study by Dr. Isaac Eliaz at Amitabha Medical Clinic in Sebastopol, California, found that individuals who took the recommended dose of modified citrus pectin (5 g per day) for a period of 4-10 months reduced an average of 70% of the total mercury load in their bodies. Four months was determined to be the minimum time needed to have significant results, and the amount eliminated increased with longer periods of taking the
supplement.I want to mention just a couple other nutrients that are helpful in removing
mercury from the body. One is sulfur, which is found in garlic, garlic oil,
eggs, and cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, kale, and collard greens.)
Sulfur binds easily with mercury. So does selenium, which is found in its
highest concentrations in Brazil nuts.5. Strawberries, Citrus, Peanut Butter, Hemp, ChlorellaStrawberries proven to block mercury in fish: Health Ranger shares research with the public
July 17, 2014
http://www.naturalnews.com/046044_mercury_in_fish_strawberr…The percentage describes the percent of mercury “captured” by the substance being tested and thereby prevented from being absorbed. Scientific papers describing this research are forthcoming later this year.Clean Chlorella: 99%
Hemp Protein: 98%
Peanut Butter: 96%
Strawberries: 95%
Cilantro Leaf: 95%
Raspberries: 92%
Cacao Powder: 91%
Wheat Grass: 90%
Coconut Granola Cereal: 89%
Barley Grass: 89%
Acai Berries: 88%
Wheat Flour: 86%
Nori Powder: 85%
Hawaiian Spirulina: 83%
Blueberries: 83%
Mangos: 73%
Ground Mustard: 72%
Tropicana Orange Juice: 54%
Corn Pops Cereal: 53%
Brown Rice: 53%
Suja Carrot Orange Juice: 34%
Beets: 20%
Sunny D: 20%
Suja Apple Cucumber Juice: 10%
Zeolites: 9%
Sucralose: 3%
Red Bull: 0%Finally, Dr. Mercola advocates chlorella for mercury poisoning.
http://articles.mercola.com/…/chlorella-for-mercury-poisoni…What did Andy Cutler actually try? He says. Read it here: He never tried iodine, boron, nor selenium, nor many of these foods identified by the health ranger. Andy, never tried green smoothies. http://onibasu.com/archives/am/139156.html