Where to Get Top Gold and Silver Stock Picks and Research?

While I may write about precious metals and mining stocks at my new website (Revealingfraud.com), I have limits, as I’m only one man. So at this time I want to recommend another very thorough gold and silver analyst that I think you should follow closely.

I met Jason Hamlin of goldstockbull.com at a mining conference many years ago, caught up with him last year over the phone and I have been following his work ever since. I can tell you that he consistently puts out quality research and has built a track record of outperforming the market with his stock picks, which I find really impressive.

His investment newsletter covers precious metals, with a focus on junior gold and silver mining stocks. He has been publishing it to subscribers consistently since 2006 and his articles appear across a number of respected financial websites. He is a low-key guy, so you might not hear him jumping up and down and screaming about his success. But he has been consistently generating very strong performance numbers for his subscribers.

Hamlin’s gains were amplified by the massive cryptocurrency bull market in 2017, as he diversified the portfolio outside of mining stocks while the gold market corrected and consolidated. He first recommended Bitcoin to his subscribers around $100 and again at $900. It is currently above $10,000. But even without the crypto gains, he has still been outperforming the major indices by a wide margin.

Hamlin has a background working in data analytics at the world’s largest research firm and has consulted to Fortune 500 companies globally. He quit the corporate world to trade full-time after helping friends and family improve their investments. If you want to see what his subscribers are saying, just do a Google search on the term “Gold Stock Bull review.”

One of Hamlin’s earliest picks was Bema Gold, which he recommended under $1 per share. It was later acquired by Kinross Gold for $5.35 per share in a $3.1 billion deal, netting his subscribers 435%!

In 2009, he recommended Silver Wheaton at $5.92 per share. It soared to a high of $46.91, just two years after his buy signal for a return of 692%!

After taking a trip to their Montreal offices in early 2009 and meeting with their CEO, Hamlin ended up recommending SEMAFO, Inc. at $1.17 per share. By November of 2010, shares had rocketed to $13.68 each for a gain of 1,069%!

In 2016, Hamlin recommended his current #1 gold mining stock pick at $6.64. In just over two years, the share price has risen to over $42 per share. That is a return of 544%, during a time when the gold price advanced by just 14%. Intelligent research and careful stock selection makes a huge difference!

With the FED signaling that they will do whatever is necessary via monetary policy to keep the economy expanding, forecasts have shifted from the potential of more rate hikes this year to high odds of a rate cut at the end of the month. This will weaken the dollar and be the spark that ignites the next major bull cycle for gold and silver.

The recent surge in the gold price above technical resistance at $1,400 is very significant. Silver has also bounced back above $15 after making a higher low on the chart. But significant upside remains just to return to prior highs. This represents an incredible opportunity to buy quality miners on the cheap while very few investors are interested. Hamlin and I are in full agreement on this.

This next bull cycle should take gold to new highs above $2,000 per ounce and silver above $50 per ounce. In such an environment, quality mining stocks are going to offer powerful leverage and generate incredible returns for investors willing to buy early. We are talking about the potential for 10x returns over the next few years in many of the stocks in the Gold Stock Bull model portfolio!

So, if you are looking for a gold and silver investment newsletter in similar spirit to my previous “Silver Stock Report,” you should definitely check out Gold Stock Bull (goldstockbull.com).

Jason Hamlin has agreed to provide my readers with a $100 discount off the regular subscription rate by using the coupon code “HOMMEL” when signing up for the yearly subscription. This code is good for the first 20 people that sign up, so please click below now to take advantage of this discount.

Way back in 2002, I used to think that paying for stock picks was something “scammy”. However, upon my first decision to actually buy and follow someone else, I started making the huge 300% returns on my investments. It really can pay big to get the best research available from people who are really working the numbers and looking closely at a lot of stocks.

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Jason Hommel