Healing the Skin

For general skin conditions, there are many things that are particularly great for the skin.

  1. Vitamin C is one of the best, it aids in collagen formation and thus prevents wrinkles, but it also reduces age spots and damage from sunburns over time, but is not suitable for an active sunburn.
  2. Aloe Vera is one of the best things for the skin, including active sunburns.
  3. Copper helps to prevent sunburn, as copper is needed to make melanin, which creates the tan. Vitamin C can bock copper, and copper can use up vitamin C. Both are required to make collagen which thickens the skin, and prevents wrinkles.
  4. Many conditions are said to be autoimmune conditions, and boron is great for autoimmune conditions and other skin conditions, such as fungal infections. Boron is “borax”, get a box of 20 mule team borax, sold with laundry soaps or amazon.com.
  5. Iodine is also great for the skin, is easily absorbed directly by the skin, and also kills fungus. Get Lugol’s 2% iodine. At amazon.com if you can’t find it at the vitamin store. Apply with coconut oil to soothe, as iodine can feel very burny on open skin wounds. If the body has too much bromine, then salt and magnesium chloride help the body detox bromine, while on the high iodine protocol. Bromide can cause an acne like rash in the skin.
  6. Iodine and boron both detox fluoride. Fluoride is implicated in acne. If acne happens while taking iodine and boron, it may help to clear out the kidneys with either a pulse does of iodine (stopping iodine for a few days) and taking green smoothies and/or baking soda with more distilled water to help clear the kidneys.
  7. Niacin, B3, 500 mg, creates a flushing of blood to the skin, and should thus help with skin conditions, and may help get the healing nutrients that you might wish to take internally, get to the skin. Healing is in the blood. The “sauna and niacin” detox program is also great for the skin.
  8. Silica, found in fiji water, and in diamotaceous earth, is also great for detoxing, and thus, is great for the skin, because the skin helps the body detox. A cleaner body means more clear skin.
  9. DMSO sulfur is also a great detoxer, and is great for the skin, and is easily absorbed by the skin. But I prefer MSM sulfur, as it appears to be safer.
  10. The best detoxer in general, is green smoothies, you take a cup of greens, add bananas and other fruit, and 1-2 cups of water in a blender, and blend very well until very smooth. The greens tend to help the body eliminate both toxins, and the minerals, so cycle the minerals and the greens at different times, or even different days.
  11. Vitamin C is also a great detoxer, but it also uses up the minerals, like zinc and copper.
  12. Zinc is great for preventing a histimine or allergic reaction, and many allergic reactions present on the skin. But zinc binds histimine and helps the body release it appropriately, rather than letting it cause chronic conditions. I take zinc at night, it also helps sleep, and boosts hormone production. The body also heals during sleep, so taking zinc helps heal everything. Hormones also help heal, and taking zinc to boost your own hormones is far better than a topical steroid cream.
  13. CBD oil is great for the skin.
  14. The more things you do for your “general health” the more the incurable conditions tend to resolve. Keep trying. The body’s natural state is to heal, in my opinion.