I Cured My Arthritis

I cured my full body arthritis, and all my joint injuries, with one type of food and one type of exercise.

My report on which food, and which exercise, can be yours now.

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Here is my story, and my testimony:

When I was about 5, I started taking Vitamin C. Probably given to me by my mom for nosebleeds, or maybe for general health.

I developed excessive sweating in school. This can lead to mineral loss and mineral deficiencies.

From the sweating, I developed a foot rash, probably a fungal rash.

From the foot rash, I was prescribed hydrocortizone, for my feet, which I used from ages 13-17.

Cortizone leads to infections, flesh wasting, and arthritis.

When I was 17, I developed “stress fractures” in my feet, and I was advised by a podiatrist (a foot doctor) to use custom fitted orthotic foot insoles, otherwise, I could no longer walk.

When I was 18, I developed a rare bone infection (likely from the cortizone) in my lower back that the doctors called “osteomyelitis”.

The osteomyelitis, after the infection was cured, left me with arthritis and bone spurs, fusing the lower back vertebrate together.

I asked what kind of arthritis I had. “Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid”, and “but worse” was the answer. “You will have the lower back of a 90 year old man for the rest of your life”. That’s pretty specific, and as bad of an answer as I could have gotten.

“Well, what do I do, what will happen next?” The message was even worse: “You will get progressively worse, the arthritis will spread to all of your other joints, and you will have to learn to live in pain for the rest of your life.”

But I was young. I didn’t want to believe it. I tried to overcome it.

Next, I went to sports rehabilitation; they basically had me work out, and try gentle stretching and gentle movement exercises. They taught me that I should stretch my hamstrings, to compensate for the reduced range of motion in my lower back. They taught me to strengthen my stomach, to help my lower back. It all only helped a little bit.

The years went by. I tried to learn to eat healthy. I managed to get back to my ski racing career. I raced until I was 23. I got to be top in the nation again. But I always had a bit of back pain off and on.

By age 41, I went to rehab for recovery of alcoholism. I probably started drinking too heavy in a failed attempt to cure emotional pain, and phyical pain.

By age 42, after a year sober, my back pain was worse than ever. It got so bad, and the words of the doctors echoed through my head, “it will get progressively worse”. I thought I would soon have to just kill myself. It was that bad.

But I decided to fight it. I decided I would have to simply get healthier than I ever had. What other choice is there?

My next step was to stop all pain medications. They are unhealthy. They are hard on the liver. They cause bleeding problems. And I also had a bleeding disorder. And bleeding disorders also lead to, can cause, or be a part of arthritis!

Next, I began eating more of the most obvious “good food” I could think of eating. And that was about all it took.

I began to feel more healthy. And I just kept getting better and better, and refining my healing methods and strategies from there. That was when I was 43.

Today, at age 49, I can squat 240 pounds totally free of back pain. I can deadlift 220 pounds, totally free of back pain.

All my old ski racing aches and pains in my shoulders and elbows are gone. I do not fear arthritis any longer. Everyone who uses my methods reports miraculous pain relief.

My report on which food, and which exercise, that cured my arthritis, can be yours now.

Send $38 to may paypal, and I’ll email you my 20,000 word guide on how I cured my arthritis and joint pains.