What is the difference between a false positive and an asymptomatic carrier?

What is the difference between a false positive and an asymptomatic carrier? Nobody knows in the entire city on lockdown because of assumed “asymptomatic carriers”.

On this morning, April 3rd, 2020, in Amarillo, TX, I went out of my house to visit a few essential services, while the city is on lockdown.

First up was driving my wife to work at a Burger/Store, a food store, which is “essential”. Next stop, the Sheriff’s Office. I wanted to report the Covid19 fraud. Google maps was wrong, it was an empty warehouse. Next, the Police Department. Closed for COVID19.

Sign said:

CALL 806-378-3000

So, I looked up the Mayor’s office / city hall. Went there. Same sign:

So, I called. Asked to speak to the Mayor. Got transferred to his secretary.
I spoke to report COVID19 fraud. I said the test kits don’t work and are fraud. The CDC, FDA, the test kit maker, and Stanford epidemiologists say the kits suffer from false positives. She said she would have someone from the mayor’s office call me back. She was not a good listener. Kind of cut me off.

Next, I visited the courthouse. Pictures of the closed courthouse:

See, a judge could rule that Mayor’s “Shelter in place” order invalid. Nope. Courthouse closed. I did manage to open a supposedly locked door. I spoke with the security guard on duty. He wondered how I got in. I said, “Oh, do you want me to leave? He said sure. We walked to the exit, as I was telling him that I wanted to make a fraud report about the fraud of the test kits, but that the Police station was closed, too. He said, if you wanted to report fraud, I don’t think I can help you. He asked me where I live, city or county. As if that mattered because the fraud is national, but right here in the city, too. I said I live in another city in Texas, I’m just here visiting. And like that, it was time for me to leave.

Next, I called the Police. I dialed 911, because the other number on the sign was just to “the city”. The 911 operator wanted my location and telephone number. Ok. I wanted to report fraud, COVID19 fraud, because the test kits don’t work, and all the lockdowns are all for nothing. She said she would have a Sergeant call me back. Cool.

I left for breakfast. I was going to need some energy for a day like this cold day was going. Breakfast place open. Cool.

Next, I decided to try visiting a law firm nearby. Smart big head work at law firms. Lawyers might know of ways to get a hold of judges or mayors, too. Lawfirms are always located close to the courts. So, I found the largest law firm with the most referrals, 34 on google or so. I found their building. One door locked, the other opened. Ghost town. Cold outside and windy. 28 degrees.

Security guard said that the law firm I was looking for was on the 21st floor. Only a secretary there. She said the lawyer was not here. I explained that I wanted to talk to a lawyer about the COVID19 fraud, because the test kits don’t work. She said maybe some lawyers on the 9th floor could help me.

I go. 9th floor. Both lawfirms closed, lights off. I go back to the 21st floor.

Security guard from the first floor is leaving as I enter. I pause. “Did she call you over me?” He said yes. He said she said I was acting weird. I retorted, asking to see an attorney at an attorney’s office is not weird. He said she did not want to see me. I said she lied, she never said that to me, only that I should go to the 9th floor, which I did. And that I came back to tell her that her referrals did not pan out. But she does not want to talk to you, and the floor belongs to her. Well, then I don’t want to talk to her, either. And I left.

Next up, as I was in the elevator with the security guard, the officer called me back. I begin talking calmly “Officer, how nice to hear from you…” I almost paused in the lobby to talk, but the security guard was right on my tail. I headed into the cold wind, with the officer on the phone. I told him I was going to my car in the cold wind, and to hang on a moment.

We spoke briefly. I said I wanted to report COVID19 fraud, that the city was shut down over fraud. See, the test kits don’t work very well. There is essentially no difference between a false positive, and an asymptomatic carrier. And that we should not be locking down an entire city, over fraud. Furthermore, the test kits don’t even test for COVID19, they only test for three other coronaviruses, and they just assume COVID19 infection. I repeated that last line twice, and he said he could not hear me. I asked if we could talk somewhere in person. He suggested the police station. I was just there, I knew it was close. Off I went.

We arrived in the parking lot at the same time.

I ask if we can talk inside, to get out of the cold. Sure. We entered the building “closed to the public”, and he asks me what this is all about. I explain for about 2-3 minutes. The test kits don’t work. The COVID19 scare is thus all a big fraud. There’s no way they know who has it if the test kits are unreliable. Furthermore, the overall death rate is now going down, not up, because nobody is even visiting the doctors, who mostly prescribe poisons that kill people; they are the biggest killers. He kind of half chuckled, “Well that’s one way to look at it” he said. Just then, another officer entered. He stood at my right side. 90 degrees. It’s a thing they do. To protect themselves. I could see it. They were intimidated. Again, I reiterated, I’m only here if you are willing to listen. If not, I’ll happily go away. I can only preach to those who are willing to listen, if not, I have to go. He said that was sensible. He asked what I expected him to do. I said, I expect nothing. I want nothing other than to share with you information. It’s entirely up to you to decide what to do with the information. He said, there is really nothing I can do. I’m so low on the totem pole, and this is way outside of my jurisdiction. I then said, maybe call your superior officers? I said, let’s run this up the chain of command. I said this is the best thing about officers, the chain of command. He said, well, there’s a chain of command everywhere you go. I said I was in command once. But my employees turned against me, and I went bankrupt. And he said it was not likely that his commanding officer would be interested.

He was right. His superior officer, and one other, came down. So it’s 4 officers. I said I wanted to talk about the fraud of the COVID19 test kits, and that there was no reason to lock the city down over a fraud. I asked if I could just talk to him for 2-5 minutes. He said no. He said I should talk to the mayor or the FBI. I asked, “What if the FBI is in on it?” No answer. He suggested the mayor. I asked if I could talk to him for 2-5 minutes and then maybe if he thought what I had to say had validity, we could go to the mayor together. He declined. He said we can’t force the Mayor to do anything. I said I’m not asking you to force the mayor to do anything, I just want you to hear me out for a minute or two. He said, but it’s pointless, because there is really nothing he could do.

I turned to the first officer to whom I explained things for that 2-3 minutes. I said, can you help me? You did listen for the 2 minutes. He said, there really is nothing they can do. There was more, but my disappointment, and my realization that this is how officers ARE in America, as indicated by my past experiences, mean that of couse, this was going to be expected.

I said, “Well, as I said, if you guys didn’t want to hear me out, I said I would go. I’m not sure where to go next, maybe the media, but as I said, I think they are in on it (I had previously said that reporting cases as “confirmed” is fraud if the test kits upon which those cases are confirmed, is fraud. I had also previously said to this officer, a pregnancy test is 99% accurate, and the covid19 test kits are maybe only 20% accurate, or maybe even less, so how could those confirm anything? Again, as usual, this was met with silence. Politically, he said he was not allowed to express an opinion.)

And so, with that, I left.

In my car, in the Police parking lot. I called the media. I looked up “news” at google maps. A local TV station came up. A fox affiliate. I said I wanted to report on the COVID19 fraud. I was transferred to a desk reporter. I got his name. Put it in my phone. I mentioned that there was no way to tell if the test kits work, because there is no way to tell the difference between an asymptomatic carrier and a false positive. He responded with enthusiasm. He said, “We were all having a discussion about this very question, what is the difference between the two, and what the hell are we talking about and telling people!?” And so, we did speak for 5 minutes. I said I had done some research at revealingfraud.com, and a great article there is all about how the test kits do not work, as admitted by the test kit maker, who said that it’s illegal to use the test kits for diagnostic purposes, and the FDA and the CDC both admit the test kits suffer from false positives, but don’t say the rate. And there is an article, now retracted, by 5 Chinese scientists who ask the question, aren’t some asymptomatic carriers false positives? And I had over 15 other sources in that article showing problems with the test kits. He said he would look up my sources.

Next, I visited my wife at work. To bring her vitimans, and try to catch her on break. But she already took a break. I told her I was being heroic today, and that I would tell her more later. This is part of that process.

Next, I visited two local hospitals. I didn’t want to. My research says doctors kill 1000 times more people a year than police officers. But the enemy of my enemy might be my friend. And they are shut down. Clearly losing money hand over fist with no busisness. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find an ally. One the Mayor might listen to. Somebody with credentials. Worth a risk of getting involuntarily tested, committed and quarantined, if I can help save the nation, by first saving a local city…

Both the same. On lockdown or nearly on lockdown. The biggest hospitals in Amarillo, TX. The first one had a near empty parking lot. And the emergency room said it was closed. There were three people ahead of me. When they got to me the entire room was empty. I said I wished to speak to a doctor or hospital administrator about the faulty covid19 test kits, any doctor who had any skepticism about all of this, but only if they want to listen, otherwise, I’m leaving. She asked me if I was “with anyone”. I said “I don’t know, God? Not with any official group, I guess.” I asked if I could take a picture of the empty waiting room. She said no. I said, “then it was good I asked”. She said, “Yes, good you asked.” She left. I considered taking a picture anway. Why bother. They are the ones clearly wanting to lie and hide things, not me. I waited about 3 minutes. She came out and said all the doctors were busy. I got bold, and I said “I do not believe you and I’m leaving.” And I left.

In the parking lot, I called this same hospital. I said I wanted to ask a question, “What is the difference between an asymptomatic carrier, and a false positive?” She didn’t know. I asked if she could get a doctor or administrator to get back to me with the answer to that question. Sure. We said a little more than that, but that was about it.


Right down the street was another hospital. Same thing, but worse. Totally shut down to all visitors, “for the public’s safety”. But these, of course, are the businesses that are exempt from the shut down order, because they are “essential”. And again, the parking lot is totally empty. If people can’t go inside, how can they leave their cars in the parking lot? Makes perfect sense.

Pictures of the second hospital:

Edit: On facebook, some people did not think my pictures were real, and wanted to know which Hospitals. So I found the corresponding google maps and addresses and put that into another facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/jason.hommel/posts/10157487580664926

Next, I called the department of public health in Amarillo. I documented the call in another facebook post, immediately after my call, on my phone. Instead of linking it, I’m pasting the text again:

I spoke with 2 people at the Amarillo department of public health. Neither knew the answer to the question, what is the difference between an asymptomatic carrier, and a false positive? The first person did not try to answer, the second did. He said well, the asymptomatic carrier has the disease, the false positive does not. And I asked how would you tell the difference if they both have no symptoms, and they both test positive? Evasion, he said they don’t test people without symptoms, because of lack of test kits. I said, then wouldn’t that give a false impression of deadliness then, because if you only test 80 year olds with pneumonia who check in to hospitals, they die at a rate of 30%. Any epidemiologist knows this. He said the test kits come from both public and private sources. I said so we can always trust the government? He stammered and gave excuses. PCR something. I said I know the PCR tests don’t test for COVID19, only 3 other common coronaviruses, and COVID19 is thus just assumed. And if we are shutting down our entire economy over what test kits say, tests that cannot tell the difference between a false positive and an asymptomatic carrier, maybe somebody should tell the local department of health about that. He said he would transfer me to the person in charge of COVID19. I left a message. “Hi, I’m Jason. What is the difference between an asymptomatic carrier and a false positive for COVID 19?”

Finally, I called the Mayor’s office back. Asked to speak with the Mayor’s secretary. This time, I just wanted to ask the Mayor’s office one simple question: “What is the difference between an asymptomatic carrier and a false positive for COVID 19?” I said I called her office earlier. She said oh yes, now I remember you. Yes, I put in a request for one of the Mayor’s aids to call you back. Oh, thank you!

I am not yet arrested with a black bag over my head, as indicated by this write up going out to you all. I’m not trying to get arrested. My goal was only to speak to those who were willing to listen. Not much of that out there. But some. The reporter was the most helpful. I doubt he will be allowed to run with anything he learns. He is also on lockdown.

More information:

God bless.

Jason Hommel