The Copper Revolution: Ch 11: Copper lowers histamine, and Ch 12: Copper, Great for the Skin

Copper lowers histamine (so does zinc.  I think zinc more powerfully lowers histamine)

Plasma Diamine Oxidase Activity Is Greater in Copper-Adequate than Copper-Marginal or Copper-Deficient Rats

Diamine Oxidase, a copper-containing enzyme, also known as histaminase, breaks down histamine.

“What Is DAO? Diamine oxidase (DAO) is a digestive enzyme produced in your kidneys, thymus, and the intestinal lining of your digestive tract.

Its primary function is to break down excess histamine in your body (1).”

Perhaps those who need “epi-pens” are simply low in copper and zinc? Excess histamine often causes rashes on the skin.  Copper was used historically to cure rashes on the skin.

When I first started taking high copper, over 10 mg, at about 20 mg of copper, I would start sneezing like crazy.  It would not stop.  It was a horrible allergic reaction to something.  Very quickly, I found I could stop it almost immediately with a chewable zinc tablet.  That was also very amazing.  This “trouble” only lasted about 3 weeks, and then began to go away.  I bravely powered through it, because I knew I had copper deficiency symptoms, and my initial research showed me copper was clearly very safe at 10 mg and at least somewhat safe at somewhat above that level.

This is why I think zinc is a stronger anti-histamine than copper.  But if you take far more copper than zinc, or a lot of copper and no zinc at the same time, I think the copper can strip the histamine from the zinc, or something like that happens.  I just know the solution if this ends up being a problem for you, too.

Yes, I know zinc can block copper.  Some say copper cannot block zinc.  But so few have tested taking copper above 10 mg, so what do they know?

Chapter 12: Copper, Great for the Skin

Using Copper to Improve the Well-Being of the Skin

Copper-embedded socks, and copper-containing pillowcases, are clinically proven to work to improve the skin, including athlete’s foot, and fine wrinkles.

I enjoy applying copper sulfate topically, all over my skin, a few days a week.  My skin has never felt better.  My skin is thicker, stronger, and has zero acne.  When I first started detoxing with iodine, I had acne in my upper back.  In my late 40’s!  It is now completely gone!

Tim, in the testimonials, said, “I love how it feels on my skin”.