Chapter 34: Fluoride in the Food Supply and other sources

Some people think we only have to worry about fluoride in the water.  Or maybe they skeptically think, “Well, I don’t swallow my toothpaste”.

Dentists often begin fluoride treatments for teenagers, right when they start getting acne, which is from the fluoride.

But fluoride has many other sources, nearly invisible.  They put fluoride-based antifungals on grapes and dried fruits, and so fluoride ends up in California Wines.  When used after harvest, as a fungicide, or preservative, fluoride does not have to be listed as an ingredient.  You can buy organic dried fruit, that is preserved with fluoride!

In France, they put copper sulfate on the grapes used to make wine.  This could explain why people in France who drink red wine, have less heart disease, which is caused by copper deficiency.

Water is fluoridated to 0.7 ppm.  Also 0.7 mg per liter.  That amount of fluoride causes neurological problems.

And that is very close to the amount of copper most Americans get, less than the RDA for copper!

Chicken feed is 130 ppm fluoride or 130 mg/liter of fluoride in chicken feed.  It is used as an antibiotic.  Chickens and birds can tolerate a far higher amount of fluoride than humans.  Why?  I think it’s because chickens lay eggs, and eggshells contain calcium, which binds to fluoride.  They also don’t give chickens IQ tests.  

Fluoride is also in black tea, and green tea, at levels higher than tap water. Herbal teas are clean.

Fluoride is in Teflon-coated aluminum non-stick frying pans.  There are two reasons to avoid these pans: fluoride and aluminum!

Fluoride is a key ingredient in gore-tex waterproof fabric liners.

Fluoride is used in “glide” dental floss.

“First study to show association between Oral-B Glide dental floss and higher exposures”

Stain-resistant carpets and furniture contain fluoride.