Chapter 36: Copper binds to, and Detoxes Fluoride

Copper can be used to detox fluoride. What if we should have more copper in our bodies than fluoride? At least twice as much or more. Why? Because the copper (II) fluoride molecule contains twice the weight of copper as fluoride. Most people, the average person, has 36 times more fluoride than copper.

How much copper do we need to detox fluoride? If we assume all copper detoxes fluoride with perfect efficiency, we would need twice the amount of copper as fluoride in the body.  The average body has 2600 mg fluoride and 72 mg copper.  We would need 5200 mg of copper. 

If we assume that we should be able to fix a deficiency within about 3 months, this implies we divide that amount by 90 days.  5200 / 90 = 57.8 mg per day for 90 days. 

Nobody can start copper at 57.8 mg per day.  Nausea sets in at about 3-4 mg per day.  So it could take up to 3 months or a year just to work up to 60 mg/day.

Is such a high amount of copper reasonable?

Well, the high iodine protocol is 50 mg iodine per day, plus more in the form of potassium iodide.

Vegans barely get 1 mg of zinc per day.  People take up to 50 to 150 mg of zinc per day. 

People barely get 1-3 mg of boron per day.  People supplement up to 100 mg boron per day.

Compared to those three other minerals, 50 mg a day of copper seems potentially reasonable, once you get past the scare tactics.

One man took 2000 mg of copper per day, and did not die, but checked in to a hospital because his red blood cells were getting destroyed faster than he could make them.  He took 2000 mg copper a day for 4 months, or 120 days of that.  And there was no liver damage!  I would guess that that much copper either blocked most of his iron, or blocked Vitamin C, or a bit of both, or caused other nutrient deficiencies.

2000 mg x 120 days = 240,000 mg.  Compared to that, what is 5200 mg spread out over 90 days?  Very very little.

The lethal doses start at about 10,000 mg, and some say 20,000 mg, in one day.  Compared to that, what is 5200 mg spread out over 90 days?  Very very little.

They say that at doses of up to 10 to 20 mg over 60 days, the body does not absorb the copper, it mostly excretes it.  Yes.  Well, that is only 600 mg to 1200 mg of copper.  That is not nearly enough to detox a fluoride burden of 2600 mg. 

If we think about it, maybe the fluoride is causing the copper to be excreted at 10 mg copper/day levels over a short time frame? 

So maybe the body does not have a “homeostatic mechanism” to excrete copper, maybe, it’s just a symptom of fluoride detox.  Show me the sample of Americans who are not toxic with fluoride.  They don’t exist.

There are several further implications of this explanation.

Some say that elemental copper is toxic because it is not bound by ceruloplasmin.  But ceruloplasmin is merely a copper transport protein in the blood.  And there are others; albumin.  The point is that elemental copper, if it binds to elemental fluoride, and is then quickly excreted, is neither poisonous nor is it “not doing anything” merely by being excreted.  Excretion is good if it’s carrying out toxins on the way.

And maybe people say elemental copper is toxic, as a hopeful mechanism to explain the mysterious and unexplainable “copper toxicity” idea of copper being toxic at low levels, even though there is no evidence for copper being toxic at low levels, nor any evidence of elemental copper being toxic. 

Some have said that since the body does not retain copper in these studies, it is evidence that the body does not want the copper and it is evidence that copper is toxic.  Neither conclusion is warranted in light of the body burden of fluoride if the fluoride is causing the body to excrete the copper.

Iodine is easily excreted.  This is not evidence of toxicity.
Vitamin C is easily excreted.  This is not evidence of toxicity.
The B Vitamins are easily excreted.  This is not evidence of toxicity.
Boron is easily excreted.  This is not evidence of toxicity.

In contrast, toxic things stay in the body for a long long time and are very difficult to remove: it’s like this for mercury, lead, aluminum, fluoride, and presumably other toxins.

In fact, all of the water-soluble vitamins and minerals I just listed are good detoxing agents, because they are easily excreted, and so they will pull the toxins out with them as they go.

The beginning stages of detox are nearly always uncomfortable.  Detox symptoms might not be symptoms of “copper toxicity” but rather simply indications that copper is binding to fluoride, moving it around, and causing detox symptoms.  Some detox symptoms might be skin rashes, as toxins sometimes try to come out through the skin.  But as we have seen, copper is a historic remedy for skin rashes! 

Another detox symptom is nausea.  It is said that “copper causes nausea”.  But not always.  People can build up a tolerance.

How did a man consume 2000 mg of copper per day, without vomiting continuously? (Note, this is dangerous, as he became anemic after 4 months.)  He must have been building up a tolerance.  Maybe the tolerance is simply having gotten past the worst part of a fluoride detox.  Fluoride also causes nausea in the stomach. 

Another detox symptom might be acne.  Fluoride seems to come out in acne, and there is a book about this called “Fluoride; the Hidden Cause of Acne”.

When going through fluoride detox, it is important to remember that copper is not toxic to the stomach.  Copper strengthens the stomach, and copper heals stomach ulcers.  Don’t blame copper for the effects of fluoride.

Fluoride is a nerve toxin.

In contrast, copper helps make 4 neurotransmitters, and assists in their reuptake, and is needed to make and restore the myelin sheath around the nerves. All things speed up nerve transmission. And boost coordination and intelligence.

Fluoride causes joint damage.
Copper is excellent for the joints, it helps make collagen.

Fluoride causes weak bones.
Copper strengthens the bones, making collagen.

Fluoride lowers testosterone.
Copper boosts testosterone.

Fluoride is the toxin.  Not copper.