Quick Start (First 2 weeks) Protocol

We suggest starting at 5 mg copper, 10 mg zinc (zinc gluconate) and 1000 mg Vitamin C in Ascorbic Acid form. (Not liposomal and not whole food C).

Why copper, zinc, and Vitamin C to start? All detox. All three are needed to make collagen. Both zinc and copper are needed to make many detoxing enzymes that contain both zinc and copper. Each one can deplete the other two, so it’s important to take all three with each other, or at least in the same day. All three are also strong anti-histamines, which help prevent problems as they heal you, through detoxing.

People ask: “Where do I get this copper, and what form of copper do I buy?”

We recommend copper glycinate, or copper sulfate.

Copper glycinate is good because it is ready-made and ships fast, in about 1-3 days. It’s bad because it’s expensive per mg, costing $10/bottle, and $50/month at high doses, and you can’t use it to apply topically. But it’s great to start with. We used copper glycinate on our first 3 years on high copper.

Copper sulfate is very good because the cost is 3-4 cents per 1180 mg in a 2 oz. bottle, rather than $20 for the same amount of copper in the glycinate form. Yes, you have to buy it in bulk, but a 10-pound bag costs only about $30. The bad news is that it usually takes 2 weeks to ship, and you have to mix the copper sulfate into bottles with distilled water yourself. So get some copper glycinate for $10, too.

Note. About 2% of people have allergic reactions after taking sulfate or high sulfur foods such as eggs, spinach, or garlic, or copper sulfate. For them, it’s best to start on copper glycinate for the first 2 months, at least. Sulfur is a major mineral in the body, the average person’s body has 1/3 of a pound of sulfur, so it’s not an allergy to sulfur. Sulfur is a major detox mineral. Sulfur allergies often indicate mercury toxicity. See: https://revealingfraud.com/2022/04/health/how-to-detox-mercury-with-copper-zinc-selenium/ After detoxing mercury with copper, zinc and selenium, for about 2 months, then people can begin taking sulfur (and copper sulfate) and detoxing even more, without allergic reactions.


https://www.amazon.com/Copper-Sulfate-Pentahydrate-99-9-Crystals/dp/B08QLMY7HG – Most highly recommended!
https://www.intralabs.co.uk/copper-sulphate/1kg-copper-sulphate.html –UK
https://paramountchemicals.com.au/product/copper-sulphate-1-kg/ –Australia
https://alphachem.ca/ –Canada
Walmart online

Consider also:

Copper Sulfate is sold in hardware stores, animal supply stores, fertilizer plant stores, pool stores, plumbing stores, and Walmart. It is a major agricultural commodity.

Here is a video on how to make a 1 mg copper per drop solution:

The video in words: Put 5/8ths teaspoons of copper sulfate crystals (4.7 grams) into a 2-ounce dropper bottle, and fill it with hot distilled water. Wrap the bottle with a towel to protect yourself from the heat, then shake to dissolve. It does not have to be hot, but the heat helps it dissolve more quickly. It does not have to be distilled, but distilled is cleanest, looks the best, and helps it dissolve more quickly.

The 2-ounce bottle will contain 1182 mg of contained copper. If someone accidentally drinks an entire bottle, they will likely projectile vomit and have diarrhea for about 3-4 hours. They will be ok. This has been reported to us 3 times now. The best antidote is 100 mg zinc and 3000 mg Vitamin C and they will feel better by the next day.
A full dropper contains 20 drops, and 20 mg.
1 drop contains 1 mg.

TWO DROPS, THREE TIMES A DAY, IS THE STARTING DOSE! Take zinc and Vitamin C, the same day!

The top two things to avoid in the beginning are trans fats, which are hydrogenated fats like margarine, and tap water and fluoridated toothpasted and mouthwash. There are other things to do and to avoid, but you can learn as you go, and there is no need to overburden people just starting out.

5 mg copper, 10 mg zinc, and 1000 mg Vitamins C is a start that gets you through the first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, a person should move up to 10 mg of copper, 20 mg zinc, 1000 mg Vitamin C and take that for 1 month. Finally, after 6 weeks, moving to 20-30 mg of copper and other co nutrients.

The next step is to add things like B vitamins and magnesium by about week 4, and avoiding sodium salt and adding potassium chloride, and other nutrients, see the full protocol linked here: