Cancer and Copper

My book chapter on cancer is buried in the middle of this article–buried on purpose.

Summary points…

1. Copper detoxes many carcinogens and other toxins.

2. Copper restores ATP production, which is impaired in cancer.

3. Copper kills mold, which some say is cancer, and is nearly always co-present with cancer.

4. Copper detoxes fluoride, iron, and Vitamin A, each of which causes cancer.

5. Chelating copper with zinc, Vitamin C, and molybdenum, kills cancer, yes, because those things do not just remove copper, they also remove many other carcinogens, and they prove that minerals that remove toxins (such as copper) cure cancer.

6. Copper has been tested, and yes, it cures cancer.

7. Copper in extremely large doses, at 5000 to 10,000 mg a day will eventually kill animals, but never from cancer.

8. Copper has been extensively studied to see if it is a carcinogen, and it is not.

9. It is only a theory that copper causes cancer, and it is bad theory, contradicted by extensive testing. So the theory is a lie.

10. Yes copper is sometimes present in cancer tissues, other times it is not. Correlation cannot be used to prove causation because the body mobilizes copper to heal and detox all sorts of things, which is extensively and repeatedly proven.

11. Yes, copper is theorized to help cancer grow, because copper causes growth and growth of new blood vessels. But that simply proves the previous point. Copper heals. Blood does not cause cancer, that is idiocy, lies, and baseless imagination.

12. Copper increases and activates many detoxing enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase, (SOD), which have anti cancer activity.