Yes, We Do Consults

We see that other independent consultants are now advising people to take high copper. Quite a few of them in our forum do this, and then consult with us for further details! We think this is fantastic! Because the message is spreading! And our group is like the consultant to the consultants! What an honor for us!

A more effective health coaching model has emerged. Other consultants are offering 12 consults over 3 months for $3000. This seems excessive. But I reluctantly admit, it is superior to the old model of one consult for an hour, which often seems to get people very little results. Multiple sessions create accountability, encouragement, and follow-up. And our protocol works so well, we think 4 sessions is more ideal, both to save money, and provide outstanding results.

Also, sometimes, questions need a bit of further research for the best answers.

I recommend one of our group moderators/experts.

–Jacqueline Marshall, from New Zealand, has run a healing center, is very familiar with our copper protocol and provides outstanding free advice for the group.
Four, one-hour, weekly consults for $500.

–Jason Hommel, I am the author of “The Copper Revolution: Healing with Minerals”, and admin for the group.
Four, one-hour, weekly consults, for $750.

Those who get the most out of a consult come the most prepared. They read the quick start guide, and associated links. Sometimes, they read the entire book! Even twice! They buy the minerals. Write down your health history, your diagnoses, and all your symptoms. Write down everything you are taking. Write down your questions in advance. Be prepared to take notes, or record the conversation.

Please contact us through Facebook messenger.

If you offer to consult, and if you do it in our group, please do not hound the new people. Wait and offer it if and when people start asking you questions in private. I don’t want to stand in the way of the free market and people offering valuable services for value. In fact, I can’t. I just don’t want people getting pestered. Do not spam.

Or ask your questions in the group:

Or read the quick start guide and FAQ (frequently asked questions)

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