What are straight-up facts people won’t swallow?

  1. Most people really don’t care about you hardly at all. They have their own problems.
  2. The person with an IQ (intelligence quotient) of 100 is average, and quite stupid, and half of all people are dumber than that.
  3. Evolution is a lie.
  4. Politicians are far more corrupt than you think.
  5. The media constantly lies.
  6. Doctors accidentally kill about 1,000,000 people each year.
  7. Mass shootings only kill about 100 people each year.
  8. The Apostle Paul is a false apostle, and Jesus commanded us to “believe it not” if someone were to talk of encountering a Jesus out in the wilderness as Paul did.
  9. Vaccines contain many deadly poisons and probably kill about 30,000 each year, and dumb down the entire population.
  10. There are plenty of conspiracies that have been proven true over the years. Conspiracy is just two or more people plotting crimes.
  11. All gun control laws violate the second amendment, and are thus crimes in government that never get prosecuted.
  12. Fluoride is a deadly nerve toxin that lowers IQ by about 7 points, from the water alone. Teflon and goretex are primarily fluoride. Putting fluoride in the water should be considered the crime of mass poisoning and a terrorist plot.
  13. Iodine deficiency lowers IQ by about 15 points.
  14. Getting on the high iodine protocol as a mother who then gets pregnant increases the baby’s IQ by about 40 points.
  15. The government and medical establishments are both poisoning you, and both don’t want you to be smarter, because then you are harder to control and lead and steal from.
  16. Healthy people put doctors out of business.
  17. There are probably well over 100 natural cures for cancer in the scientific literature, as I’ve found at least 90 of them.
  18. You can cure just about every single disease simply through taking enough vitamins and minerals, as long as the rest of your diet does not consist of vodka and doughnuts.
  19. Democrats were the party of slavery in the Civil War.
  20. Democrats are still the party of slavery; they just call it socialism and higher taxes on the rich.
  21. The Nazis were socialist democrats, IE, the “National Socialist German Workers’ *Party”. *
  22. Democrats and black people are the most racist groups of people in the world.
  23. Blacks have the lowest IQ’s on Army tests. The next highest group are the Arabs and Indians, then white people are in the middle, then the Asians, and then the Jews at the top. This is so politically incorrect, it’s nearly impossible to say anywhere.
  24. Democrats probably suffer from brain damage from all the poisoning being done to people; they are notoriously hypocritical and severely lacking in self awareness, and they don’t remotely practice what they preach.
  25. 70% of people in America take prescription medicines that reduce their brainpower and make them dumber.
  26. Paper money is a lie, and the world is run by the world bankers; forget all the other “illuminati” / CFR groups, they are minor clubs compared to the world bankers.
  27. None of the world bankers appear on the Forbe’s richest lists.
  28. Usury is any interest rate, not an “excessive interest rate”.
  29. The borrower is the servant to the lender.
  30. The USA was overthrown at the time of the Constitution, because the Articles of CON-Federation were overthrown and replaced by the Constitution to pay down debts to the world bankers. A government that serves the lender cannot serve the people.
  31. Silver has become rare ever since WWII and the age of electricity began and people began consuming 7 times more silver per capita, at 7/10ths of an ounce of silver per person mostly in electronic switches in devices such as a washing machine, toaster over, blender, air conditioner, etc.
  32. The silver and gold markets are manipulated down in order to protect the monopoly power to print up paper dollars and earn $99 for every $100 bill printed up.
  33. Censorship exists everywhere, even on quora.com
  34. If the media censors it, people won’t believe it.

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