The Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency Causing Your Condition

So far, I have found that nearly every medical diagnosis that I have encountered can be greatly helped by at least one vitamin or mineral. Or, stated another way, at least one vitamin or mineral is recommended for at least every single medical diagnosis. Or, at least one vitamin or mineral deficiency is associated with nearly every medical diagnosis.

There are a few exceptions, of course. Vitamins and Minerals will not help you regrow amputated limbs.

But most doctors won’t tell you about deficiencies, but rather, they dismiss the efficacy of vitamins and minerals, and are completely ignorant of the research and science behind vitamins and minerals.

So, let’s play a game. Test me on this.

List your diagnosis, or condition, even the incurable ones, in the comments below. Or list those of your closest family member. You can post anonymously.

I’ll try to provide at least one (often there are more) vitamins or minerals that is indicated for that condition.

When I play this game on facebook, I usually get about 35 responses. I usually already know the key vitamin or mineral for about 75% of them, and I can find a vitamin or mineral indicated for about 97% of all conditions.

There is one problem with playing this game. Illnesses are usually not resolved with just one vitamin or mineral. Often, we need several to get them to work together. For example, anemia is well known to be caused by low iron. But iron will not always fix anemia. Why not? 1. We need Vitamin C for the body to absorb the iron. 2. Too much copper can block the absorption of iron. 3. We need some copper for the body to convert iron into red blood cells. 4. We also need B12 to convert iron to red blood cells. 5. Many things can cause B12 deficiency anemia, such as medications.

Therefore, while I can mention at least one key vitamin or mineral that is indicated to help nearly every condition, it is important to not be deficient in any key vitamin or mineral. I recommend people take them all, as indicated here:

Finally, if you are satisfied with my answers and research, please consider contacting me for 1 hour of consulting for $100/hour, or visiting me as my guest for $150/day to learn how to take all the minerals.

Final note. Please do not list cancer. I have already compiled the largest list of scientific articles listing things for cancer, here:


  1. Hi Jason, Glad you’re back!
    My wife has “lewy body dementia” — mid-stage + a melanoma on her left forearm. We welcome your suggestions.
    Alan from Washington

    1. Thank you Alan. Lewy body dementia is a whole body nerve degeneration disorder, with symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s, and also hallucinations like schizophrenia. I don’t know your wife’s specific symptoms; that’s just from looking it up here:
      “What is Lewy Body Dementia?
      Lewy body dementia (LBD) is a progressive brain disorder in which Lewy bodies (abnormal deposits of a protein called alpha-synuclein) build up in areas of the brain that regulate behavior, cognition, and movement.

      A complex disease, LBD can present with a range of symptoms including problems with thinking, memory, moving, sleep and/or changes in behavior, to name a few of the physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms.

      LBD also affects autonomic body functions, such as blood pressure control, temperature regulation, and bladder and bowel function. Progressively debilitating, LBD can also cause people to experience visual hallucinations or act out their dreams.”

      So, my first thought, is all the minerals that help the nerves, and there are many.
      Magnesium is relaxing to the nerves.
      Zinc is relaxing to the nerves.
      Copper helps rebuild the myelin sheath, the fatty layer around the nerve, as does iodine, and B12, and DMSO/MSM sulfur.

      Then, there is the thought of general detoxing of those heavy metals that are particularly bad for the nerves, as follows:
      lead, which is detoxed by zinc
      fluoride, which is detoxed by iodine, and boron
      mercury, which is detoxed by iodine, and selenium
      aluminum, which is detoxed by silica.

      Also note, there are three other mainstream macro minerals that the nerves rely on: calcium, salt (sea salt) and iron. Note, iron is best metabolized with copper and B12, both of which were already listed.

      For sleep, which is listed as part of the disorder, zinc at night helps with. So that’s zinc listed for 3 reasons now. Generally, people who eat vegan, or not enough meat, get low in zinc.

      For hallucinations, Niacin and Iodine are indicated. Niacin is B3, another B vitamin. Niacin is best taken at least 500 mg, which will induce a “flush” if she can tolerate it.

      Surprisingly, I could not find any specific mineral indicated for LBD. Nor could I find this whole combination of minerals. However, the research seems to be very fragmented at the present time, the researchers like to try to study just one mineral at a time, which, I think, leads to mistakes.

      I did find one thing in the definition, as follows: “The brain chemical acetylcholine is depleted” Bottom of the page:

      Therefore, I looked up how to boost it, which I found here:

      For all of the minerals listed, you can simply run to the nearest supplement store, or and take as indicated. With iodine, it’s a bit more complex, I take Lugol’s 2%. I like the high iodine protocol, as I think iodine is super safe. The “high iodine” protocol is 50mg, but I have found iodine to be so safe, I have taken 2000mg/day for a year. Iodine is best taken with some selenium, 200-400 mcg, as is usually indicated, which is also on the list above.

      There is also “red light therapy”

      I hope you find this information useful, and effective.

      1. Thank you so much Jason. She has had very high copper, which naturopath thought was cause. She takes zinc, magnesium which calms her. Hallucinations are big problem, consumes her almost. She has acetyl-choline patch. Need to try iodine, selenium, and more detox as you listed. Thank you so much for caring. Get very frustrated with “doctors” and even naturopaths. Thanks again. Will consider your offer.

        1. For the hallucinations, try niacin. It really helps schizophrenics. And the iodine, which also helps. Lugol’s 2%!!!

  2. A little while ago (about 1.5 months) I started itching a lot, usually, it’s the calves that itch, but after a while other parts of the body as well. I have been doing keto on and off for 2.5 years. I do take Spirulina, chlorella (because I am usually on the lower side of iron) sea kelp, magnesium, potassium, curcumin and vitamin b1. About a week ago, I started taking 20 drops of Lugols 2% iodine. I have no rashes, only severe itching. My bloodwork shows perfect results. What could I be deficient in?

    1. Thank you Anna. My first thought is zinc, and maybe copper, two minerals you are not taking. More likely zinc, because you are taking greens, which are high in copper. Both copper and zinc help to block, trap, and bind up histimine, which is a cause of allergic reactions, such as rash or itchiness. Zinc is best taken at night, it helps sleep. Zinc is best taken with copper; they both block each other, and I like to take copper in the morning, and zinc at night. Copper is also best taken with some vitamin C, which helps prevent excess copper, as does zinc. Normal doses should work, 25mg of zinc at night, 3-6mg of copper in the AM, 1000 mg vitamin C anytime.

  3. My upper front teeth became sensitive about two months ago. Nothing has changed in my routine. I use Earth Paste Toothpaste and have been for a few years. I live on a farm and drink well water. Any thoughts?

    1. Calcium, magnesium, and boron, which strengthens bones, and helps the body retain calcium and magnesium. Boron also detoxes fluorides, which weaken bones.

  4. My wife has Lupus which can cause many varied problems.
    A low platelet count causes bleeding and bruising.
    Enlarged liver and enlarged spleen. Not able to eat much because
    of a sensitive stomach. Has gone from 140 lbs down to 108 lbs in
    about five years.


      Reading about Lupus, my first thoughts are towards taking zinc and boron.

      Zinc helps histamine allergic reactions, and helps boost immunity, and helps with infections.

      Boron has shown promise in relieving inflammation and autoimmune diseases, and boron also kills germs. Now I start researching.

      Yes patients with Lupus are low in zinc.

  5. Hi, Jason. I have osteoporosis, low blood pressure, and advanced glaucoma. One of the causes of glaucoma is low blood pressure, and either both, or low BP, through glaucoma, cause vision loss, which I have. I wonder if switching to a Zero water filter (to filter out glyphosate), can cause mineral depletion. Thank you very much.

    1. I healed from my own full body arthritis with green smoothies and aggressive isometric stretching. See here for my half hour video stretching routing.

      That was before I discovered the benefits of all the minerals. The one mineral for arthritis is boron. Boron is high in greens and apples, which were in my smoothies!

      As for glaucoma, I knew iodine was indicated for it. And while looking, I just found that thyroid disease (low iodine) is also associated with glaucoma:

      1. Thank you so much, Jason. I will try boron and iodine, and add your stretches. I am limited to stretches without twisting (due to the osteoporosis), but can do the others. Again, many thanks!

  6. Hello Jason,
    Been suffering with excessive head/face sweating for years. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I actually have/had hyperhydrosis. I could make solid puddle 2 feet wide on the doctors floor, just from my hands dripping in 30 minutes. It got worse in my first year on iodine, as iodine helps you sweat, and I was soaking up to 5 t shirts every night. Copper supplements stopped my sweating!! Copper is lost through sweat. Those with high copper, such as Wilson’s disease, do not sweat. I researched copper dilligently, since some claim it is toxic, such as in Wilson’s disease. But I think that condition is really low zinc, and low Vitamin C, which high copper can cause. So take zinc at night, and some vitamin C while taking copper. Here is my copper note: I found that there is even one company making an antiperspirant with copper, instead of aluminum, as the active ingredient. So I’m not hallucinating this solution! Even though there is very little research out there on copper to stop sweating.

  7. I have fibromyalgia. I take a lot of vitamins and minerals and have worked hard to educate myself as to what works with what, etc. That said, nothing seems to help.

    1. My mom has fibromyalgia. The healthier she gets, the better she feels. When she exercises, it goes away. But she rarely exercises. I have found copper really eliminated my muscle pains, even blocking the onset of Delayed onset Muscle Soreness from exercise. Copper was the one thing my mom refused to take, and I don’t really know why, she lost the ability to really articulate her beliefs to me.

      I believe copper can cure fibromyalgia, but there is very little research out there on “high copper”. So, even less on “high copper” on “fibromyalgia”.

      Copper and Vitamin C are needed by the body to make collagen. Up to 30% of your muscles and body tissues are collagen! Copper at the standard dose of 3mg might not work. You might need more. 10mg is the supposed “tolerable upper human limit”, and there is a lot of nonsense about copper toxicity out there. Here is my article on copper:

      I just found this: “Fibromyalgia patients showed a significantly lower level of calcium (775 µg/g vs 1,093 µg/g), magnesium (52 µg/g vs 72 µg/g), iron (5.9 µg/g vs 7.1 µg/g), copper (28.3 µg/g vs 40.2 µg/g) and manganese (140 ng/g vs 190 ng/g).”

      Manganese is a nerve toxin, I would try to avoid that as a supplement. Iron and copper work together, both are needed to convert iron into red blood cells. Vitamin C and B12 help the body use iron and copper. You also need to take zinc if you take copper. I take zinc at night. Boron helps the body retain and use calcium and magnesium.

      1. I currently take at least 2 grams of vitamin c (with bioflavanoids) daily. I get about 6+ mg of copper throughout the day. I take 5-15K+ mcg of b12 daily (in addition to a b-complex). As part of the Vitamin D Protocol, I take boron (12+ mg), magnesium (900+ mg), and zinc (90+ mg total in various supplements) and do not supplement with calcium as I get plenty in my diet.

        I don’t take iron as a separate supplement, although I could easily add it. In the meantime I’ll up my copper to 10 mg and my vitamin c to 6 grams. And, yes, I’m taking iodine — 100+ mg (Lugol’s formulation) and 400 mcg selenium.

        Although I’ll need to discuss this with my hubby first, I’m assuming you’ll want to see a list of what I’m taking and when before talking with me about fine-tuning my supplements.

  8. Hi Jason
    I was diagnosed with bipolar 2, alcoholism & depression. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pete (age 44 male)

    1. For alcoholism, the best supplements are niacin and iodine. Both will also fight depression. But I really recommend all the vitamins and minerals. But you can start with those two, and see a dramatic difference. Iodine alone can induce a selenium deficiency, so on the high iodine protocol, over 50mg, or 20 drops of Lugol’s 2% iodine, you need 200-400 mcg of selenium. Also, sea salt and magnesium are indicated on the high iodine protocol. I also like copper and zinc! But you don’t have to start with everything, start with something: niacin and iodine. Niacin will also give your skin a red hot “flush” for about 30 minutes to an hour. Kind of fun. Whoosh!

      All the B vitamins and magnesium also cure depression, and are also all used up by the alcohol, especially B12 gets eliminated. B12 is a part of a B complex multi B vitamin, but they give you so little. You can buy a B12 supplement by itself, which would be great.

      Take up to 3000 mg of niacin. Start with 500 mg, and work your way up, and take it until you feel better. You will adjust and soon, stop flushing.

  9. Any recos for high blood pressure? I think I have tried just about everything , but maybe not. I even tried a couple of meds, but decided the benefits did not outweigh the negative effects. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


    1. Everyone at the Betty Ford Center lowered their blood pressure significantly in the first month. Mine reduced from 145/90 to about 115/70. We stopped drinking, and worked out for an hour a day, 6 days a week.

      So… stop alcohol, and start exercising and eating.

      Next, would be to take magnesium. I have an entire book on high blood pressure, and it continually says magnesium.

      But you should probably not worry too much about blood pressure at all, it’s just an indication, not the holy grail of health.

      If you want to get super healthy, take all the vitamins and minerals, and exercise regularly, and don’t let crap food be your main diet.

      1. Thanks Jason,

        My BP has been on the high side for decades. I used to drink too much, but that was years ago. Now, at age 74, I will maybe have a beer or glass of wine every now and then…average maybe once a week and my Doc classifies that as non-drinker.

        I tried the meds, but did not like side effects and fact that reports keep coming out that yet another one has been found to contain toxins.

        I exercise almost everyday for an average of at least an hour and only eat twice a day. Intermittent fasting makes weight control very easy. Other than occasionally getting hooked on sugar, I eat healthy foods. I’ve read that sugar is as, or more, additive than cocaine. I just know it is bad…never tried cocaine.

        As you suggested, I try not to worry too much about BP, but it seems all the docs do. If you could expand a bit on that, it would be appreciated. I probably get plenty of minerals since I use Himalayan salt almost exclusively. I do take additional magnesium and some other minerals.

        Thanks and all the best,

        1. All modern Western Medicine is inherently fraudulent by nature. They push prescription poisons. If they were not poison, they would be available over the counter like aspirin, which is also poison. To push poison, instead of vitamins and minerals, which actually restore health, and are not poison, requires lies. So don’t worry at all about what lying poisoners think or say, except maybe to consider doing 100% the opposite of anything they recommend. If they can’t convince you that you are sick, from poor indicators like “high BP” then how can they get you started taking poison in the first place? Get healthy, and they wither and die from lack of customers. They know nothing about health, and don’t want to know, nor want you to know how to stay healthy, because their business model would collapse.

  10. Hi Jason what would you recommend to take for a bladder condition called interstitial cystitis which is the lining of the bladder is damaged causing burning and frequent trips to bathroom. Thanks for any advice you may have


      Dimethylsulfoxide — Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is a liquid medication that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS). DMSO is put into the bladder through a temporary catheter and is held in place for approximately 20 minutes, if possible. These treatments are often given weekly, for six to eight weeks or longer. DMSO can temporarily cause worsened bladder pain, and it is not effective in all patients. It has been used for many years and is considered to be very safe, with no known long-term side effects.

    2. Thanks Jason your reply & research is much appreciated. There is a product called truehope (supplement) for treating mental illness I was wondering if you have seen it?
      I have also been told I have ptsd how do you treat that?
      Have a great weekend.

  11. oh, I enjoyed reading this and the comments and answers, this is great and your service is well priced. Well I have a tough one for you, its a disease called Freidericks Ataxia, my niece has it and I personally feel like its vaccine damage. Due to mobility issues its very hard to detox her, lots of parasites and heavy metal toxicity has been found via Darkfield testing, plus alot of toxic pain medications have been consumed for many years to manage pain. Im actually wanting to raise the funds to have her sent somewhere like Gersons Clinic because they have all the equipment to work with persons who have little mobility. I just wondered if you could add any insight, Ive done alot of research on it myself but do not have the physical strength to lift her or I would be trying to do it myself…I would love to see this disease reversed because she still has all of her mental capacity and shes trapped in a wheelchair, she wants to walk and live. I keep intuitively picking up that the life force is in the blood, thats what the bible says, so its like I keep seeing something like dialysis I feel like if her blood was brand new it would give her a fighting chance to improve. Also because of the atrophied muscles, she has to have physical therapy, its like she needs to go to an inpatient healing center where she could get the full recovery treatment. I wish I could do it myself or at least raise the money to send her I think its near 30k. Anyway if you have the free time to share anything, I would be interested in your feedback.

    1. Freidericks Ataxia is basically nerve degeneration and damage. So anything to heal the nerves. There is a lot that heals the nerves.

      DMSO/MSM Sulfur is a solvent that heals the nerves and restores the myelin sheath. Probably the best at that. DMSO is a detoxer, and the toxins like mercury and aluminum really destroy the nerves. Things that detox mercury are: spinach, (which contains 5 things that detox mercury, including sulfur!) strawberries, peanut butter, and selenium, iodine, and citrus. Aluminum is detoxed with silica; silica water like Fiji, and silica drops, and Diamotaceous Earth, which is silica.

      Other things that help restore the myelin sheath around nerves: iron, B12, and copper, and good fats, the myelin is made from fats: omega 3’s in grass fed butter, walnuts, and coconut oil.

      Blueberries really help the brain and memory. The bluberries also help the sulfur work better.

      Molybdenum also helps both sulfur work better, and it helps copper work better.

      The nerves also need the basic electrolytes: calcium, magnesium, and sea salt.

      I hope that’s a good start.

  12. I have been weight training and running for 42 years. I’ve been taking a lot of different vitamins and minerals throughout those years. I start each morning with a teaspoonful of coconut oil and 1/2 a lemon. Basically, I am in great health/condition for a 63 year old!
    An odd thing that seems to happen every night is I wake up with mucous in my eyes- during the night and also when I get up. It’s not horrible, just enough to be a problem. I’ve had sinus issues most of my life, but, with all in all, that’s probably the worst health issue I have right now. Any ideas on how best to reduce the mucous issue?
    Thanks, Gary

    1. Gary,
      I read your comment and immediately associated your chronic sinus issues with your tear duct issues…

      I apologize I tried to copy links to the following information and couldn’t get them to work.

      From Web MD
      Could a sinus infection cause problems with my tear ducts?

      If you have ongoing sinusitis, you get swollen tissues in your sinuses, which can form scars that block the tear ducts. Sinus surgery can also lead to a blockage by damaging the tear ducts or the holes that drain to them.

      If it were me, I would put warm compresses on your eyes and massage around the tear ducts.

      Additionally, these drops…

      Dexterity brand sold on Amazon is recommended for the eyes. liquid MSM with Vitamin C is most commonly used as eye drops, especially for the treatment of floaters. This product is sterile and non-toxic,and thus safe to apply directly to the eyes.

      Myself I would take Borax and MSM internally as well.

      Look up Dr. Sam Berne on Facebook holistic healing for the eyes he has made an eyedrop solution for eye health which has MSM in it.

      Best wishes for your healing.

  13. Hi Jason, I hope you are well! Regarding testosterone levels. I got a blood test my testosterone level is 10.9 nmol/L the blood serum pathology band (9.5 – 28.0) so it’s within those levels but do you consider this low for 44yo old man? If so how did you increase your levels? I appreciate your reply: time & advise. Kind Regards Pete

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