For all Brain/Nerve Conditions

This list is from my research over the last several years; mostly limited to things good for the nerves. I believe this list is good for a wide array of brain and nerve conditions, ranging from nerve disorders such as MS to Palsy to Paralysis to Parkinson’s, and brain disorders from Autism to Alzheimer’s to seizures to Dementia and Depression and stroke recovery and alcoholism, and far more.

I believe this list would also improve athletic coordination, strength (which requires strong nerve impulses), and intelligence.

Anything that is especially toxic to nerves should be detoxed. And any nutrient known that is good for nerves and brain should be taken. It will be a list of about 33 things. You can research each one.

The top three poisons to the nerves to detox are mercury, aluminum, and lead, all are horrific for the nerves.

Mercury Detoxers: copper, zinc, Iodine, selenium, strawberries, peanut butter, MSM sulfur, and spinach, metallothioneins, gold and blueberries… all of those detox mercury, the most toxic to the nerves. Iodine alone cures 14 different brain conditions.

Aluminum is detoxed by Silica water. Fiji brand. Other forms of silica are silica drops, and diamotaceous earth. The herb known to be high in silica is horsetail.

Lead is detoxed by zinc, and other chelators like greens, Vitamin C, and MSM sulfur. Also by metallothioneins from copper, zinc, selenium, gold and blueberries. Berries and molybdenum also help sulfur detox better.

Brain nutrients: copper, iodine, blueberries, and Omega 3’s in walnuts, grass fed butter, 2 table spoons of coconut oil.

Nerve nutrients: copper restores the myelin sheath, as does iodine, and copper is needed to balance the zinc, and copper is needed to balance the msm sulfur, up to 2 tablespoons a day of the sulfur. Sulfur also detoxes, and is also great for the nerves. Molybdenum helps the copper and sulfur work better. Copper is also needed in higher quantities if you take zinc, sulfur, and iodine.

Other nerve nutrients, flax and cottage cheese helps restore the myelin sheath, as does copper and iodine and sulfur.

Basically, good fats and good minerals. Many of the good minerals also detox, as indicated.

If I had to rate things, I would say you could get 80 to 90 percent healing with iodine and coconut oil alone. But everyone is different, everyone has different deficiencies, and different toxicity levels. You want to cover all the bases and benefit from the synergy of doing many good things at once. The more you add to this, the better.

Many of the good minerals also detox, as indicated.

Like consider adding vitamins C, and B complex, up to 5 b complex vitamins a day.

Add chromium. Chromium deficiency also causes nerve problems.

The most basic minerals for the nerves are: Magnesium & calcium. Both are calming to the nerves.

Boron helps the body retain and use calcium and magnesium.

Calcium deficiency can cause numbness in the nerves, along with B12 deficiency and copper deficiency can also cause the same numbness in the nerves.

Magnesium helps keep calcium in balance, and prevents muscle cramps. Potassium also prevents muscle cramps, another sign the nerves are not working right.

Potassium is directly required flowing in and out of a nerve to transmit a nerve impulse.

The main things that can cause loss of minerals (and vitamins) are sugar, white breads, white rice, and alcohol. Limit those.

Add exercise for blood flow. Get out in the sun.

Niacin is great for alcoholism and schizophrenia and general detox with the sauna. I like niacin for the rush of blood to the skin. The skin is a great detox organ. I like taking copper with niacin to get copper into the skin, because copper is needed by the skin to help collagen formation, and sun tanning. I suspect that niacin might also cause a rush of blood to the cortex, the “inner skin” of the brain, and to the inner skin, the linings of the stomach and intestines.

Occasion for this article? I’ve wanted to write it for months. Last week, a man messaged me asking for advice on a nerve/brain condition, and so I built this article around that answer.

I also just watched “Living Proof” a movie on amazon Prime about a man’s search for the cure for MS. He references eating paleo, taking vitamin D, avoiding dairy, and bread. Dr. His website: I will be copying this article to him.

His name is Matt Embry. He had a relative who showed up in the movie, a man who I know, John Embry, who is an adviser in the gold and silver markets.

Terry Wahls was also featured in the movie, and I saw her “Mind your Mitochondria” Ted talk, and she mentions iodine and sulfur, well done!

The movie showcased that in 57/59 cases, people with MS were helped by reducing a vein blockage in the jugular.

To reduce vein blockages with natural things: cayenne pepper clears out the veins, as does magnesium, and green leafy vegetables such as green smoothies.

It is said that the vein blockages are the body’s way to repair bleeding; they are internal clots on the inside of the veins. Bleeding is often said to be caused by eating too much sugar. Too much sugar reduces vital minerals needed to stop bleeding. To stop bleeding the following is recommended: cayenne pepper, green leafy vegetables such as green smoothies, Vitamin C, copper, up to 5 B complex vitamins a day, and calcium.

To avoid bleeding, avoid alcohol, pain killers, mints, all three are hard on the liver.

At this point, you can see the synergy, and the multiple positive effects of several of the vitamins and minerals and key foods.
Other Tips: Don’t get overwhelmed by the length of the list. Add a few, or more, each day. Don’t take many minerals at once, instead, take them throughout the day, and especially, take zinc by itself, at night, as zinc combined with others creates the most nausea which you want to avoid, and zinc boosts sleep the most. Copper helps to awaken you, as does iodine, which are best taken in the morning.

MSM Sulfur, Vitamin C, Coffee and Greens are chelators and diuretics, as is too much distilled water, all of which will demineralize you. The easiest minerals to take to help remineralize are potassium and magnesium.

Iodine is a bit acidic, as is Vitamin C and B vitamins. Boron and Calcium are the opposite of acidic, they are bases.

Some minerals block each other, such as calcium, iron, copper, and sulfur, and zinc. However, often this effect only takes place on an empty stomach. Minerals are best taken with food, at the beginning of the meal, to avoid nausea.

Too much salt can lower calcium and potassium. Too much Vitamin C can lower copper. Too much copper can be fixed with Vitamin C and Zinc. Too much iodine can lower selenium. Too much B complex can lower zinc. And there are many such high/low relationships if you take only one too excess. But fixing deficiencies often requires taking the things you are lowest in, to excess for at least a while, such as about 3 months. It is thus important to take everything good, avoid the bad things, and take things in moderation, and in combination.

I’m not showing sources. On purpose. This is the age of the internet, you can find them yourself. Also, this is increasingly the age of censorship, and things I link to might break or get taken down, or my page might get blocked if I link to them, or people immediately slander, because they claim a source is into other “crazy” outside the mainstream thinking, such as faraday cages, magnet therapy, ozone therapy, even though a source is just linking to scientific articles written by others.

The full list of things mentioned above:

  1. copper, heals nerves in 20+ ways
  2. Iodine, heals nerves in 20 ways
  3. selenium, to prevent iodine induced selenium deficiency and to detox mercury
  4. strawberries, detox mercury
  5. peanut butter, detox mercury
  6. MSM sulfur, detox mercury
  7. spinach, detox mercury
  8. Silica water. Fiji brand, silica drops, diamotaceous earth, horsetail, detox aluminum
  9. zinc, to balance copper
  10. blueberries, brain food
  11. walnuts, brain food
  12. grass fed butter, brain fat
  13. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, brain fat
  14. molybdenum, additional detox, and to balance copper
  15. flax and cottage cheese, brain fat
  16. vitamins C, detox
  17. B vitamins: B1,2,3,5,7,12. Not B6 nor B9, nerve toxins. energy with copper and magnesium
  18. Chromium, energy
  19. Magnesium, energy and detox
  20. calcium,
  21. boron, detoxes fluoride, kills fungus.
  22. potassium chloride, in the form of NuSalt or buy pure KCl,
  23. exercise,
  24. sun, not Vitamin D supplements,
  25. eat paleo style,
  26. cayenne pepper, increases circulation
  27. green leafy vegetables, improves kidneys.
    —Avoid: sugar, white breads, white rice, and alcohol, dairy, bread, pain killers, mints.

Here is my full list of everything I’m taking, it’s a slightly different list of supplements, not including the foods listed here, and it includes the milligram amounts of everything.