What’s Happening in Politics Today?

I was recently asked, “So, what’s happening in politics today?”

Democrats are trying to change the rules to impeach Trump over Trump’s alleged abuse of power during a phone call to Ukraine to ask them to look into corruption involving Joe Biden and his son. Apparently, Joe put political pressure on Ukraine, threatening to withhold about $1 billion in aid, to get Ukraine to stop an investigation of his son, who had landed a job with a Ukrainian oil company that paid about $600,000 to $850,000 per year.

But Trump released the transcript of his phone call with Ukraine, disrupting the democratic narrative. See, they had a “whistleblower”, a CIA agent, who was willing to lie about all sorts of things about Trump’s telephone call. The whistleblower only had second hand information about the call, but once the transcript was released, he became irrelevant, except as someone who is likely in on the criminal coup against Trump, and someone to investigate: Eric Ciaramella https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/don-trump-jr-defiant-after-naming-whistleblower-as-eric-ciaramella

So, the Democrats started holding secret impeachment meetings, going over irrelevant information, denying due process, in other words, Democrats started actually abusing their power, in order to try to slander Trump for “abuse of power”.

If Democrats were to be judged by their own standards, they would all be thrown out of office, or the votors would not vote them back in. But the media spin on all of this is still controlled by the lying liberals, who only tell half the story, and thus continue to deceive nearly half the nation.

Apparently, Democrats think it’s illegal to investigate a politician’s son, if his father is running for office, if that politician is a Democrat, but perfectly fine if that politician is a Republican.

Apparently, Democrats want Americans to believe that exposing crimes of a Democrat should be a crime itself, but slander and inventing false crimes against a Republican is just normal.

Apparently, Democrats want Americans to think oil companies are evil and are going to destroy the planet, but it’s perfectly fine to earn hundreds of thousands with no expertise for sitting on the board of one.

The average liberal on the street can’t articulate any crime that Trump has committed that would deserve impeachment, because none have been identified:

Liberals Try To Answer: “What Has Trump Done That Is Impeachable?”