Chelating Agents are Antiviral

I have both studied and practiced chelation. Chelating substances are those that wrap themselves around a heavy metal toxin, so that the body can excrete it. Common chelating agents are leafy green vegetables, vitamin C, coffee, and distilled water. Others are chemical agents such as EDTA, or various proteins.

What is a virus? A virus is not even known to be alive or dead. It has no moving parts. It is a bit of DNA or RNA which is a twisted helix, which is a lot like a chelating agent. And this is wrapped up in a shell. And we know a human cell can make many of these. Hmmm… Do you see any similarity here yet?

In times past, the word for virus meant poison.

My theory is this. A dead thing, that the body makes, does not have the capacity to “invade” a human cell. Rather, the human cell intelligently makes this dead thing, when it needs to, to isolate, trap, and remove poison toxins.

It naturally follows then, that chelating substances that remove toxins would naturally lower the amount of viruses that the body would need to make to detoxify. I finally, just now, after many years of thinking this way, found numerous evidences that chelating agents are strongly antiviral.

Of course, I already knew that vitamin C is a chelating agent, and is strongly antiviral. And I knew that iodine is a chelating agent that detoxifies several heavy metals, and is also strongly antiviral.

Google search “virus chelating agents”. Numerous studies show that chelating agents are strongly antiviral.

It also naturally follows that one person cannot infect another with a virus. But rather, people in similar areas, with similar exposure to toxic air, or toxic water, or toxic food, will have similarly high toxic burdens, and similarly high viral loads, and get sick at around the same time frame, with some getting sicker sooner than others.

The only problem with doing chelation excessively, is that it lowers the body’s supply of the good minerals, too. You won’t hear this from Vitamin C advocates. I advocate Vitamin C, but I also advocate all the minerals, too.

This also explains why vegetables do not always relieve constipation, but can cause it. Why? Because veggies are great at absorbing minerals from both the ground, and from you. As you get lower in minerals, you get constipated.

Two common well known laxatives are magnesium citrate, and salt. But after chelation, you should really take ALL the known beneficial minerals.