Vaccines May Indeed Cause Autism: CDC Fraud Exposed

The CDC has been saying, and still says, that “vaccines do NOT cause autism”. ICAN sent them freedom of information requests for the scientific studies to back up that claim. The CDC refused for 6 months. So ICAN sued, and won a list of 20 studies provided by the CDC, and they settled their lawsuit. Most of the studies were on just the MMR vaccine and just thimerisol, which is mercury in vaccines. None of the studies covered any of the other vaccines recommended on the CDC schedule, and none of the studies covered aluminum, which is a nerve toxin, which ends up in the brains, and has been shown to be higher in the brains of Autistic people as shown by Chris Exley: .

The CDC continues to say “To date, the studies continue to show that vaccines are not associated with ASD.” Even though they don’t have any studies!

CDC: “There is no link between vaccines and autism.”

CDC Concedes in Federal Court It Does Not Have Studies to Support its Claim “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”

And so, all of the hundreds of news media articles that state “vaccines do not cause autism” because “the science is settled” have been proven to be totally fraudulent. There is no such science that says any such thing.

Meanwhile, there are 157 studies supporting the vaccine/autism link:

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