To the 1 Million Brave Police & Sheriff Officers in America

The threat of your power has just been used to put 10 million Americans out of work.

Americans are still armed, and we will not likely become a police state as in Venezuela. 50 million Armed Americans may have something to say about it.

I hereby make and file this fraud report about the COVID19 test kits which have been used to create a media hoax and national act of terrorism.

The test kits do not even test for COVID19; they test for three other coronaviruses. That is fraud.

The test kits are admitted to suffer a high rate of false positives, as admitted by the CDC and FDA. They thus admit this crime called “false accusation”. The links to the CDC and FDA admissions of false positives are at the top of

The nationwide lockdowns are supposedly because of asymptomatic carriers. There is no difference between that, and a false positive; both are healthy people who test positive. There is no second test to differentiate between the two.

Anyone reporting “confirmed cases” is comitting fraud and breaking another law, because the test kit is admitted by the CDC and the test kit maker that it is illegal to use it for diagnostic purposes.

Not testing healthy people also artificially inflates the death totals, and creates another fraud. If you only test 80 year olds with Pneumonia at the hospital, they die at a rate of 30%. Scary, but that’s the normal death rate for that group.

The CDC has committed another fraud; telling all the states to CERTIFY COVID19 on death certificates by mere assumption. “It is important to emphasize that Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

That is an act of terrorism, by the CDC again.

Furthermore, the Italian government issued a statement that 99% of people dying with COVID19 had 1-3 other co morbid conditions that they more likely really died from. That was reported by bloomberg and a website in Italy, linked in my report, above.

The actual death rate for Americans is now lower than normal, likely because people are being scared away from visiting Hospitals (that poison people with toxic drugs) that are empty, not full as reported by the lying media, yet another fraud. Go visit a hospital and then arrest the talking heads in the media. They may cut a deal to identify the people who told them to lie.

I have so far, reported these frauds to one Sheriff officer and one Police officer who told me similar things. They are powerless; it’s outside their jurisdiction, they are very low on the chain of command, they can’t do anything. These were lies. Your power was just used without your authorization to throw 10 million or more people out of work, and you did nothing. One man who tells the truth always has the power to change the world, which is why I’m writing. Remember the one man standing holding grocery bags in front of the Tank in Tiananmen square in 1989?

Every officer has the sole discretion of doing the police work and filing a police report. Investigate this fraud. Make the reports. Send referrals of this crime to those who you would for any other crime in other jurisdictions. Any officer has the power to arrest anyone who gets in the way as “aiding and abetting fraud and terrorism,” “obstructing justice” “resisting arrest”; you all know how to throw the book at someone when you want to.

Who should you arrest? It’s up to you. Perhaps all those who planned this fake disease in advance. Bill Gates and the Johns Hopkins institute who sponsored Event 201. The CDC. The 6 CEOs who control all the major media in this nation. Any reporter who spoke of “confirmed cases”. The organizations who are tallying and reporting “confirmed cases”, which is Johns Hopkins again. Mayors and Governors who issued unconstitutional orders based on these multiple frauds. The list is short, probably less than 500 people, you outnumber them by about 2000 to 1.

If you officers do nothing, and allow yourself to be used to threaten the American people, you are being abused. Arrest the abusers who are abusing you.

To Americans reading this. Dial 911. Tell the operator you wish to file a fraud report over the COVID19 hoax. When the officer calls you back, or shows up, hand him this note. This is the fraud report.


Jason Hommel