“(Iodine) was effective against all the virus species tested”

Everyone wants to read about COVID19. A virus.

But why are so few interested in:

Inactivation of Human Viruses by Povidone-Iodine in Comparison With Other Antiseptics

“PVP-I was effective against all the virus species tested. “

Lugol’s iodine is very similar in effect to PVP-I, Povidone-Iodine.

What’s great is that this is not yet censored, nor fact checked blocked. Ok. Hit the share buttons like crazy and make this go viral. heh.

More information about iodine from revealingfraud.com:



  1. It’s not just iodine!

    (Copper)-deficient animals are more susceptible to parasitic, bacterial, and viral infection (Newberne et al., 1968; Okmole and Onawunmi, 1979; Stabel et al. 1993).


    From the same source: (Selenium) deficiency has been associated with lower resistance to infection with Pasturella multocida and parainfluenza 3 virus (Chandra and Chandra, 1986; Dhur et al., 1990; Larsen, 1988; Larsen and Tollersrund, 1981; Reffett et al., 1988; Sheffy and Schultz, 1979, Stable and Spears, 1993).

  2. Boron is antiviral.
    [Investigation of Antiviral Activity of Adamantan Boron Derivaties on Pandemic Influenza Virus Models] Possible design of efficient drugs for antiviral protection based on the complexes liposomes–boron-containing compounds is discussed.

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