The CDC Proves the CDC is LYING!

People often challenge independent writers by claiming that we “use bad sources”. Not true. That is slander. Well, partly true. The CDC is a bad source. Because they are liars, which this article will prove. But the people slandering us, the truth telling alternative media, claim that we should use official sources, like the CDC, whom they trust.

The other problem is that it seems if we quote anything that contradicts the CDC, then we are censored and labled as “misinformation”.

Well, one of the rights we have, as a people, in the United States, is to cross examine our accuser. Right now, the CDC is accusing everybody of being dangerous unless we wear a mask. So, let’s cross examine the CDC.

Jason Hommel: CDC, what are the top ten ways people die in the USA?

Number of deaths for leading causes of death

  • Heart disease: 647,457
  • Cancer: 599,108
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
  • Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
  • Diabetes: 83,564
  • Influenza and pneumonia: 55,672
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,633
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

Source: Deaths: Leading Causes for 2017, table 1 pdf icon[PDF- 2 MB]

Jason Hommel: Thank you. I see that was for 2017, and thus, COVID is not listed. Fine, that won’t even be a topic today.

Jason Hommel: And how many abortions are there in the USA each year?


CDC: “In 2016, 623,471 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 48 reporting areas.”

Jason Hommel: Thank you. I see that number is larger than any other number on your list of leading causes of death. Why is that not listed?

CDC: Silence.

Jason Hommel. Thank you.

Jason Hommel. And how many people die of sepsis, which is a blood infection, each year?


CDC: “Nearly 270,000 Americans die as a result of sepsis.”

Jason Hommel: Thank you. I see that number would be listed as third on your top ten list of leading causes of death. Why is sepsis not listed?

CDC: Silence.

Jason Hommel: Thank you.

Jason Hommel: Recently, we have heard of drug overdoses in the media, particularly from opiods. How many people die from drug overdoses each year?


CDC: “In 2017, more than 70,000 people died from drug overdoses,”

Jason Hommel: Thank you. That would rank drug overdoses as 8th on your top ten list of leading causes of death. Why are drug overdoses not listed?

CDC: Silence.

Jason Hommel: Thank you. I have no further questions, nor any further use for this now fully discredited witness.

Jason Hommel: Oh, wait. One more question, if I may be allowed to introduce evidence from outside the CDC your honor, in light of the fact that I just destroyed them so easily and thereby gained credibility? It’s just one scientific study on iodine, if I may?

Judge: Reluctantly. “I’ll allow it, but only because I’m curious. Iodine, you say?”

Jason Hommel: Yes. Oops. I’m sorry, it’s two studies on iodine. Is that ok?

Judge: Fine.

Jason Hommel: First study says iodine kills all bacteria in 15 seconds, even three strains of MRSA.,aureus.

“Povidone-iodine (Betadine) solution was maximally effective at the 1:100 dilution, killing all the MRSA within 15 s; other dilutions were less effective, though each killed the MRSA within 120 s. Similar results were obtained with three different strains of methicillin-susceptible S. aureus.”

Second Study says Iodine was effective against all viruses tested.

“PVP-I was effective against all the virus species tested.”

Jason Hommel: So my final question to the CDC is, “What are you doing for MRSA, and sepsis, or blood infections that could include MRSA infections, especially since blood infections kill 270,000 people each year, and should be listed as the third leading cause of death in America? I found your page here:

Jason Hommel: I notice your page does not recommend iodine, which I just showed was proven to kill all viruses. Iodine also kills bacteria on contact in 15 seconds, and three strains of MRSA. So why are you not using iodine for MRSA?

CDC: Silence.

Jason Hommel: Perhaps I can rephrase, since I’ve just caught you in 4 contradictions now, and perhaps you are getting scared to answer.

Jason Hommel: Surely, the CDC is aware of iodine. So. Does the CDC have an official statement on iodine?


Jason Hommel: Great. Thank you. I notice that your iodine report, on page 1, says that excess iodine causes goiters.

“Excess iodine intake may also result in goiter, as well as in hyper- or

But your page also, in two paragraphs before that, says that iodine deficiency causes goiters.

“Thyroid enlargement (goiter) is usually the earliest clinical feature of iodine deficiency.”

Jason Hommel: Is this not a 5th contradiction?

CDC: Silence.

Jason Hommel: Your honor, the witness is not answering, for the fifth time now.

Judge: I cannot compel the witness to answer, but if the CDC wishes to plead the 5th, that can be used against them as an indication of guilt, according to rulings by the Supreme Court.

Jason Hommel. Thank you your Honor. Your witness.

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