Refuting Mandatory COVID Vaccination

This opinion piece in USA Today contains so many lies, it’s dreadful. Refuting it should be fun and easy. Published Aug. 6th. Today is Aug 8th.

Headline: Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American, it’s patriotic.
Subheading: Make vaccines free, don’t allow religious or personal objections, and punish those who won’t be vaccinated. They are threatening the lives of others.

Rebuttal: Of course it’s un-American, that’s why they have to say it’s not. Free people are not to be treated as cattle and forced to do anything.

Rebuttal: Of course it violates American religious freedom as listed in the First Amendment, which, of course, makes it un-American. And vaccines have always killed people, so it’s the vaccines that actually threaten the lives of others. And they are threatening people with government prosecution, too! As always, there needs to be a careful weighing of the risks of the disease, compared with the risks of the vaccine. They have to evaluate the death rate from COVID, vs. the death rate from the vaccine. They obviously cannot do this before vaccine trials are finished. So they are really lying when falsely claiming that a vaccine would save lives, or not vaccinating would threaten lives. That line is a bold faced lie, and scientifically impossible to state at this time. For example, COVID now only has a 0.04% death rate, and that’s assuming they are not fraudulently increasing the death rate, which they are, in multiple ways. What if the vaccine has a 1% death rate? In one report already out of Ukraine, the vaccine in one trial had a 33% death rate, killing 5 out of 15 subjects!

Article: “To win the war against the novel coronavirus that has now killed over 158,000 people in this country…”

Refutation: No, it has not killed over 158,000. That is not the official number, and that number is inflated in numerous ways. According to the CDC, the current number is 144,073, and this is all deaths “involving COVID”. Source:

This does NOT mean that a person died “from” COVID. Furthermore, it does not even mean that a person “tested positive” because the CDC is providing guidance to “assume” that it’s COVID on death certificates, without a positive test result.  “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

COVID “cause of death” are not being accurately reported. Birx says government is classifying all coronavirus death cases as COVID19 caused deaths, regardless of the cause, such as underlying health issues. See point B for further corroboration.

Thus, it is two lies in the statement, “coronavirus that has now killed over 158,000 people in this country”. One, the number is wrong, it’s 144,000. And Two, even the 144,000 number is inflated, because there can be underlying health issues that really cause the death, rather than coronavirus.

How much can “other causes of death” contribute to causes of death? About 99% according to the Italian minister of health. Other nations have determined that 99% of their “died with COVID” cases did not die “from COVID” as 99% of other patients were elderly and had from 1-4 other co-morbid chronic conditions. If that is true, it takes the real death rate down to nearly nothing. This was reported by Bloomberg, back on March 18th, which basically shows and admits that this is all a media hoax.

Next, the test kits don’t work. If they include all “positive tests” the “death toll” could be cut in half, or even down to 20%, because the test kits suffer from 50% to 80% false positive results. So that would cut the 1% of deaths caused by coronavirus down another 50 to 80%.

The math works out like this: 144,000 x 1% x 20% = 288 dead FROM coronavirus. All the others died from things like old age, co morbidities, and the medical interventions of ventilators with that dreadful 88% to 90% death rate, etc.

If a vaccine killed a mere 1 in a million, with 328 million people in the USA, then the vaccine would kill more people than the COVID!

Article: “To win the war against the novel coronavirus that has now killed over 158,000 people in this country, the only answer is compulsory vaccination — for all of us.”

Rebuttal: It is another lie to say “the only answer is compulsory vaccination”. There are many answers to viruses. There are many antivirals. Most of these antivirals are being censored.

All of those are answers, and alternatives. None of those have a high kill rate, like vaccines typically do.

Why is this information being censored? Why are there no studies showing that historical antivirals do not work against the COVID? How can anyone state with authority that historic antivirals do not work against the COVID? How can anyone state that “there is no cure” for covid, when even if you use the official and highly inflated death toll of 144,000 (which should really be 288), that the death rate is a mere 0.04%, or has a survival rate of 99.96%? If the survival rate is that high, or far higher, then just about anything would cure the COVID, because the COVID is not even deadly at all.

My favorite antiviral is not Vitamin C, which is heavily censored, but rather iodine. Iodine deactivates virals in seconds, and the censors do not even know they should be censoring information about iodine. My second favorite antiviral is the class of substances known as chelators. You can look up “chelator antiviral” and a host of scientific studies appears. These are also not censored.

Why censor? Because they don’t want you to know. What is the ostensible reason given for the censorship? To limit potentially harmful misinformation. But if the information cures people, and saves lives, how could it harm anyone, except the vaccine manufacturers? Why censor? Again, they claim we have not done the studies showing that historical antiviral can cure COVID. Well, but if in reality, COVID kills so few, how could we cure a non deadly disease? How can you show effectiveness for antivirals for COVID which is survived by 99.96% or far more if you eliminate the inflated death toll? But they cannot apply their standards to themselves. Where are their studies showing that the historical antivirals do not work against COVID? They won’t even try them. Since they cannot debate, and since they do not apply standards fairly, they have to resort to censoring. The censoring also inverts and violates law. It obviously breaks the first amendment, again. Censoring also considers other antivirals as “guilty of being fraudulent” and people who talk about them as “guilty of peddling misinformation” before the trial. Again, where are the clinical trials showing the lack of effectiveness of iodine/chelators/vitamin C (in effective amounts) against COVID?

Saying “the only answer is… vaccination” is another form of censorship, which is, of course, un-American in multiple ways, as I have just explained.

Article: “And while the measures that will be necessary to defeat the coronavirus will seem draconian, even anti-American to some, we believe that there is no alternative. Simply put, getting vaccinated is going to be our patriotic duty.”

Refutation: So they admit that mandatory vaccination is un-American, and again, they repeat “we believe that there is no alternative”, which is a lie. The authors, doctors, know there are historical antivirals. They just affirm Un-American censorship. They have to. Their argument depends on that lie. Without that lie, it is obvious that mandating vaccines is un-American. Thus, the censorship is required. It also might be “required by law” in the sense that they cannot rush through a vaccine for FDA approval if alternative cures are available. Thus, the “no cure” lie mantra.

Article: “The reason: When an effective vaccine is available for COVID-19, it will only defeat the pandemic if it is widely used, creating “herd immunity.” It is important to note that, during an epidemic, there is no threshold above which the protection conferred by “herd immunity” cannot be improved. Thus, the more people who are immunized, the lower the risk for all of us, including those who are not vaccinated.”

Rebuttal: Their logic is inconsistent and dizzying. So they want to mandate vaccines for everyone, to protect those who are not vaccinated. It’s just lies. There is also no such thing as herd immunity from vaccines. Consistently, there are breakthrough measles cases in populations that are 99% to 100% vaccinated. Herd immunity does not work. In fact, mandatory measles vaccines thus leaves the infants under age 1 unprotected, because breastfeeding mothers who have been vaccinated do not have immunity that can be passed though breastmilk, as normal immunity is passed. Vaccines thus destroy herd immunity. Again, what is the logic of talking about mandating a vaccine, before you know the risk reward profile of the vaccine? It’s not logic at all, it’s witchcraft, it’s false religion, it’s fantasy.

Article: “Nor is there an alternative to vaccine-induced herd immunity in a pandemic.”

Rebuttal: That brief sentence contains 3 lies. First, “nor is there an alternative”. Of course there are alternatives, as I have proved. Second, “vaccine-induced herd immunity”. Many say, and I agree with them, that vaccines don’t create any immunity of any kind, let alone the mythical herd immunity. Third, there is no pandemic, if only 288 people have really died “from COVID”. It’s a fake pandemic, not a pandemic at all. It’s all media lies, from top to bottom.

It’s all a hoax if the test gives false positives. It’s all a hoax if the PCR tests were not designed to test for a viral illness. It’s all a hoax if there is no way to distinguish between a false positive and an asymptomatic carrier. It’s all a hoax if there are no more deaths than in a normal year. It’s all a hoax if hospitals are paid to declare people covid deaths. It’s all a hoax if the CDC is telling doctors to include “suspected” covid cases on death certificates. It’s all a hoax if the media is making people think 50 million are dying, but only 130,000 died, and that official number is greatly exaggerated. It’s all a hoax when they declare that there is no cure, when 99.96% of people are not dying. It’s all a hoax when they censor cures. It’s all a hoax when they declare that historic antivirals are censored. It’s all a hoax when they refuse to address the science that 10% of our DNA is viral. It’s all a hoax when they refuse to address the science that chelators are antiviral. It’s all a hoax if masks harm, and don’t work. It’s all a hoax if it’s been proven that asymptomatic people don’t spread the illness. It’s all a hoax when they let prisoners out, rather than masking them. It’s all a hoax when Fouci says we need to wear goggles, which admits the masks don’t work. It’s all a hoax, when it’s all a hoax, from top to bottom.

Article: “Relying on enough people becoming infected and then immune is dangerous, as exemplified by the Swedish experience where the COVID-19 mortality rate exceeds that of its more cautious neighbors.”

Rebuttal: I looked up the Swedish death rate:

“the Swedish death rate is unnerving. Sweden has a death toll greater than the United States: 564 deaths per million inhabitants compared with 444, as of July 27.”

Several points. That is a low death rate. It is also only 27% more. Not several times higher. It is within a “normal” variation. It could be caused by multiple factors, including less access to sunlight and less normal Vitamin D, which is also correlated with increased COVID death rates. Further, 444 per million x 328 million supports my figure of 144,000 deaths, not the death toll they used in their article of 158,000. 444 x 328 = 145,000.

Article: “Broad induction of immunity in the population by immunization will be necessary to end this pandemic. In simple terms, a refusal to be vaccinated threatens the lives of others.”

Rebuttal: There they are again, repeating the mantra “threatens the lives of others”. No. The fraud and lies they are writing threaten the lives of others. There is no way to assess the risk of a vaccine before clinical trials are done. Liars!

Article: “So here’s what America must do when a vaccine is ready:

► Make vaccinations free and easily accessible.”

Rebuttal: What they mean is make government pay for it. Government cannot pass laws to make things free, they can only pick up the cost by spending with tax revenues, borrowing, or printing paper money.

If the vaccine works, why force it. If those who get it are protected, there is utterly no need to force it on others. I think the government should pass a huge surcharge on the vaccine, to be able to pay for vaccine injuries. Currently, the government charges a paltry $0.75 or 75 cents per vaccine to pay for injuries, and it does not have enough money to pay for all the injuries, so it denies a lot of them. That is certainly not fair nor a healthy way to go to injure the population, and deny the science listing vaccine injuries, which is also heavily censored.

In fact, the role of the Department of Justice is to prosecute crimes like murder. But, the DOJ has been corruped, and actually acts as the defense attorneys for the vaccine industry. That is utterly backwards, and is totally corrupted justice. Can you imagine a mass murderer, who the District Attorney not only cannot prosecute, but has to act as their defense attorneys? That’s the situation.

Free vaccines? Somebody will pay, and pay twice, due to vaccine injury.

Article: “Exempt only those with medical contraindications to immunization. It is likely that more than one vaccine platform will prove effective (as was the case for polio vaccines) and, as a result, medical conditions that prohibit all COVID-19 vaccines will be rare.”

My religious exemptions? Jesus said, “Be not Deceived”. God listed cannibalism as one of the punishments for not obeying the law in Leviticus 26. Most vaccines are made with fetal cancer human cell lines. John in Revelation wrote that pharmakia deceives the whole world. This creates a Biblical injunction and prohibition against using poisons to heal. All vaccines contain a long list of poisons.

Medical conditions for exemptions will be rare?,and%20the%20prevalence%20is%20rising. Up to 23 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune disease. Vaccines contain human cells. This causes the body to attack human cells. Vaccines contain poisons. These poisons get into human cells, and causes the body to attack its own human cells, which is the definition of autoimmune diseases. These are contraindications against vaccination, and are caused by vaccinations.

Article: “Do not honor religious objections. The major religions do not officially oppose vaccinations.”

Rebuttal: The article writers have obviously not read the Bible, nor to most “major religions”, which is perhaps why God let them be shut down, and which is perhaps why they did not fight being shut down. There are no major religions left, COVID tyranny shut them down.

The religions also do not officially oppose vaccination because of the inverted and perverted liability in this country. No liability for vaccine makers. But liability for preachers. It’s been insane for a long time.

Article: “Do not allow objections for personal preference, which violate the social contract.”

Rebuttal: There is no social contract. If there is, it’s called the Constitution, which is being highly violated by mandatory vaccination, which violate religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of person and effects. Note how the article writers twisted the religious objection into personal preference? As if we are not allowed to make decisions based on the science anymore?

The rest of the article describes ways that refusers could be prosecuted.

No. Prosecute the mass murderers pushing vaccines. Prosecute them for their fraud and lies and death toll. In fact, the “color of law” statue prescribes the death penalty if you deprive an American of their rights, and cause them death, which vaccines certainly do, as acknowledged by the 1986 vaccine act that removes liability for vaccine manufacturers.,pretending%20to%20act%20in%20the


Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Matthew 12:36 
New International Version
But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.


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  2. I live in Australia. I refuse to use a mask because when you have underlying conditions you should avoid anything making you feel worse. I feel sad that the majority of people are blind and like sheep obey these criminals. But, I am happy to know that there are also people with a conscience who tell us the truth and help us make a wise decision. May your voice be heard and may Matthew 12:36 be put in place to punish those who under cover commit these horrible crimes.

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