Copper Toxicity from an IUD?

I read up on copper toxicity from copper IUDs yesterday. Its not nearly enough copper to be toxic. When I apply copper topically, I apply 2000 times more copper.

How much copper is released by a copper IUD? ” The average release rate of the TCu-200s was 43.8 μg/day from the 21st up to the 41st months of use.” From

In contrast, I apply up to 80 to 90 mg to my skin, which is like 80,000 mcg or ug.

On average, people get about 1 mg from diet alone, which is 1000 mcg or 25 times more copper than from an IUD.

Note, this does not deny all the problems reported from copper IUDs. A significant effect is more bleeding. More bleeding can lead to anemia, low blood cell counts, difficulty clotting, even more bleeding and more anemia, leading to exhaustion, peripheral neuropathy, weak brainpower, and many other problems.

But copper itself actually helps to stop bleeding. But the copper from an IUD is not nearly enough copper to even stop bleeding from the device.


The theory of “copper toxicity from an IUD” is pushed over at They describe a theoretical mechanism of action, as follows:

“Thus, though a minority of the population do have a true deficiency, the majority of people have a deficiency of bioavailable copper stemming from excess exposure / accumulation.  Excess copper acts as an excitotoxin (as further explained on the Emotions page), and as the copper level builds up, the adrenals eventually weaken from over stimulation. This in turn leads to an eventual decline in the liver’s production of ceruloplasmin (a protein which binds to copper to make it bioavailable); and without adequate ceruloplasmin to bind to the copper, excess copper then gets stored in a bio-unavailable form in soft tissue – creating a deficiency condition.  In other words, the more copper the body accumulates (toxicity), the more likely the eventual deficiency of bioavailable (usable) copper.   Dr. Malter, Ph.D, one of the leading researchers in this field for over 40 years, uses the great analogy of copper toxicity being akin to being stranded in the middle of the ocean and dying of thirst.  There is lots of water all around, but none of it is in a form that can be used to drink. As a result, copper toxicity symptoms (commonly also seen as copper IUD symptoms) may simultaneously reflect that of both copper deficiency and toxicity.  (Again though in a small percentage of the population, a true copper deficiency does exist).”

To paraphrase: More copper leads to over excited adrenals, which then grow weak, which then leads to the liver not making ceruloplasmin, which leads to reduced bioavailable copper, which leads to copper deficiency symptoms in the presence of high copper.

The trouble with this theory is that it is all contradicted by the science.

  1. Copper makes the adrenals strong, not weak. Strength is strength, the opposite of weakness, so their theory is contradicted.
  2. Copper supplements at doses from 700 to 2000 times more copper than given off by an IUD leads to increased ceruloplasmin production, not less, the theory is contradicted twice.
  3. The amounts are not significant, a 4% increase in copper, when people can take 1-10 mg of copper or more, a range of 1000% or more, so the theory is contradicted because the amount of copper is insignificant.
  4. Fluoride is cumulative over time, and leads to less production of ceruloplasmin, which is an actually plausible explanation.
  5. Most people become “copper toxic” from copper in tap water that got there from fluoride leeching the copper from the pipes, which can lead to consumption of 1-10 mg of copper per day, which is 25 times more to 250 times more copper given off by an IUD daily.

Again, this does not mean that IUD’s are not bad. They clearly can cause significant trauma and bleeding, which leads to anemia. Other evidence of trauma is that IUD’s become embedded into the wall of the uterus. Trauma to a vital organ that makes hormones, as the uterus makes hormones (as evidenced by hysterectomies, the removal of which, leads to lower hormone production), is also unwise, and trauma is harm, by definition.

The point is that a sharp poking thing, in a vital hormone producing soft spot, is the cause of harm, not copper ions. For a comparison, can anyone imagine a man tolerating being poked with a sharp stick in his balls, until the stick became embedded in his balls? No? Of course not. No man would tolerate such a thing, so why are women expected to? Another analogy. Banging your thumb repeatedly with a hammer would obviously cause harm to the thumb. Nobody would complain that it’s the microscopic amount of iron in the hammer causing “iron toxicity” as the cause of the harm to the thumb. No. Especially not if the amount of iron could be measured as a mere 4% variation of a nutrient that can easily handle 1000% variations, 1-10 mg, with no harm. It’s obviously the trauma of the physical impact.


  1. I have an idea! Copper coils are receivers of ENERGY, especially electro magnetic energy from radio waves and all sorts of background energy! Maybe the copper coils are absorbing and then magnifying and transmitting and giving off that concentrated energy right into small spots in the womb?

  2. You realize that Paragard is under plenty of lawsuits … and how can you know the rate of corrosion for everyone?
    This article explains how much is in Paragard

    You’re article is wrong, access copper is an issue with Paragard copper iuds specifically. It’s not a biocompatible material. They started putting it in women because they found it killed sperm
    Excerpt from above : “Copper smelter workers are exposed to extra copper through vapor or metallic forms. Other than copper smelter workers, women who use copper-containing intrauterine devices may experience oxidative damage and consequences.
    Disturbances and failures of the liver, kidney, heart, and brain/neurologic are observed in long-term exposure to copper.”

    Are you suppose to be Christian? I don’t get it… Christians are on the side of truth and this article is “debunking” a very real adverse event. You are putting women in danger. If you are suffering from this adverse event please seek knowledgeable medical care on this topic

    1. I am NOT debunking an adverse event. That is a lie and slander. Again, you must not have read my article in full. Here it is again, where I admit the adverse events.

      “Again, this does not mean that IUD’s are not bad. They clearly can cause significant trauma and bleeding, which leads to anemia. Other evidence of trauma is that IUD’s become embedded into the wall of the uterus. Trauma to a vital organ that makes hormones, as the uterus makes hormones (as evidenced by hysterectomies, the removal of which, leads to lower hormone production), is also unwise, and trauma is harm, by definition.”

      The problem with your slander is that if the copper itself is not the cause of the harm, then the solution of “detoxing copper” not only is not going to be the cure, but it could make things worse, both by causing copper deficiency, which creates many problems, but also leads one away from the cures for many things, namely, copper supplements.

      Copper has at least 28 systemic effects that benefit the entire body. I may have to write a book entirely on copper.
      General Strength:
      boosting collagen,
      strengthening the heart,
      strengthening bones,
      building muscle,
      burning fat,
      stopping bleeding and bruising,
      reducing inflammation,
      Better organs:
      improving digestion,
      improving the lining of the intestines,
      improving liver function,
      improving kidney function,
      better adrenal glands on top of kidneys
      better skin, thicker, less sunburn, less wrinkles,
      General Energy:
      boosting energy through ATP,
      increasing blood flow by converting cholesterol into usable hormones,
      reducing excessive sweating,
      Nerves & Hormones
      improving nerve conduction speed through myelination,
      increasing neurotransmitters,
      increasong DHEA, the master hormone that is converted into others like testosterone,
      helping the body make T3 hormone from T4,
      Immune function:
      making better red and white blood cells,
      killing fungus,
      killing bacteria,
      improves lymph.
      detoxes fluoride,
      improves arthritis
      better orgasms through increased dopamine
      increased adrenaline

  3. And btw I’m a survivor of the copper iud … it’s not the physical impact, it’s the copper …you don’t start having symptoms until months in and it takes months after removal (chelation with medical assistance) to recover.

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