The Copper Revolution: Chapter 16: Copper does what other vitamins and minerals do.

As I was compiling this list, I began to have an insight.   Copper does nearly every main function of every other vitamin and mineral.  Let’s look quickly at the list.

Vitamin A.   Said to be good for the eyes.  Copper is also good for the eyes.

B Vitamins.  Said to be good for energy and anemia.  Copper is also good for energy and anemia.

Vitamin C.  Said to be good for collagen formation, general detoxing, germ-killing.  Copper does all three.

Vitamin D.  Said to be good to help absorb calcium.  But it does not.  Actually, copper helps put calcium into the bones, and copper goes into the bones, and the marrow, to help red blood cells form.

Vitamin K.  Said to be good to help blood clot.  Copper is also good for blood clotting.  In fact, copper prevents internal clots; thrombosis.

What about other minerals?

Iodine.  Said to be good for detoxing fluoride, good for the nerves and brain.  Copper does all of that.

Boron.  Said to be good for the bones and arthritis.  Copper is probably better at both.

Magnesium.  Good for enzymes and energy, and preventing cramps.  Copper, yes, does all that.

msm sulfur.  Good for general detox, reducing inflammation.  Copper does both.

Zinc.  Good for infections, wound healing, boosting testosterone, binding histamine. Sleep aid.  Copper does all five.

I am sure there are many functions the other vitamins and minerals do that copper does not do.  I’m just quickly noting similarities.

Please do not read into my words.  I do not think copper is an effective substitute for all the vitamins and minerals.  The other vitamins and minerals work together with copper to do what needs to be done.  A house is built with many different materials.  So, too, with the body.