The Minimum Effective Dose of Copper: 5 mg

The minimum effective dose for people in the forum appears to be around 5 mg of copper per day. We couldn’t know this prior to the publication of the book, as we had no forum from which to gather data. And there are very few studies on copper in the range above 3 mg, and of those studies that exist, they are on “healthy” people with no symptoms, and there is no survey nor data on how people felt.

From the experiences of members in the forum, my observations are that people who take 1-3 mg of copper do not get any detox cleansing, they only get detox reactions and appear to stay stuck. It does not appear to be enough copper to reverse the normal intake of toxins. Half the people get nauseous on 3-4 mg, and perhaps not a coincidence, half the people in America still drink fluoridated water.

The water is 0.7 ppm fluoride, which is 0.7 mg per Liter. Some people drink up to 3.5 liters of water a day, but if we assume a modest 1.5 liters, this is right over 1 mg of fluoride per day. This would require 2 mg of copper just to deal with the average intake of only one toxin, from only one source, the tap water, which may explain why 2 mg of copper is not enough to reverse the tide of incoming toxins, and at that level, people get stuck in the misery of a detox reaction, while never getting past it.

Again, fluoride is in many other sources; such as chicken feed at 130 ppm, and thus, in chicken meat, in teflon pans, goretex clothing, regular toothpaste, fluoride coated dental floss, bottled drinks and sodas, drinks out at restaurants, black tea, wine, and dried fruits used as an antifungal.

And there are many other toxins, such as bromide in bread, carpets, clothing, furniture, sodas like Mountain Dew, and Gatorade used as an emulsifier.

Then there is the low-level mercury exposure, which requires copper to clear.

And there is aluminum, lead, excess zinc, excess Vitamin C, excess iron, prescription medicines, and so on.

In fact, I’m very surprised that 5 mg of copper is enough to begin working positive miracles for some people at all. But often it works at 5 mg for people who already have done decades of health studies, and do a lot of things right, but had never heard of the benefits of copper before.

Then, after about 2-3 weeks of cleansing on 5 mg of copper, they often go up to 10-15 mg of copper to greater results.

I also do not think it is a coincidence that nausea hits from copper at 3-4 mg on average for half the people, as indicated both in the scientific literature and by people in this group.

The 5 mg of copper is just beyond the nausea level, so it appears that the induction of nausea is a cleansing effect.

On the other hand, we reduce nausea by putting the copper drops into a glass of milk, and/or with topical application of copper on the skin to bypass digestion. The third way to reduce the nausea is to take copper three times a day, so, 2 mg in the morning, 2 mg in the afternoon, then 1 or 2 mg again in the early evening.

I know many people say “I can’t tolerate milk”. It may well be the case that a copper-deficient person cannot tolerate copper-deficient milk that contains Vitamins A and D. Human milk is naturally high in copper, and copper helps to clear the mucus out (as does zinc and selenium). Human babies raised on cow’s milk become copper deficient, according to the literature.

But maybe people can tolerate milk with copper. We should be able to, and those who try it, do tolerate it. Another alternative is raw milk.

Copper, zinc, and selenium are each powerful antihistamines and work better together.

There is a claim that 99% of fluoride is in the bones. There is an average of 2600 mg of fluoride per person. This leaves about 26 mg of fluoride to cleanse, initially, that might be the worst of it in the beginning. This would require about 52 mg of copper to clear (and/or a little boron and iodine).

5 mg of copper a day for 3 weeks is 21 days x 5 mg = 63 mg of copper. This sounds about right, if we assume that fluoride is the biggest toxin that the body wants to excrete in the beginning.

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