There is no copper toxicity. Everyone is copper deficient.

I know that sounds like a crazy and extreme position in a debate. And most people assume they have about a 50/50 chance of being high or low copper if they don’t know. But that’s exactly what people are led to believe. And some say 80% of people are copper toxic. Yet…

The government admits that 80% of people get 0.6 mg of copper per day or less. In another study, the government found that among people getting 0.58 mg of copper per day, (nearly the same amount) 80% of those people got copper deficiency symptoms. It is now “unethical” and “too dangerous” to replicate that study, yet 80% of the population are living in those conditions, or worse! Only 15% of the population supplement with copper and most do that through multivitamins that contain no more than 3 mg of copper, but also a lot of zinc and iron and Vitamin D that block copper. These and other iron supplements, made by big pharma companies, are correlated with increased rates of death — probably because they block copper. So nobody is really getting lots of copper among the public.

So, for those who believe in “copper toxicity”, they must believe copper is toxic at these extremely low intake levels from 0.6 mg to 3 mg/day. In fact, they write as if they do. If just that idea is proven wrong, then their ideas are refuted.

Only our group is taking “high copper”.

There are no intervention studies that show taking copper is harmful. The U.S. Government admits this, and furthermore, also admits that such studies on people should be done, but also, by way of not updating the RDA and UL, admits it has not done them in the last 29 years since 1993.

There are only studies showing taking copper is not harmful, in ranges from 10-20 mg, thus copper toxicity ideas are soundly refuted.

Of course, some in this group, and my wife and I, took 30 mg of copper orally, and 70 mg topically, which also refutes the idea of copper toxicity. It has now been proven wrong.

So, where do the people who believe that copper is toxic get their ideas? Blood tests. But blood tests do not work. Why?

Because people with high copper in the blood, are copper deficient. In fact, copper goes up in the blood in many diseases of copper deficiency. It is well known or should be, that high copper is high in the blood during inflammation, and yet copper is anti-inflammatory.

In pregnancy, copper in the blood rises 100%. Estrogen, the pregnancy hormone, causes copper to rise, and this is for the health of the baby. Babies have 500% more to 1000% more or 5 to 10 times more copper than adults, and they need it for health and growth. Babies and young kids are far, far healthier than adults, in general, with the lowest mortality rates of all human age ranges. Babies, with ten times more copper than adults, are not “copper toxic” and do not have any copper toxic problems, nor any copper deficiency problems. Babies do get assaulted with toxins, but that is another discussion for other forums than those that get censored for discussing it.

In Wilson’s disease, it is said if they have copper in the liver at 5 times higher than normal levels, that is “diagnostic”. But babies, having 10 times more copper per pound in their entire bodies, do not have liver and nerve damage as in Wilson’s. Copper, of course, is great for the nerves. In fact, nerves work so well in babies, that novocaine has no effect on deadening their nerves during circumcisions. Babies scream as if they feel everything.

I’m taking up to 100 times the RDA. I am not copper toxic, and I have no copper deficiency nor any copper toxicity symptoms. Thus, people cannot “accidentally” become copper toxic.

People would have to eat about a pound and a half of liver every day to match my copper intake levels if they tried to match it by food intake. This simply is not done. There are literally no other foods that come remotely close to the copper levels in liver. Oysters have half the copper content, but they have 15 times more zinc, and oysters thus cause copper deficiency. All other foods have like about 1 mg of copper per serving, about 1/60th of the levels of copper in liver. And nobody could possibly accidentally consume 500 mg of copper per day, nor on purpose, as that would be impossible to get that much from liver. And not even bodybuilders consuming 15,000 calories eat 500 servings of high copper foods in a day.

Zinc causes copper deficiency by increasing the production of metallothionein. Copper also can increase the production of metallothionein, as copper is one of the key ingredients in making metallothionein. The other ingredients to make it are zinc, copper, selenium, sulfur, and proteins. Also people normally already have high zinc body stores compared to copper levels. 2300 mg zinc on average vs 74 mg body copper on average. So taking copper helps us excrete more copper. Again, it is impossible to become copper toxic.

Rats fed copper in increasing excesses until they die, seem to adapt and if given a month to adapt, can survive intakes from 5000 mg of copper to 10,000 mg of copper per day. Part of the adaption process is making more metallothioneins, which are actually a family of copper detoxing enzymes. They do more than that, they also detox mercury, lead, arsenic and more. In other words, it is nearly impossible to become copper toxic, since the more copper you take in, the more metallothionein you make and, the more copper you excrete.

Another thing they have shown in humans is that at 1 mg of copper intake, we absorb about 1/2 a milligram. At 10 mg of copper intake, we only absorb 1 milligram. In other words, it is nearly impossible to become copper toxic.

All copper toxicity is defined by blood tests, or hair tests. These tests are not reliable, because a person can be copper deficient with high blood copper.

The only valid copper test would be a bone marrow test, but almost no copper researchers even know that copper concentrates in the bone marrow. Despite reading hundreds of articles on copper for my book, I, myself, did not realize this fact until after the publication of my book. It is simply not well known. The liver contains 10% of body copper, or about 7 mg. The bone marrow contains about 47 mg of copper, which could be from 1/3 to 2/3 of body copper storage, as the average person’s body contains 72 mg of copper, and maybe up to 150, or maybe up to 200 mg. The liver can be up to 2 pounds, and the marrow can be up to 4 pounds. Twice the weight, and yet 6 times more copper, means the body concentrates in the bone marrow by far.

What does copper do? Copper builds red and white blood cells; fixing anemia and boosting immunity. Where are those cells made? The bone marrow.

What does copper do? Detox fluoride. Where does fluoride accumulate? 99% of fluoride goes to the bones.

In fact, what do the promoters of copper toxicity say? They say that copper toxicity mimics copper deficiency in terms of symptoms. In other words, if we actually go by symptoms, and not bad disproven theories about copper in the blood, then high blood copper is simply copper deficiency.

All of the “so-called” deaths from copper in humans are intentional suicides in remote India where they consume about 20,000 mg of copper in the form of copper sulfate. These are insanely high amounts, and only 15% die, as 85% survive and these are the rates of those who end up in the hospital. An unknown amount of the 15% of deaths die from the medical interventions in the hospital, such as pumping the stomach which causes bleed outs. Or chemical chelation which can cause kidney or liver damage.

To get 20,000 mg of copper from copper sulfate would require about 11 teaspoons of copper sulfate salt. Copper sulfate is a salt. It is thus nearly impossible…

These “reported” copper sulfate suicides are right in line with deaths from table salt.

Actual table salt appears just as deadly as copper sulfate salt. 4 tablespoons appears to be the lethal dose for table salt. This is about 12 teaspoons.

A Systematic Review of Fatalities Related to Acute Ingestion of Salt. A Need for Warning Labels?

“The lethal dose was estimated to be less than 10 g of sodium (<5 teaspoons of salt) in two children, and less than 25 g sodium in four adults (<4 tablespoons of salt). “

Excessive salt intake is used to induce “water pooping” as you poop it all right through. People do this with about 1-2 teaspoons of salt intake.

And yet, some humans have survived 100,000 to 200,000 mg of copper intake in a single day. This is NOT recommended.

Extensive puking is nearly guaranteed at 100 mg as copper sulfate was historically used as an emetic, meaning, used to induce vomiting at that level. In other words, it is nearly impossible to become copper toxic, because if you attempt to take in excess copper, you will vomit most of it right up and or quickly poop most of it right out, as you would do with salt intake. I only get to 100 mg copper intake through breaking up my oral intake into 3-4 doses of 10 mg each and getting most through topical application. In other words, I have to work hard at my copper intake, and thus it is almost impossible to become “inadvertently/accidentally” copper toxic.

There are many many more arguments that support this in my book. Nearly everything people die from has copper deficiency as a cause; all the main causes of death.

Most people have 5 major neurotoxins in their body at higher levels than nerve healing copper. And all 5 of those toxins lower copper, and yet, copper is needed in massive amounts to cleanse all of those toxins.

There are many other micro toxins and food toxins that also deplete copper: sugar, fat, chemicals, and medicines.

There are vitamin and mineral toxins that deplete copper, such as Vitamins A, B’s, C, D, and excess zinc, and iron.

Most people have similar levels of lead and copper in their bodies. Lead is no longer controversial, it is a known toxin, as all gasoline is now unleaded, and they no longer sell leaded paint, and if a house has leaded paint, it must be disclosed on a real estate prospectus.

But the fact that most people have equal levels of lead and copper in the body is not even discussed anywhere. And yet these levels are not in dispute. Only copper, whether a toxin or not, is in dispute. And it’s a non-debate that only we are talking about. All the data show that copper is safe and necessary, a vital nutrient, and not toxic at all.

So, why are people so confused about copper? High copper in the blood is misleading. And we live in a world of abundant lies. And real information is hard to find.