Cortisol and Copper

People ask us the following types of questions:

I have high cortisol. Does copper raise or lower cortisol? I don’t want my cortisol to go up.

I have low cortisol. Does copper raise or lower cortisol? I don’t want my cortisol to go down.

Both of these questions contain vast misunderstandings and false assumptions about both cortisol and copper.

Copper does not work like that. Neither does cortisol.

Copper is not a drug that simply raises or lowers cortisol as a function. Things are far more complex than people assume.

Copper can help raise cortisol if it’s low, and copper can help lower cortisol if it’s too high. How is this possible? Because copper increases the proper metabolic functioning of the body. Copper and boron and iodine do this with other hormones, too, like estrogen.

And there are many co-variables that make my slightly better answer incorrect, as follows.

Copper is not copper. Copper depends on the dose, and the length of time taking it.

A person taking 0.5 mg of copper is not like a person taking 3 mg of copper, which is different from someone taking 10 mg and 30 mg, too.

A person who has taken copper for 1 week at 3 mg, for a total of 21 mg of copper who is going through horrible detox symptoms is in a vastly different situation than someone who has been on 30 mg of copper for 6 months, and who has taken a total of 5475 mg of copper, and has gotten through the worst part of detoxing.

A person undergoing stress of the unknown when starting copper and when dealing with toxins might have appropriately higher cortisol. In contrast, a person on high copper for several months who has already detoxed, and has lowered their chronic anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome and several other incurable diseases and is feeling a lot better is likely to have appropriately lower cortisol.

How does cortisol work, what does it do, and what are the common misunderstandings about cortisol?

First of all, the medical system can’t understand copper. So how can it understand cortisol? And if the medical system does not understand cortisol, then how can you or I?

There are basically three ways to understand cortisol as used by the medical system: Intervention studies and correlational studies. Correlational studies are bunk; they can’t determine causation. Intervention studies are worse, because injecting or taking a pill of cortisol is going to have vastly different results than if the body naturally made it under conditions when the body wants and needs to make it. The third thing the medical system does is to do individual testing of cortisol levels, and these are perhaps the worst of all, comparable to calling a psychic hotline for life advice.

Briefly, cortisol is a death hormone. That’s the purpose. It destroys all forms of tissues, and that is nearly always going to be a bad thing. It even destroys bone.

Cortisol is released by the body while in a fasted state, when not eating. The purpose is to help consume body tissues, so that the body has something to live on. This is also called catabolism like muscle breakdown, the opposite of anabolism or muscle building.

the breakdown of complex molecules in living organisms to form simpler ones, together with the release of energy; destructive metabolism.

Individual testing of all kinds is nearly always horrible. It is especially bad for testing cortisol levels without the underlying understanding of why and under what conditions the body secretes cortisol and when the body stops secreting cortisol.

A test is worse than a snapshot of what is happening in your body at a certain moment. It is worse, because it is both deceptive and perhaps used to deceive on purpose. It’s like looking at a single dot in a connect the dots page, and then claiming that a single dot is the overall picture. A dot is not the picture. Nor is a test an indication of health. Test results are not even symptoms.

But because people put faith in “science,” they are easily misled by test results.

If you were super evil, one of the most evil things you could do is to test people for cortisol while they are in a non fasted state, then tell them their cortisol levels are “zero”, then convince them that low cortisol levels mean they are “close to death” and that they need to take a cortisol pill on a regular basis while in a non fasted state three times a day.

It says right here at healthline: “You don’t need to fast for a cortisol test.”

Cortisol literally tells the body to not use blood sugar for energy, but to consume the flesh instead. Cortisol almost has no business being in the body if your blood sugar is high, in a non fasted state.

Cortisol literally tells the body to stop and shut down the repair of body tissues, and to consume the flesh instead. Cortisol thus raises blood sugar to dangerously high levels, causes diabetes, and causes flesh wasting diseases like MRSA and necrotizing fasciitis, and leads to other infections as bacteria get to both feed on dying tissues and unused blood sugar at the same time.

Cortisol might be “classified” chemically as a hormone, or steroid, but it is the exact opposite of a steroid. Bodybuilders take steroids to build the body up. Cortisol breaks the body down. Steroids heal the body. Cortisol destroys the body and stops healing entirely.

So the deception is that doctors will falsely claim that a person’s body can’t make cortisol, and then claim you need to be “on steroids” in order to save your life and heal, when everything about those statements is a lie.

The adrenal glands make up to 50 hormones that we know of, and maybe a lot more. Does anyone think that a person’s adrenal glands can break and can somehow can’t make only 1 out of 50 different hormones? It’s an absurd lie.

Every person on the planet, when starving, goes through a process of losing fat and getting skinny, before they starve to death. There are no exceptions. This is proven time and time again in concentration camps, in localized locations of starvation in places in Africa, by anorexics, and by people who go on TV shows like “The Biggest Loser”. Everyone makes cortisol under certain conditions, there are no exceptions.

But people eat up the lies as if they are truth, because they somehow think, “I’m special.”

I have seen this time and time again, people “get put on” cortisol or adrenal cortex for something like low energy, and wonder why they have so many chronic conditions like zero energy and flesh wasting and can’t heal. It’s no wonder because that’s what cortisol does. People should stop taking the death hormone if they don’t want to feel like death.

The best way to mimic this feeling of death naturally is to eat a dinner of no carbs. Then eat a breakfast of no carbs. Then go to the gym for about 1.5 hours and do very high rep exercise that completely burns up all of your blood sugar. Your blood sugar will go so low. You will likely crash and have to nap for a few hours just to recover. I can’t imagine people wanting to be in that state all the time taking cortisol pills. No wonder poisons are used to cause deception. I can barely think if I do that to myself.

One of the beautiful things about copper is that I can do this to myself, and I can sustain it for far longer than when copper depleted. In my former copper-depleted state, I would “have to” eat after every workout. On copper, I could delay eating for far longer and I can far more easily tolerate the low blood sugar state of being.

The main point is that cortisol levels should highly vary depending on your stress levels, and your blood sugar levels. Nobody should be taking any cortisol medication while eating unless they really want to destroy their body.

Copper neither “raises” nor “lowers” cortisol, which is naturally going to fluctuate a lot depending on blood sugar and stress levels.

Taking copper is not like pulling random levers in the body to only raise or only lower other things. Copper is going to have a dramatically positive impact on a person’s health in hundreds or thousands of ways.