High Copper & High Iodine for Pregnancy


Jorge Flechas Total Body Iodine Sufficiency (2011)

Flechas, in the video above: “Babies born to mothers on the High Iodine Protocol, (12.5 mg iodine) are genius level babies” At 14:15 in the video he states that babies whose mothers took high iodine have IQ’s 20-30 points higher than the parents.


  1. Pregnant women have a rise of copper in the blood by 100%. This is not in dispute.
  2. This fact is confirmed by the other fact that babies have 5 to 10 times more copper per pound in their bodies than adults.
  3. This fact is confirmed by knowing that copper is essential for the growth of the baby.
  4. This fact is confirmed by the fact that copper deficiency leads to miscarriages.

Low zinc and copper levels might cause spontaneous abortion, study suggests

Copper Sulfate is GRAS “Generally Recognized as Safe” and can be used in infant formula, according to the US government


The RDA for copper for pregnant women is 11% higher, and for lactating women, the RDA for copper is 44% higher.

Source: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Copper-HealthProfessional/

I understand there is some sort of “meme” going around that says “Pregnant women should not detox”. This idea is so obviously stupid and wrong I have blocked numerous people from the forum for insisting that this is true, because I have to consider them to be too stupid to be able to engage in actual discussion and reasoning.

We all detox when we exhale, sweat, pee or poop. And our liver and kidneys are detoxing all the time, and our livers and kidneys do not have “turn this off while pregnant” buttons. So everyone, including pregnant women, are detoxing in at least 6 ways continuously all the time, as we are intended to do by our creator.

How do bad ideas get spread? Because good ideas are turned into bad ideas with subtle word changes.

I recognize that fasting is bad for pregnant women. When pregnant women fast, and go without food, it lowers the IQ of the baby. There are many different kinds of fasting, such as dry fasts, water fasts, juice fasts, intermittent fasting, and detox fasts of various kinds. All of this fasting, of course, is also called detoxing. And then, because fasting is bad, people conclude or also say that detoxing is bad. This is a false equivalence. While all fasting is detoxing, not all detoxing is fasting.

Good nutrition also detoxes. Iodine detoxes, and does not lower the IQ of the baby, it vastly increases it! The Flechas video at the top of this post is a “MUST WATCH”!

Copper is also phenomenally great for the nerves and brain, as so many here testify, and as my review of the research so clearly shows, in Chapter 1 of my books, copper heals the nerves in 15 ways.

Copper also cures anemia, one of the top concerns of pregnant women.

Copper and iodine also both cure infections, another concern of pregnant women, because infections can be especially bad for babies. In fact, in copper deficiency, infections vastly increase.

Iodine also kills germs!

Copper and iodine also both increase insulin sensitivity, a fourth top concern of pregnant women.

Fifth, copper, zinc, and Vitamin C are all needed for collagen. Stretch marks are from low collagen formation. It’s not about eating collagen, which is just protein. Your body has to be able to re-synthesize and make collagen. That requires copper, zinc, Vitamin C, and yes, protein.

So copper and iodine, while they detox, are not only great for pregnant mothers, they are essential.

It seems pregnant women are encouraged to take iron. And women in general, to take iron. But iron blocks copper, a key nerve and brain nutrient. And we live in an iron fortified society that is drowning in iron. And we live in a copper deficient society. People are filled with fluoride and bromine, which also block copper. And there are no valid tests for either iron or copper!!!

As iron blocks copper, needed for nerve development, and seeing as how there are no copper champions, except our brand new group… it could well be the case that iron supplements, given to pregnant moms, are a main cause of autism and other neuro developmental disorders, which have risen to 1 in 6 kids.

Excess dietary iron is the root cause for increase in childhood Autism and allergies


Chapter 27: High iron causes neuropathy

Neurotoxic effects of iron overload under high glucose concentration


“Iron overload can lead to cytotoxicity, and it is a risk factor for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. However, the underlying mechanism remains unclear.”

Well, let me clarify. Iron blocks copper. And copper is needed by the nerves!

Babies are born with higher concentrations of both iodine and copper than their mothers. Iodine and copper are both excellent for the brain and nerves, and both lift the mood, and fix depression. Loss of iodine and copper to the baby help explain postpartum depression.

Prenatal Vitamins are the absolute worst vitamins available, for many reasons. I will add to this section at a later date.

Many of the vitamins and minerals found in prenatal formulas are ones to avoid.

For now, I know folate is often recommended for pregnant women. The US government references a study that shows high folate intake over 1 mg lowers cognitive performance in children.

“In addition, intakes of 1,000 mcg per day or more of folic acid from supplements during the periconception period have been associated with lower scores on several tests of cognitive development in children at ages 4–5 years than in children of mothers who took 400 mcg to 999 mcg [154].”


Effect of maternal high dosages of folic acid supplements on neurocognitive development in children at 4-5 y of age: the prospective birth cohort Infancia y Medio Ambiente (INMA) study — 2017

The average person’s diet in the usa contains 500 mcg folate, which is above the minimum RDA, and more than necessary to prevent neural tube defects. Taking 400 mcg folate in a supplement puts one very close to the 1000 mcg or above that causes cognitive dysfunction.

One of the harms of folate intake above 300 mcg is induced B12 deficiency, which causes nerve damage and that cognitive dysfunction.


Avoiding ultrasounds should be considered.

We have had numerous pregnant women in our forum testify to their improved health, and super healthy babies while on our high copper, high iodine protocol.

Quick little praise report:
This is my 7th pregnancy. Since my 2nd pregnancy anywhere from 20 weeks gestation to as early as 8 weeks my joints typically start softening up, get bad round ligament pain (have to wear a belly brace by week 16), and my feet literally go out of joint which is EXTREMELY painful. Oh, and by week 20 I get just enough oedema that I can’t wear my wedding ring.
Well, finishing up my 3rd month being on copper protocol with iodine. 27 weeks gestation today:
Have hardly had any round ligament pain, haven’t had to wear a belly brace AT ALL. Have no joint pain. My feet are NOT going out of joint at all. And I can still wear my rings, no oedema/swelling! Had Braxton hicks 1 time for like 20 minutes, but just increased my magnesium and bam! No more of that nonsense either!
I’m still quite tired most afternoons, but it’s steadily getting better and better. And I do a ReFit class once per week for some good stretching, mood improvement, and detoxing with a good sweat.

Got an earful from one of my doctors via email the other day saying I shouldn’t be doing any of these minerals on the protocol and should just stick with what she suggested at beginning of pregnancy (mainly my prenatal). I’m stille eating good, drinking way more than I usually do (which is great), and taking a lot of the original supplements she recommended. Baby and I get checked out monthly by my midwives who have expressed zero concerns. Baby is measure a week ahead, my midwives were super impressed with my blood pressure last month, my anxiety is down, I’m 24 weeks and still able to wear my ring on usual finger (no swelling or edema).
I keep thinking if my body has been deficient in vital minerals, WHY would I wait until AFTER pregnancy to correct that? I feel very strongly it’s not only my job to care for MY body, but it’s my responsibility to insure this baby is able to access all the nutrients he needs as well. Of I quit everything at this point, it won’t be helping my baby or myself.

Hi guys! Since I shared my pregnancy woes and the start to my protocol journey with all of you and asked for prayer for our babies delivery…I wanted to announce that she arrived safe and sound.
… born August 23rd
6 pounds 11oz, 18.5 inches long
Her first name in Hebrew means: close to God, an angel from God, beloved, delight
Light unto me, I have light, compassionate
Thank you for your prayers!
Glory to God in the Highest!

Recently, a woman took up to 100 mg iodine, 80 mg copper, on our full protocol, and got off thyroid medicines, while delivering a healthy baby boy.