Refuting a “Copper Toxicity” Article from March, 2023


“Copper Toxicity” by Amor Royer; Tariq Sharman, March 27, 2023

The “Copper Toxicity” article here echoes much of the research that we highlight and address in the book, The Copper Revolution. They echo what we say, that copper is toxic between 10-20 grams, which is 10,000 to 20,000 mg, thus proving that copper is super safe in the range that we take, which is a mere 30-50 mg per day.

With that mention, overall, this is one of the best “copper toxicity” articles I have read, because many others omit that key fact. The key mistakes they make is by mixing in other isolated incidences of supposed copper toxicity that have been refuted, such as childhood liver problems in India where kids get exposed to copper at amounts of 1-2 mg, and lump that in with poisonous doses of 20,000 mg. It’s obviously not all the same, but that is how they write their article. See the refutation of the Indian childhood liver problems here:

Their next mistake is to say that copper toxicity is discovered by blood tests. Huge mistake, since there are 19 sources that all say and prove that high blood copper happens in copper deficiency, not copper toxicity, as I show in points 6 and 7 in my article here:

Next, they claim that liver problems are, in general, from copper, which is not the case. In fact, it’s copper deficiency that causes liver problems, and copper cures liver problems, see the evidence here:

And their next mistake is to blame copper on causing kidney problems, and again the same thing is true, it’s copper deficiency that cause kidney problems as I show with evidence in my chapter here:

Admittedly, copper at 20,000 mg can cause kidney problems, but it remains to be seen and proved whether it’s from the copper or from the medical interventions such as the chelating drugs, which also cause a host of low copper problems, such as kidney failure. And this is hard to prove, because while these drugs do cause kidney problems, there is only about 1 case of this ultra high copper poisoning per year on average, and thus, it’s difficult to study.

The author’s final mistake is advocating a police state upon the entire world to regulate copper sulfate, as if it were cocaine, but copper sulfate is a common agricultural commodity used in great quantities. You don’t impose a draconian Police State upon the entire world to save 1 person in the entire world who intends to kill themselves when the imposition of such Police activity might kill thousands of innocent people. Suicide itself is a much bigger problem than copper sulfate poisoning. There are 35,000 suicides just in the United States each year. And copper sulfate, like iodine, is a brain healer and antidepressant, because copper heals the nerves in about 20-200 ways, see chapters 1-20 of my book:

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The summary:

Nerves and Brain:

1-4: Copper boosts 4 neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine (adrenaline).

5.  Copper acts as a neurotransmitter itself.

6.  Copper increases the reuptake of neurotransmitters.

7.  Copper increases the electrical conductivity of the fluid around the nerves.

8.  Copper restores the myelin sheath, which is the fatty coating around the nerves, which greatly speeds up nerve transmission, and is responsible for “motor learning” and coordination, deep thinking, nerve health, and so much more.

9.  Copper binds to fluoride, detoxing it, and carrying it out of the body, and fluoride is a nerve toxin.

10.  Copper increases blood supply in various ways, all of which are great for the nerves, which need access to a blood supply: copper clears out cholesterol, copper increases the life of red blood cells, copper helps the body create new blood vessels, as needed, and copper is directly good for the heart, which gets stronger with more copper.

11.  Copper helps the mitochondria in nerve cells make ATP for energy.

12.  Copper strengthens cell membranes, including the cell membrane of the nucleus.

13.  Copper lengthens the telomeres of the DNA, as short telomeres are a key sign of aging.  Copper also changes gene expression.

14.  Copper boosts DHEA, a master hormone, and therefore boosts testosterone, known for building muscle. Testosterone also heals the nerves in many ways.

15.  Copper heals the nerves in other ways. Copper increases insulin sensitivity, is good for diabetes, and helps in sugar metabolism. This is important because neuropathy is often seen in diabetes.

16. Copper improves thyroid function in many ways, by way of both detoxing, and by way of helping to make hormones, and by helping to convert T4 to T3. Thyroid hormones are needed for energy, such as making ATP, which is heavily needed by the nerves.

17,18,19. Copper detoxes mercury, lead and arsenic, all nerve toxins, by way of helping to make and being a part of the family of detoxing enzymes known as metallothioneins. Zinc and selenium also help to make metallothioneins.

20-200. Copper is needed to make and activate several copper-containing detox enzymes, one of which is SOD, which eliminates many chemical poisons, many of which are toxic to the nerves. Clearing out chemical poisons heals nerves.

Finally, I refute the concept of copper toxicity in far more detail across 20 chapters in my book, from chapters 66 to 86.

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A brief summary of these arguments is contained in the following article: