Toxins to Avoid

This article is similar, yet different, than my other article, “Supplements We Avoid”. Both lists contain toxins. But the other list is stricktly a list of supplements that can be toxic.

I am going to try to order this list based on a combination of factors. Those with most of these factors should be closer to the top. Greatest toxicity. Most popular toxins in America. Ease of avoiding the toxins, once you know to avoid them. In other words, the toxins at the top give you the most “bang for the buck” and the most benefits in terms of avoiding them.

  1. Trans fats, which are hydrogenated fats as found in margarine, and as used in products like baked goods, and foods cooked in restaurants. Why? Trans fats are neurotoxic, and are more neurotoxic if you are taking copper. This is likely because copper so strongly and so effectively heals and restores the fatty coating around the nerves, the myelin sheath, that if these neurotoxic fats are in your diet, they are more likely going to be turned into bad myelin sheathes around the nerves causing neurodegeneration. The key study showing this: Dietary copper and high saturated and trans fat intakes associated with cognitive decline and Good fat sources include real butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and high fat foods such as beef, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and milk.
  2. Fluoride toxicity is extremely common, as the average person has 2600 mg of fluoride in their body, with 99% of that in the bones, with most people right on the edge of having arthritis from skeletal fluorosis, or fluoride in the bones. 33% of Americans are actually diagnosed with arthritis. Fluoride has a 22 year half life in the body, proving that it is bioaccumulative. There is no established safe non-toxic exposure to fluoride. It cannot both simultaneously make bones (teeth) both stronger and weaker, so it only makes them weaker, and the claims that it makes teeth stronger is simply a lie. There might be cofactors in some waters that contain fluoride that may override the fluoride that may have made teeth stronger with exposure to some naturally sourced waters with fluoride, such as copper, silica, boron, magnesium, etc. But you cannot attribute the proven success of these other minerals to fluoride. The other minerals are actually used to detox and remove fluoride. This does not mean that the science is inconclusive, it means that liars exist who misinterpret studies and science. To avoid fluoride, we drink distilled water, as filters do not work. We also avoid chicken as they are fed extremely high fluoride in chicken feed (including organic chickens with organic chicken feed). We avoid fluoride toothpaste, and also fluoridated dental floss such as Glide brand. We avoid Teflon non stick pans, and avoid Goretex waterproof clothing. We cannot avoid all fluoride exposures, as food is often prepared in restaurants on teflon surfaces, and there are now thousands of products that contain and use fluoride; and therefore, we continually detox fluoride by taking more copper, boron, and iodine than our bodies need. These minerals are non toxic, easily excreted, and take fluoride out with them. Many medications, especially antibiotics and antidepressants also contain fluoride.
  3. Lead. The average person’s body has 70 mg of lead. Lead, like fluoride, has no safe exposure levels, and is always toxic to all cells and all tissues with no biological function. The exposure level is much smaller, but the average person’s body also only has 70 mg of copper, the same amount as lead! The fact that people are more scared of copper than lead, is proof they have been lied to. Everyone knows that lead is toxic and neurotoxic. Its use has been banned in paints and gasoline. Unfortunately, these days there are proprietary additives to jet fuel additives, and when unknown ingredients are involved, they may contain lead and fluoride, which are known to provide engine lubrication. Therefore, we cannot avoid all exposures, and people are still getting exposed despite the banned uses, so we must detox. Nearly nobody knows that copper, zinc, and selenium detox lead. Therefore nobody should be scared of copper, because danger must be taken in terms of relative context.
  4. Mercury is known as the most toxic non radioactive substance on earth. It is unknown how much mercury is in most people’s bodies, but exposures are common through mercury fillings in teeth, burning coal to generate electricity, through fluorescent lightbulbs, and in all the new bright CFL compact fluorescent swirly lightbulbs. Each bulb contains about 4 mg of mercury.,sealed%20within%20the%20glass%20tubing. As of 2020, the FDA has begun issuing many different warnings about mercury. See: These warnings are mostly about cosmetics and foods. Canned tuna contains enough mercury to harm the fetus of a pregnant woman. Fortunately, we detox mercury: Some medicines also contain mercury.
  5. Aluminum is a potent neurotoxin, and some say this is the “age of aluminum”. Aluminum foil should never come into contact with any food. Other sources are antacids, baking powders, pancake mix as aluminum is used to make bubbles in the mix. It’s also used in the medical industry in injections, such as Vitamin B12 injections or other kinds also. Silica detoxes aluminum, and the best kind is silica in volcanic mineral waters such as Fiji water, and there are other brands.
  6. Plastics. We are all exposed to microplastics, especially through clothing that goes through the dryer. Microfibers get everywhere. Copper and Zinc are needed to make superoxide dismutase that detoxes hundreds of toxins, including plastics.
  7. Pharmaceuticals
  8. Street drugs
  9. Alcohol
  10. Excess sugar
  11. Excess iron or iron supplements; natural food sources are ok, except excess liver consumption. Iron blocks copper and causes anemia, and a wide range of health complications including early death, see the Iowa Women’s Health Study
  12. Excess Vitamin A or Vitamin A supplements, natural food sources are ok, except excess liver and cod liver oil. Vitamin A is also in multi vitamins and prenatal supplements. Vitamin A excess cause birth defects.
  13. Excess Vitamin D, or Vitamin D supplements. Natural food sources are ok. Vitamin D is also in multi vitamins and prenatal supplements.
  14. Excess Folate or Folate supplements. Foods with added folate, such as refined grains can contribute to excess folate consumption, with neurotoxic effects. Folate is also in multi vitamins and prenatal supplements. Folate excess causes birth defects.
  15. Excess B6 or B complex supplements that contain B6. B6 is also contained in prenatals and magnesium supplements. B6 is also in multi vitamins and prenatal supplements.

I plan to add to this list, as needed.