Vitamin D Causes Osteoporosis

I have been highly skeptical of Vitamin D for a long time, for numerous reasons. New research shows over and over again that Vitamin D weakens bones and causes osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is said to have no cure, and yet, everyone seems to think we need Vitamin D to absorb calcium. So what is going on?… Continue reading Vitamin D Causes Osteoporosis

How I Cured my Arthritis

In my well researched, well tested opinion, the two best cures for arthritis are a vitamin and a mineral. (NOT Vitamin D or Calcium, which don’t work.) My book: “Beyond the Arthritis Fix: Protocols for Strong Joints” The mineral gets results for about 99.5% of people and should take about 3 weeks. –boronThe vitamin gets… Continue reading How I Cured my Arthritis