OpenAI explains how many things reduce Cu2 to Cu1 in the body.

We would like to discuss Copper 1 vs. Copper 2 in the body. Copper is an essential trace element that is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Copper is present in a variety of enzymes and proteins that play important roles in various physiological processes, including the production of energy, the synthesis of… Continue reading OpenAI explains how many things reduce Cu2 to Cu1 in the body.

Copper Toxicity In Perspective

As I have personally enjoyed many benefits from taking 20-30mg of copper for about 6 months, and then settling back to about 10mg/day, over the last three years, I have, of course, been cautious, because of the supposed claim of “copper toxicity” which I have been continuously researching for the past three years. Before I… Continue reading Copper Toxicity In Perspective

How I Cured my Arthritis

In my well researched, well tested opinion, the two best cures for arthritis are a vitamin and a mineral. (NOT Vitamin D or Calcium, which don’t work.) My book: “Beyond the Arthritis Fix: Protocols for Strong Joints” The mineral gets results for about 99.5% of people and should take about 3 weeks. –boronThe vitamin gets… Continue reading How I Cured my Arthritis