4 Highly Leveraged Gold Stocks; Grades Compared

Doing my homework led me to two stocks that were very outside the normal range of leverage, with leverage over 500 to 1!

But Northern Dynasty’s project is very low grade, only 0.3 g/t to .04 g/t.

Most projects actively being mined by the major, Barrick Gold, are much richer in the range of 2 g/t to 10 g/t.

345.6 million shares outstanding
$.80 share
=$276 million MC
Pebble project:
107 million oz. gold at 0.3-0.4 g/t (very low grade) x $1400 = $149,800 million
Leverage: 542 Edit: I do NOT recommend buying Northern Dyanasty Minerals. Because there is something better.

Everyone has heard of Northern Dynasty, so that is not a “paid stock pick”. The following stock has over twice as rich grades as Northern Dynasty, at 0.8g/t. If grades are any indication, this project might be more practical, feasible, and economic.

NEW Paid Stock Pick:
$17.6 million Market Cap
10 million oz. at 0.8g/t x $1400 x .90% ownership = $12,600 million
Leverage: 716 to 1!
For the name of this stock send $49 to:

But both of these companies also make the next two stocks I’ve already promoted look quite good, because the grades of the next two companies are much richer, and I know from experience that the grade of the ore is very important.

Guyana Goldstrike has grades of 1.7g/t, and my second Paid Stock Pick has grads of 4 g/t:

In these last two, the market seems to agree. The reduced leverage (73 and 134) appears to be worth it, because the grades are much higher.

58.4 million shares outstanding
x $.15 share x .76 CDN/USD
=$6.6 million MC
Total indicated and inferred ounces
= 345,300 oz. gold 1.7 g/t x $1400/oz. gold = $483 million.
Leverage: 73

Prior Paid Stock Pick:
Market Cap, $25 million USD.
Project is permitted.
Located in South America.
Project backed by an investor with a net worth of $25 billion.
Resources of 2.4 million oz. of gold at 4g/t.
2.4 million oz. x $1415 gold = $3,400 million
Leverage: 134
For the name of this stock send $44 to: