Copper: on Estrogen/Cancer and Testosterone/Heart Disease

We know that copper is needed to make DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen. It has also been shown that taking hormones that cause growth causes copper deficiency.

Testosterone is associated with increased heart attacks. Heart attacks are from copper deficiency, and copper has healed markers of heart disease.

Estrogen, when given as hormone replacement therapy, can cause cancer. Cancer is also from copper deficiency, and copper has healed cancer.

But estrogen in pregnant women does not cause cancer. Pregnant women have naturally higher levels of copper in the blood, up to 100% higher. So natural estrogen does not act like giving estrogen does.

Let’s think about these facts. If we take an artificial estrogen that does not contain any copper, and if estrogen is a signal for growth, growth that requires copper, then the signaling molecule of artificial estrogen would be the wrong signal. Estrogen and testosterone might be signaling hormones that are signaling that the body has enough copper. But artificially taking these hormones, that would induce growth, without enough copper present to make those hormones in the first place, is going to be the wrong signal, and simply makes copper deficiency worse, thus causing copper deficiency problems.

Copper is not the only mineral needed to make these hormones. We also need zinc, iodine, selenium, and even magnesium.

Hormone production is also heavily disrupted, I mean lowered, by nearly all of the toxins that are detoxed with all of these minerals: mercury, fluoride, lead, aluminum, xenoestrogens, plastics, drugs, etc.


It is said that there is a strong connection between these two. That copper boosts estrogen and that estrogen boosts copper, and that this is a terrible cycle. It’s one of the key “copper is toxic” arguments. It’s nonsense, and here’s why.

If it were true that they each boost each other, why does it not just run to infinity? How is my wife, at 100 mg copper on average, even still alive?

Yes, copper boosts estrogen.

Copper increases a lot of hormone production. Copper is needed to convert cholesterol into hormones. Copper is needed to make many neurotransmitters that are also hormones. Copper increases DHEA, the master hormone that is converted into other hormones. Copper is needed also to convert DHEA into other hormones. So, yes, copper likely increases estrogen and other hormones. Copper is needed to make T4 and T3, thyroid hormones, and copper is needed to convert T4 to T3, (another common problem). Copper also likely increases the body’s sensitivity to hormones and neurotransmitters, because everything seems to work better with copper, which is also a natural result of increased ATP and energy, and that’s also what iodine does, it increases the body’s sensitivity to thyroid hormones, so the body is more efficient. Copper also increases hormone production by way of creating many detox enzymes, and many toxins are real killers to hormone production, especially things like fluoride, mercury, aluminum, lead, etc. Merely detoxing the toxins would increase hormones. None of that is a “bad” thing, despite what people may say.

Yes, estrogen boosts copper.

But this is not a runaway reaction. And these are not bad things. Let me explain it, in the natural way, and then in the artificial way.

Estrogen is a pregnancy hormone. In pregnancy, estrogen rises. Copper in the blood in pregnant women rises by 100%, which is a lot. This is important for the baby, as babies have 5-10 times more copper (per pound) in their bodies than adults do. Babies need copper for growth and for the neurodevelopment of their brains.

Most babies and kids still need a lot of nerve growth over the years; mainly, the myelination of the sheaths around the nerves, the fatty coating is not complete until around age 25, maybe even age 30. In the Psych 101 classes, they teach that young doctors often make certain common types of mistakes; they over-diagnose rare illnesses. They do this because they fail to take into account that the illness is very rare, and thus, “not likely that”. So they will diagnose someone with a rare illness that is typically only in East Africa, and the person has never been there. This is explained as the immature brain, without enough myelination of the nerves, not taking all the variables into proper account. Young adults and poisoned older adults suffer from this same fallacy of thinking. Here are some of those fallacies around Estrogen.How do we know what estrogen even does? There are literally only 2 kinds of studies done: intervention studies, and association studies.In an intervention study, they give a substance and then watch for results. Such as prescribing estrogen, and looking for effects and side effects over time.In an association study, they look at diseased people and measure their levels of estrogen.

That’s just about all they have and both have serious problems.

The association study cannot prove causation. The disease may correlate with high estrogen, but estrogen cannot be said to be the cause. Because it might be the body’s attempt at the cure.

The problems with intervention studies are even worse. Hormones are often also called signaling hormones. What is the signal supposed to be? When is the signal supposed to be given? For how long? And why? What is the result of an artificially strong signal? At the very least, the signal should be that the body has enough of the essential elements and conditions needed to manufacture that hormone, naturally. So, what if the signal is that “the body has enough copper, iodine, etc.”, but the reality is that the body does not have enough copper or iodine, but is full of poisons like fluoride and excess iron, instead? Then the signal is the wrong signal. So artificially inducing a hormone would be dramatically different from the body appropriately making that hormone.

Thus, bad science is created that says things like “estrogen causes cancer”. When it does not. No, it’s more like artificially inducing an “estrogen signal”, in the absence of the proper conditions for the body to make the estrogen, such as having enough copper, is what really causes cancer, and that is a dramatically different thing.

“Wait! Jason, how do you “KNOW” that estrogen does not cause cancer?” Because cancer is not a part of the human condition, and because estrogen is a part of the human condition. Cancer is a modern illness with modern causes such as toxicity, and lack of nutrition. And because their studies are beyond idiotic, just like the immature doctors who don’t know how to take all the variables into account.

True, artificially giving people estrogen may increase cancer. But a mother having babies which increases estrogen does not cause cancer in mothers, and taking copper, which may increase all hormones, does not cause cancer.

I was going to say, “yeah, and they never study copper-induced estrogen increase”. But, in fact, they have. They regularly give enough copper to kill animals, like up to 5000 mg/day, and it never causes an increase in cancer. They know copper is not carcinogenic. Again, more proof that copper, as it increases estrogen, which it does, is not proof that copper causes cancer, (and is proof that naturally increased estrogen does not in fact cause cancer).

Yes, I know this topic is in dispute, but “The Copper Revolution”, chapter 47 is all on the topic of cancer. In sum, cancer is said to be a metabolic disease, a disease of toxicity, a disease of fungus, and a disease of parasites. Copper fixes the metabolism by helping make ATP for energy, aiding digestion, copper detoxes nearly everything, including chemicals and plastics that cause estrogen to rise artificially, and copper kills fungus and parasites.

They almost never try to create healthy people. They never study why healthy people are healthy. They never try to study what cheap interventions like 3 cents of copper per month, will do. None of that makes any money.

It’s almost like they struggle mightily to try to prove that copper is dangerous, by giving more and more until the rats die, but end up proving the safety of copper again and again.

Sick people make the system money. And expensive drugs make the system money.

Most research is sponsored by either the pharmaceutical companies, or the government. And a lot of research is created “by quota”. A University Professor must “publish or perish”. Forget thinking. Forget quality. Forget ethics. It’s all driven by money, quotas, government grants, or pharma grants.

What does a quota for arrests for Police officers do? It creates a vast increase in harassment of the public and false arrests. Same with research. Most of it is totally useless and beyond wrong, it’s flat-out lies, but not even the researchers know they have created lies, because their own brains are just malfunctioning that badly, and they do not care.

Scientifically speaking, we are utterly in the dark about taking copper above 21 mg, because “there are no studies”. But we count! And, there is a huge body of science that says what copper actually does, and it is nearly always a good thing. There is a huge gap between the safety of the Olivares study showing copper safe at 20 mg, and the toxicity of copper at 20,000 mg. We also have no studies showing that copper at 30 mg, 40 mg, or 50 mg, is toxic! We have plenty of animal studies indicating that copper is likely safe in these ranges. And the actual human toxicity reports also indicate a wide margin of safety.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Copper increases energy. Copper kills germs. Copper increases red and white blood cell counts. Copper builds collagen and hydration. Copper helps us sleep better. Copper makes us smarter. Copper increases neurotransmitters. Copper increases blood circulation, and life is in the blood. Copper detoxes. Copper increases hormones. Copper does more healing things for the body than nearly anything else, and we are all more copper-deficient than deficient in anything else, except for maybe iodine. And iodine is like “second best” when it comes to copper.