Mercury, Lead, & Arsenic DETOX with Copper, Zinc & Selenium

When people are mercury toxic, very often they have other problems, too: mold, Lyme, parasites*. Copper fixes all of these problems. Here’s how to detox:

5 mg copper: break it up into 2-3 times a day, taken with milk, or almond milk, citrus juice, or food like rice, to ease nausea. You can use any copper supplement, they all work.

5-10 mg zinc, at night, to help sleep, and help reduce allergic reactions (rashes, sneezing, etc.) to the copper. Any zinc, they all work.

200 mcg selenium. (micrograms) (which is 0.2 mg) often sold as micrograms. Best brand is “Ionic selenium” at amazon, “Good State” brand.
Why does it work?

All three, copper, zinc, and selenium, are needed to make metallothionein, a copper/zinc/selenium enzyme. Metallothionein detoxes mercury, lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals.

“MTs have the capacity to bind both physiological (such as zinc, copper, selenium) and xenobiotic (such as cadmium, mercury, silver, arsenic) heavy metals through the thiol group of its cysteine residues”

Cysteine is a common amino acid, present in most meat, and beef is a good source high in cysteine.

(Metallothionein is the same enzyme that “zinc makes” which detoxes and lowers copper and can create a “zinc induced” copper deficiency. At 15:1 zinc to copper, you will induce a copper deficiency. This is why you have to balance the zinc and copper more at the 1:1 ratio.)

How do you know if you are mercury toxic?

If you have had mercury fillings. Shots. Exposure to fluorescent light bulbs, especially broken bulbs.

Are you sensitive to sulfur or high sulfur foods like garlic, eggs, or spinach? That usually indicates mercury toxicity.

After you clear out most of your mercury, start with eating spinach. Then eggs, then garlic. If you can tolerate those foods again, that is your test you are on track. In fact, try to push it.

Sulfur is “intolerable” because it is a GREAT detoxer, it even helps mercury detox. But not good enough on its own for mercury, and you need those other nutrients more, and first. So do sulfur last. There is also MSM sulfur, as a supplement that people take.

If copper sulfate has too much sulfur to tolerate, or if you suspect that the sulfur part of it is causing allergic reactions, it is perfectly fine to take copper glycinate for the first few months, 2-3 months, until sulfur can be tolerated. We took copper glycinate for our first 3 years on high copper, only because we did not know about copper sulfate, which is far far far cheaper.

There is very very little sulfate in copper sulfate–only about two times the amount of copper. So 10 mg of copper sulfate contains only about 20 mg of sulfate. In context, a teaspoon of MSM sulfur supplement contains 8000 mg of sulfate.

As always, do not forget to take ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, with copper on the protocol. About 1000 mg to 2000 mg when starting.

Some people like more evidence and research on what Metallothioneins are and do. See this link:

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  1. Copper and Zinc are both antihistamines. Zinc is a more powerful antihistamin in my opinion. So is selenium.

    And we see that people who are mercury toxic are loaded with histamines. This is natural, of course, because histamines have a purpose, they protect us from toxins, and they are released in response to toxins. Histamine is responsible for allergic reactions, of course.

    Influence of selenium on mast cell mediator release
    “a slight reduction of histamine release by the selenium-treated cells was observed”… “The results of the present study demonstrate beneficial effects of supplemental selenium in attenuating clinical manifestations of allergy and asthma.”

    Allergies are aggravated by mild selenium deficiency and abrogated by supplementation with selenomethionine

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