Supplements We Avoid

This article is Chapter 6 of the book: “The Copper Revolution: Quick Start Guide and Companion Journal”

  1. Excessive Magnesium
  2. Iron
  3. Calcium
  4. Vitamin A
  5. Vitamin D
  6. Vitamin B6
  7. Vitamin B9
  8. Excessive zinc blocks copper
  9. Excessive Niacin blocks copper
  10. Excessive Vitamin C blocks copper
  11. MMS or chlorine dioxide,
  12. colloidal silver,
  13. cobalt,
  14. indium,
  15. gadolinium,
  16. lithium,
  17. fluoride,
  18. activated charcoal,
  19. fulvic acid,
  20. shalajit,
  21. zeolites & (TRS toxin removal system)
  22. clay,
  23. Ashwagandha
  24. Any hormones, thyroid hormones, melatonin, Vitamin D, progesterone
  25. Sodium Chloride (table salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt)
  26. Black Salve (tissue destroying, dangerous.)
  27. serrapeptase (destroys tissues, causes bleeding)
  28. Chelators that are drugs or chemicals, such as OSR, EDTA, Penicillamine, Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) [or Andy Cutler Chelation], they all block copper, zinc and other necessary minerals.
  29. Methylene Blue

These are all potentially toxic, or problematic minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, most of those are the ones most promoted, and the ones that dominate the most popular pharma produced multi vitamin and minerals.

Here’s the list in more detail and just a bit of why to avoid each one.

Magnesium — in excess, can cause problems at a lower upper limit, if on high dose copper and high dose boron, both of which help retain magnesium. We also avoid calcium and Vitamin D which cause magnesium wasting. We take zinc, which aids magnesium absorption. So we are doing 5 other things that tend to raise magnesium, and therefore, we need less, such as 0-100 mg.

Copper and boron both reduce magnesium losses. Excess magnesium depletes copper and Vitamin B1, dilates the blood vessels, and causes “racing heart” due to reduced blood volume after the expansion and relaxation of the blood vessels. Too much also lowers blood pressure, and can also cause edema, or swelling of the tissues. However, if people get constipated, or low energy, or if they are detoxing hard while starting a new supplement, they might need more magnesium.

Iron actually correlates with early death and a host of diseases, likely because it is a very strong antagonist and blocker of copper. It also bioaccumulates, and is difficult to detoxify from. Sulfur, copper and zinc do detox it, but only at very high doses.

Calcium actually weakens bones, because it blocks and overpowers magnesium and copper, both of which are needed to keep calcium in solution and out of soft tissues and into bones. Calcium alone can cause arthritis and soft tissue calcium deposits.

Vitamin A in high doses causes hundreds of problems in the body. It might not be or qualify as a vitamin at all. There was no such thing as vitamin A deficiency in concentration camp victims, but the early Vitamin A deficiency studies were really Vitamin A toxicity studies. It also causes birth defects. It also blocks copper.

Vitamin D does not do what is claimed. It does not make strong bones, it makes them weaker. It does retain calcium in the body; but, it puts it into the soft tissues causing bone spurs, arthritis, calcified arteries, kidney stones, gallstones, and all manner of electrolyte problems. It also blocks copper.

Vitamin B6 is a neurotoxin, even at low levels, and has paralyzed people with doses as little as 120 mg. It also blocks copper. The UK set a tolerable upper limit of 10 mg! Many B complex vitamins have 50 to 100 mg!

Vitamin B9, folate, also causes several neuro problems.

Excessive zinc at or over the 15:1 ratio blocks copper and causes copper deficiency. Zinc denture cream causes severe neurodegenerative problems by blocking copper. We take zinc, but at a range of lower ratios, such as 2:1 to 3:1 zinc over copper.

Niacin at high doses, such as 1000 to 3000 mg blocks copper (when not taking copper) and causes many copper deficiency diseases, such as liver damage, neurodegeneration, diabetes, etc. Niacin at 1500 mg may even block copper at 30 mg/day doses!

Excessive Vitamin C, especially mega doses over 30 to 100 grams, or 30,000 to 100,000 mg, can block copper (when not taking copper), causing grey hair and bleeding. I have not yet experimented with very high Vitamin C while on high copper.

MMS or Chloride Dioxide is bleach and used as a bleach by industry. It is touted as a germ killer, which we don’t need since copper and iodine kill germs more effectively, and without harm. Copper even increases white blood cells. MMS also blocks iodine. Avoid it.

Colloidal silver is another “germ killer” but it blocks copper. It can also mess up CAT scans and cause extra radiation damage. Copper and boron protect against radiation damage.

Cobalt Sulfate causes health problems. A safer form of cobalt is B12, or methylcobalamin.

Indium is toxic to multiple organs.

Gadolinium contrast dye for MRI scans is not safe.

We avoid lithium, because with iodine, it’s toxic. “Lithium iodide was used as a radiocontrast agent for CT scans. Its use was discontinued due to renal toxicity.” I believe this is the reason why lithium should not be taken with iodine, and this toxicity is why we do not take lithium.

Activated Charcoal may block copper. It is made from charred bones, or wood.

Activated charcoal has a negative charge. Copper is positively charged. The point is to detox poisons. But you have to pick one, because these two will not likely work together. I’ve tried it. And I don’t think it does very much for me. The concept now bothers me. Burnt wood is not appealing to me as a food or supplement.

Fulvic acid, shalajit and zeolites are mixes of minerals, a bad mix. Mostly inert silica and toxic aluminum and high in iron. Some say they all block copper, other say not. I would rather take specific and good minerals, not unknown and bad minerals. Fulvic is also expensive, overhyped, multi level marketed, scammy, worthless, ineffective, compared to many better alternatives. It does not do anything that we cant do with better, cleaner, cheaper, more effective alternative minerals. DE, copper, etc.

As with fulvic, the same can be said for shalajit and zeolites.

Zeolites often go by the name, TRS standing for Toxin Removal System. They are sold via multi level marketing and are expensive, and thus, scammy. They claim they bind all positively charged metals, and this would include copper. Here is the claim/admission:

Advanced TRS removes any element that has
a positive ionic charge, such as mercury, lead,
nickel, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, etc. ”


If TRS removes positively charged particles, this would also include copper, which has a positive 1 or positive 2 charge. Thus, they are admitting that TRS/zeolites would lead to copper deficiency. They likely think copper is toxic, like most people think.

Clay. Not a food, not a nutrient. Clay blocks minerals and can cause intestinal blockage and death.

Ashwagandha can lower blood pressure and cause racing heart. Herbs are powerful, and not always good.

We avoid all hormones of all types. Taking hormones usually shuts down the body’s production of that hormone, making things worse. Instead, we take minerals that boos that body’s natural production of those hormones.

Sodium Chloride. Many health gurus advocate sodium chloride. The iodine doctors say chlorides help detox bromides on the high iodine protocol, but there are other sources of chlorides: potassium chloride. Sodium causes many health problems, dehydrating the cells, partly by depleting potassium.

Chelators that are drugs or chemicals, such as OSR, EDTA, Penicillamine, Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) [or Andy Cutler Chelation] used to remove toxic metals unnaturally, because they also remove copper, zinc and other good minerals, too, leaving people mineral depleted. (This does not mean chelated minerals are bad, such as minerals bound [chelated] to glycine or gluconate. Those forms are fine. Furthermore, natural chelating enzymes made by the body, from copper, such as metallothoineins, are superior, and work better to eliminate mercury.)

We have chosen to not experiment with Methylene Blue, because it has a long list of bad side effects, especially adverse effects on the brain and nerves, causes kidney damage, and it stains the brain blue.

I understand these are controversial topics. I understand that “for some people” these vitamins, minerals, and herbs, can appear to create some apparent short-term benefits. Many toxic substances cause short-term benefits; that’s why they are used. Alcohol, street drugs, and prescriptions all cause short-term benefits. Benefits alone do not prove these things are healthy, long-term, or in higher doses.

The medical establishment and controlled media often officially recognize the risks of many of these in high doses; especially iron and Vitamin A.

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